Entering a new age of customer experience: Data, programmatic, and more


While machine learning itself is nothing new, the speed at which data can now be processed, analysed and actioned has completely changed the machine-learning game. Readily affordable computing power, the quantity of data available, and algorithms we never thought we could use are now possible.

While the fundamental concept remains the same, machine-learning is now far more sophisticated, efficient and easily deployable – and the potential it offers to revolutionise customer...

Why marketing needs to be less Mad Men and more data-driven


Don Draper once said, “People tell you who they are, but we ignore it because we want them to be who we want them to be.” As a marketer your clients are always telling you about themselves.

With each browse of your website, ‘like’ of a tweet, and reading of your blog, they’re telling you valuable information you can’t afford to ignore. The trouble is - there’s so much data streaming in it’s hard for marketers to know which...

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How to unlock the power of unstructured data


Marketers know well that leveraging the right data can unlock unprecedented insights into their target audience, enabling personal and exceptional experiences.

Around 53% of organisations say data-driven marketing was their top strategic priority for 2016, while 81% of global marketers describe data as important to their efforts.

And there’s plenty of data to get your hands on. With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), there‘s been an...

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Ways of turning big data into marketing gold


Wherever we turn in the 21st century, all industries are jumping on the idea of big data; and marketing is no different.

Businesses from start ups to blue chips are investing in big data. The Internet of Things (IoT) is opening up new horizons for many, for instance by allowing your connected fridge to suggest new products.

Beyond this, the industry has been talking about turning big data into smart data for some time. Every day, more and more data is being produced both by the increasing...

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Interview: Lithium CEO on how AI will change the face of marketing in 2017


Emerging technologies are already beginning to shape how marketers perform their everyday roles; but what’s in store for the years ahead? MarketingTech gets some expert advice from CEO of Lithium Technologies Rob Tarkoff around AI, social media and replacing the CRM.

Tarkoff is certainly no stranger to the world of martech and social media, having joined Lithium in 2011 from Adobe, where he had led its $1b Digital Enterprises Solutions business unit.

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What is call intelligence and why will it matter in 2017?

The customer path to purchase from a brand, is complex. In part, this is due to personal preferences – how an individual consumer chooses to engage or transact.

But, add to this a plethora of available communication channels, devices and marketing tech solutions, and it’s no wonder the job of a marketer is tough.

Invariably, the goal behind every activity is to leverage and make sense of big data, to obtain a single customer view. That’s why we, as marketers, use an arsenal of digital tools...

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How to use data to build up a brand


How do you define your brand? Do your customers see it the same way?

Let’s face it, how you describe your company and how others see it are often two very different things.

So how do you bring these together to build a strong brand identity, based on your customers’ needs, to really give them what they want, but keep an eye on the future at the same time? Data.

So where do you start?


This is perhaps the most important word when it comes to developing a brand...

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Five practical use cases for dynamic predictive marketing


The use of predictive analytics has increased steadily over the past few years as marketers see the value in investing in this trend.

A study by Forrester Consulting reported that predictive marketers are 2.9x more likely to report revenue rate at a higher than industry average. These marketers are also 2.1x more likely to hold a commanding leadership position and 1.8x more likely to exceed...

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Never underestimate the importance of good marketing data


If you’ve ever been caught out with less-than-promised mobile performance, join a growing club. Mobile and broadband providers face increasing scrutiny of experiences promised in advertising and marketing campaigns.

From speed and coverage to reliability and cost, connected consumers are paying close attention to the performance they receive and challenging shortcomings.

This is fuelled by apps and speed tests that allow consumers to easily check performance on the spot, combined with...

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Why you should activate data for a single customer view

Consider something radical: it’s about time marketers stopped looking at consumers in terms of audiences. Yes, it’s true. Marketers need to look beyond audiences and delve a little deeper.

With the sophisticated digital marketing tools that allow marketers to securely collect user data available today, marketers can - and should - aim to achieve a single view of each consumer.

After all, consumers are individuals so delivering the right offer at the right time comes from using data correctly to...

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Artificial intelligence, data, and the legal debate: What marketers need to know now

(c)iStock.com/Thomas Vogel

I recently attended the ReWork Deep Learning conference in London, a fantastic event bringing world leading academics, large multinationals and start-ups together to discuss the latest advances in this branch of artificial intelligence and how it can improve our lives. Although very few applications include AI at present, it is predicted to increase exponentially over the next few years as the technology currently in...

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How to improve the relationship between marketers and data scientists

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A decade ago, few businesses had heard of data scientists, let alone employed one. 

Yet as an invisible revolution in technological tools has transformed every aspect of modern marketing, their skills have become essential to decode complex audience behaviour and turn disordered information into effective strategy.

Data science expertise is now in high demand. The vast majority (83%) of data scientists believe there aren’t enough...

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Why bad data always makes for bad decisions


We live in an increasingly digitised world where more and more of our day-to-day interactions occur via mobile app or online.  Every interaction in this digital world leaves a data footprint, with each footprint forming just one of the myriad parts of our digital identities. In an ideal world, this ‘identity data’ would allow businesses to gain real and valuable insights into their customers’ likes and...

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Three-quarters of marketers aren't scared of tech replacing their jobs, survey says

Marketers aren’t scared by the rise of automation and an increasing presence of tech in their daily working lives. In fact, 80% said they believe adoption is a necessity for success.

Rocket Fuel recently asked over 320 marketing professionals for their view on the industry, coming to conclusions from the data like the ones above.

While mainstream media is rife with headlines such as, “How to not lose...

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What role does big data play in the marketing mix?

Marketers rely on data – it’s the lifeblood of understanding a businesses’ customers, prospects and people. Today, big data and our willingness to share our personal information.

Today, big data and our willingness to share our personal information has allowed marketers to get ever closer to us as consumers; unlocking the power to enhance their marketing activities and achieve better results.

In the quest to answer some of the most vexing questions that have foiled marketers for years...

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Machine learning: The factors to consider for marketing success

Adoption of machine learning is moving up a gear. From diagnosing diseases, to driving cars, to stopping crime, the ability of machines to learn from data and apply those learnings to solve real problems is being leveraged all around us at an accelerating pace.

As data volumes continue to grow, along with advances in computational science, machine learning is poised to become the next great technological revolution.

Digital marketing represents one of the most exciting arenas where machine learning is being...

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Why every marketing department needs a data scientist


We’ve all heard how the never-ending repository of big data holds the answer to every marketing question imagined. In many ways, this is true.

What’s also true is that with so much data coming from everywhere, marketers can struggle to steer creative campaigns in the right direction. This begs the question: Does every marketing department need a data scientist?

Increasingly, organisations are waking up to this idea. According to a recent report from Procorre, across...

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Yieldify launches new insight generation tool Predict and Convert


Conversion optimisation company Yieldify has launched a new business insight product, Predict and Convert.

The tool uses data from over 25,000 Yieldify campaigns and 4.5 billion user interactions to identify an opportunity for an onsite remarketing campaign, accurately predict its outcome and then optimise its performance.

The insights include detailed funnel reports and industry benchmarking, showing where visitor progression can be improved by a campaign.

Yieldify uses data...

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Use consumer intelligence to win hearts, not minds


In today’s digital age, products have become increasingly commoditised, requiring organisations to shift their focus towards ensuring the customer experience becomes their biggest differentiator.

Previously, the ‘customer experience’ journey was a string of static, one-dimensional encounters.

But now, thanks to big data and the resulting innovations it can provide, customer experiences can be a seamless exchange over different channels between people and the...

By Mike Blanchard, 03 August 2016, 1 comment. Categories: Big Data, Data-driven marketing.