Kurt Marko; Creating the Omnichannel Customer Experience

The nexus of mobile, social, cloud and big data is radically reshaping customer experience. This article by Kurt Marko, editor-at-large for Information Week and Network Computing, explores how Big Data, Predictive Analytics and Real-time Decisioning improve customer experience for multi-platform, mobile and social consumers.

Read this article and learn:

  • The trends and opportunities for omnichannel CX
  • Implications for business executives
  • How real-time predictive analytics transforms the multi-platform, mobile, social customer experience

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Opus Research Report; Using Big Data to Improve Multichannel Customer Care

This report explains how companies that apply Big Data and Predictive Analytics can:

  • Orchestrate better business outcomes
  • Support omnichannel conversations
  • Better assess risks and detect new business opportunities

The Opus report grades the predictive analytics offerings of nine leading vendors based upon their ability to apply predictive analytic models of ongoing conversations across multiple channels, the ability to adapt using machine learning, and having well-engineered action-oriented outcomes.

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Turning insight into action: The journey to social media intelligence

Social media generates an enormous amount of data, relentlessly and in real time. Behind these staggering numbers is an ongoing and very public conversation about your enterprise and its competitors. The key challenge for enterprises is not just to capture social media data, but to transform it into actionable insights. This whitepaper will define the three stages of the enterprise journey to social media intelligence.

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5 reasons why your mobile marketing strategy stinks

As we approach the end of 2013, the message is clear: if your marketing strategy is not on mobile, you might as well not bother at all. Yet some companies remain reticent. According to Text Marketer, around two in three companies are “stubbornly in denial of the meteoric rise of the mobile phone”. But why are they not taking advantage of mobile marketing opportunities? This whitepaper outlines five reasons brands don’t want to dip their toes in the water.

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Beyond last touch: Understanding campaign effectiveness

Digital advertising has introduced both new challenges and opportunities with regard to attribution. Every touchpoint along the purchase path is now highly measurable, allowing marketers to allocate resources more effectively, identify the digital media that introduce prospects to the brand versus those that close sales, and scale their best performing campaigns. This whitepaper from Quantcast and the Digital Marketing Depot examines the concept and best practice of attribution, and how it can be used effectively in digital display advertising.

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Why display ad clickers are not your customers

Relying on clicks to drive conversions for display advertising is often a dead end. Read why optimizing display campaigns for clicks often means anti-optimizing for sales and how to focus on what really matters for ad effectiveness.

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How to turn abandoned carts into sales

To help tackle the persistent problem of cart abandonment, digital marketers cloud.IQ and Emocial have pooled their combined ecommerce and marketing expertise within the following White Paper. The research and advice presented proves that actually, abandoned shopping carts can be a unique opportunity for businesses to convert customers who dropped out of a sale. The key to achieving this as an online retailer is to recognise that cart abandonment might be a problem which is affecting your sales.

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Communicate, Connect & Curate: 3 Ways you can Encourage Mobile App Re-Engagement with SMS

Global demand for apps continues to rise and yet research shows that the vast majority of apps are only used occasionally – if at all. Success is therefore not just about driving downloads. Turning your app into a serious business requires you to engage with your audience and keep them coming back for more. This white paper draws on original research, exclusive interviews with mobile authorities and practitioners and provides you with a detailed blueprint to follow as you develop the right strategy to make your app a lasting success.

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Mobile App Marketing: The Essentials for Every Stage

Sound mobile marketing strategy rests on giving applications a base of visibility leading up their rollout into the marketplace, efficiently managing public outreach and other ‘hyping’ efforts at the point of initial launch, and afterwards providing long term support services to ensure that the application stays at the forefront consumers’ minds via active engagement efforts. This document sets out some of the fundamental strategy to achieve this.

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Tapping the Potential of Facebook Fan Pages

Social media marketing is no longer an experimental field. With fans 5 times more likely to make a purchase than non-fans, many “best in class” companies now view their social media activity from a strategic perspective.

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How social media marketing will deliver a positive ROI for your brand

While most marketing channels have standardized methods for calculating ROI or value, other channels, like social media, can be harder to quantify. Wildfire compiled this report to help you better understand how social media delivers on real business objectives, and how to get the most value, and highest ROI, from your social marketing efforts.

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Mobile Rich Media Grows Up, Scales Up

Mobile advertising is no longer a world of thin, quarter-inch static banners. The emergence of rich-media mobile advertising is enabling marketers to communicate and engage consumers in more creative, more effective ways. Discover how brands are leveraging the unique capabilities of the mobile channel, utilising a different types of relevant, rich media content and employing the wide range of engagement techniques that they enable. This whitepaper examines the rise of rich media in mobile, and explains how to implement and measure your campaigns.

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The Global Social MEDIA Challenge

The Global Social Media Challenge tackles some of the issues social marketers faceday-in, day-out. How do you meet the needs of an audience that speaks multiple languages? How do you appear responsive to customers in different timezones? How do you organize your social media efforts when it seems every market has different needs and priorities?

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How can charities get the most from social networks

On-line social networks are all about communities. Self organised communities, organically formed by people who share an interest. Charities are all about communities of people who share an interest. There is a clue here. If you are a large international charity or on a one man crusade, the recommendations in this article will be have value. But this article is not about all the usual hype surrounding social media, it is based on facts.

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Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing is relationship marketing for the social media age. Thinking about your marketing efforts in terms of a conversation changes the approach and better integrates social media. Relationships are something that are formed, but conversations are ongoing and evolving and require both sides to participate. From Business Strategy Innovation.


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Kick-starting Your SEO Program

A check-list of dos and don'ts for anyone embarking on their website SEO strategy, from Washington-based web-desgign guru Blake Newman.

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Social Media for B2B Marketing

B2Bento’s whitepaper on Social Media for B2B Marketing. It distills some of the latest thinking and best practices, and offers suggestions to get started with social media – with particular emphasis on B2B marketing. Find out why social media is gaining influence in B2B marketing, and how you can make it more effective and worth the investment put into it.

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