Webcast: Next generation finance: Creating value in a digital age

How is the role of the CFO evolving in an increasingly digital economy, and is there any shift in the dynamics of the C-suite collaboration? How are companies monitoring and measuring intangibles within their business, and what do the KPIs currently being measured tell us?

This 30 minute webcast from Oracle, alongside the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), aims to answer these questions and looks at how intangible assets drive value creation in the digital age.

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Thriving in the digital age: A guide for modern finance leaders

Relentless digital developments have created the chance for the finance team to become true strategic leaders across the business - but they have also raised expectations and generated new challenges.

This whitepaper from Oracle explores the growth of cloud, social, mobile and big data, how smart CFOs are taking advantage, and how to use big data analytics and smooth procurement systems as a launchpad to holding your own in the digital age.

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A how to guide: How to find actionable business insights in social media data

Social listening, specifically listening with the intent to understand and make smarter decisions with better data, is the backbone to any successful social program for any organisation, brand, or business.

To take the first step towards building successful social programs, brands have to start listening to the data. This whitepaper from Synthesio provides a how-to guide to move past the ‘so what?’ moment to uncover and streamline valuable social data.

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Automation and the HR conundrum: Improving processes and efficiency

A recent report from KPMG argues that 30% of organisations are looking to replace their legacy HR systems in the coming year, while 40% aim to move their operations to the cloud.

HR increasingly requires a nimble technological touch – but are you prepared for the change? This resource from Nintex outlines the key reasons why HR processes need to be improved, what needs to be done now, and how you can achieve ROI from automation technologies and investments.

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Lead intelligence: A better model for lead generation

We hear it so often that the phrase has become a punchline for a lot of marketers. But it’s no joke; marketing is under more pressure than ever to send actionable leads to sales.

Unfortunately, what happens more often than not is for more leads to appear. But more leads alone aren’t getting results. This whitepaper from on24 looks at ‘lead intelligence’, and gives best practice advice on how you can be more successful in your lead gen operations.

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A step by step guide to creating the perfect lead nurture campaign

In essence, a nurture campaign is a series of emails meant to familiarize new contacts with a brand, or to provide helpful information. It is easy to do – but requires thought and planning to perfect.

This whitepaper download from iContact takes a step by step look at creating an ideal nurture campaign and how to improve your email marketing game.

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What you need to look for in mobile marketing automation

The cost in building a mobile app, and the cost in building up an installed user base, is not insignificant. But what happens after that? All too often, the answer is that those users stop using the app.

It's ultimately why so many mobile businesses fail: a lot of investment, and no return. Mobile marketing automation is a response to that challlenge - a set of techniques and tactics that engage mobile users, deliver value and content to them, and optimise their experience through personalisation in order to keep them engaged, retained and, best of all, profitable.

This whitepaper from Swrve examines those techniques and sets out a path to make sure you can do mobile marketing automation with confidence.


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The top 7 B2B marketing trends to prioritise

B2B marketing is undergoing seismic transformation. With a focus on attracting and engaging a better target audience, tactics, tools and strategies are evolving that underscore the need for better data, better customer experience, and better marketing attribution. The line between B2B and B2C has blurred; campaigns must be humanised to target people, not organisations. Several trends have emerged that centre around these three core needs - and this free download from Jebbit sheds light on the key B2B marketing trends you need to prioritise.

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A step by step guide to get your eCommerce-ready site up and running

With a 16% increase in sales expected in 2015 compared to 2014, the UK is at the centre of an online boom. Customer behaviour is driving this change as using online channels has become a natural part of the consumer buying experience.

So what do you need to do to make sure your business doesn’t miss out on the online revolution? It’s not as complicated as you think, as this free download from Worldpay assesses.

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Calculating ROI on mobile marketing spend

If you're a consumer-facing business of any size, you've probably got a mobile app. You may examine how well it functions, and how many new or existing customers download it every day - but if that's as far as your interest goes, your mobile app strategy - or rather, your lack of one - is almost certainly killing your business.

This short document takes a look at those numbers and suggests some ways to quantify and change them for actionable return on investment.

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The small business payment security survival guide

For small businesses, getting online is a great way to increase revenue. It can open up your business to new markets, drive profits and diversify your customer base.

But there’s no escaping the fact that small e-retailers are most at risk of suffering a data breach – and that breaches are increasing.

Fail to secure your systems and it could be a costly mistake. This free download from Worldpay gives business owners and employees vital steps in keeping their systems safe.

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Listen, Publish, Analyze: The Intelligent Guide to Social Media Management Platforms


  • The new intelligent social media workflow to create better content
  • The new social media platform landscape - and how to leverage it
  • How you can use Listening, Publishing & Analysis platforms together to uncover greater intelligence


  • Marketing VPs & CMOs
  • Brand Managers
  • Agency VPs
  • Senior Marketers

Download this eBook to master the new intelligent social workflow and start leveraging the benefits today. Social media has evolved, your social team needs to use the right strategy and tools to evolve with it.

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Included are contributions from big-brand CMOs, SVPs, and VPs  on how to: 

  • Use data to create simple, smart, and connected customer experiences
  • Encourage interdepartmental collaboration and internal brand evangelism 
  • Tell stories with your content to connect with consumers
  • Talk to your customer where and when they’re listening 

Use the e-Book as a reference as you tackle your biggest challenges and priorities for the coming year. 

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Kurt Marko; Creating the Omnichannel Customer Experience

The nexus of mobile, social, cloud and big data is radically reshaping customer experience. This article by Kurt Marko, editor-at-large for Information Week and Network Computing, explores how Big Data, Predictive Analytics and Real-time Decisioning improve customer experience for multi-platform, mobile and social consumers.

Read this article and learn:

  • The trends and opportunities for omnichannel CX
  • Implications for business executives
  • How real-time predictive analytics transforms the multi-platform, mobile, social customer experience

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Opus Research Report; Using Big Data to Improve Multichannel Customer Care

This report explains how companies that apply Big Data and Predictive Analytics can:

  • Orchestrate better business outcomes
  • Support omnichannel conversations
  • Better assess risks and detect new business opportunities

The Opus report grades the predictive analytics offerings of nine leading vendors based upon their ability to apply predictive analytic models of ongoing conversations across multiple channels, the ability to adapt using machine learning, and having well-engineered action-oriented outcomes.

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Turning insight into action: The journey to social media intelligence

Social media generates an enormous amount of data, relentlessly and in real time. Behind these staggering numbers is an ongoing and very public conversation about your enterprise and its competitors. The key challenge for enterprises is not just to capture social media data, but to transform it into actionable insights. This whitepaper will define the three stages of the enterprise journey to social media intelligence.

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