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How Cadbury is using Pinterest Trend Badges as a sweet spot for inspiring decisions

Case study As 2020 flipped routines and shopping habits on their heads, marketers were challenged to find new ways to inspire people to engage with brands that fit with their new lifestyle and mindset. The “new normal'' comes without a playbook and has highlighted the value of insights showing real-time information on how people are planning their future cannot be underestimated.

We’ve seen the evidence of this at Pinterest where the percentage of users who visited places to...

How do you create a compelling digital proposition for 2021 after such an uncertain 2020?

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that things change quickly. And when things change quickly, a business needs to adapt and respond even quicker.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic over the last 6 months has seen changes that no one could have ever predicted: the global tourism industry facing the loss of 120 million jobs, the permanent closure of approximately 14,000 shops in the UK, and nearly half of people in employment in the UK working from home at some point this...

How digital continues to influence brand strategy in the travel industry

The travel industry is booming. As of February 2019, it was the second-fastest growing sector in the world, ahead of healthcare, information technology and financial services. There are a number of reasons for this. Millennials are growing in purchasing power—by 2020 their spending in the US alone will total $1.4 trillion annually—and already they spend $5,000 more per year on holidays than any other generation. They also take around 35 days of holiday per year on average....

Why location data matters – even if you’re not a retailer

When people think of geomarketing — the integration of geographical intelligence into different aspects of marketing, like sales or distribution — they usually think of retailers. B2C companies can certainly target customers much more effectively when they know where those customers are. But location-based data can be used by any company, including those targeting businesses. Geomarketing can be used to book meetings, expand a company’s reach, or even find the best...

The new data struggle, or, Why you’re still wasting your marketing budget

The buzzwords never end. A proliferation of tools, platforms, and services now pitch their “social listening” abilities, databases of “influencers,” or "intelligence," promising companies new ways to augment their marketing efforts and easily tap into new audiences. Platforms dazzle with slick dashboards and videos, startups burst at the seams with smiling salespeople, and testimonials describe recent influencer-attended product launches.

What brand executives...

Mobile marketing is dead: Long live gaming marketing


Opinion A recent study conducted and released by MobileBridge indicates that mobile marketing tools, though accepted by the marketing community, have been slow to receive updates and delayed in expanding their current mobile apps. It seems that mobile technology is way ahead of marketing applications and perhaps ahead of the understanding of this potentially beneficial technology as well.

What does that mean to me, as a supporter of integrated marketing...

Seize the moment: How to leverage trigger-based marketing

(c) Dave Lewis

Imagine a world where you are always prepared. No matter what the circumstance, no matter what’s thrown at you, you’re ready.

Spilled coffee on yourself during the morning commute? No problem. Extra shirt in the trunk. Called in for a last-minute presentation? No sweat. You’ve got a stack of collateral and a PowerPoint queued up.

Life is full of unpredictable moments; this is a reality for both consumers and brands....

Marketing sector needs to improve at using analytics, research says


While just last week we reported the use of analytics is going to be an increasing area for marketers, new research from Ruler Analytics last week suggests marketers aren't actually that great at measureing their own ROI. 

The research showed that on an index of 100, marketers and PR scored the lowest for 'embracing analytics' with just 28.6.

Retailers were most likely to be using analytics, followed by tarvel and tourism, leisure and...

What marketers should take away from this year’s Summer of Sport

(c) Patriz

As Team GB celebrate their record haul at the Rio Olympics, the 2016 ‘Summer of Sport’ that has seen global crowds gather for the Euros and Wimbledon approaches its final, Paralympic stage.

As spectators, it’s been a roller coaster of early knockouts and ‘Super Saturdays’, but as marketers, what can we learn from sport and its international audience?

When it comes to tournaments such as these, brands are...

How to reach global audiences during this year’s Olympic Games


With every Olympics, the hosting country had prepared itself for the influx of tourists coming from every culture and language. These preparations began well in advance of the Games themselves and include everything from venue signage and hotel information, to public transportation and city guides.

Many cities use the event to strengthen their infrastructure and improve both event-specific and future tourism prospects.  

In addition, the...