A guide to making marketing human in the age of artificial intelligence


There is no denying that we are entering a new phase in how technology helps to connect brands with consumers.

We are moving from visual interfaces to text and voice. Language. Speaking to our devices like we speak to our friends, family and colleagues.

As messenger apps secure the lion’s share of our connected time, customers will increasingly expect and want to interact with brands in these channels.

It’s easier, effortless and convenient. And Facebook, and Viber, and Kik,...

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The 10 things you need to ask for in a marketing automation demo


Marketing budgets continued to rise in 2016, advancing to 12% of company revenue, on average, according to Gartner. This ongoing investment in the profession has left the majority of marketers optimistic about the year ahead. However, with increased spending power comes heightened scrutiny from those holding the purse strings, and an even greater focus on ROI.

So, whether...

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Why you should unwrap your beacon strategy this Christmas

Along with Christmas cheer, the festive season brings with it fierce competition as brands and advertisers vie for visibility in a very crowded retail space. Achieving cut through is a struggle for advertisers.

They are confronted with the double hurdle of delivering the correct kind of content whilst facing mounting consumer apathy towards advertisements. 

What’s more, in an era of big seasonal campaigns with everything becoming an ‘event’ (started by flagship retailers such as John...

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Interview: Lithium CEO on how AI will change the face of marketing in 2017


Emerging technologies are already beginning to shape how marketers perform their everyday roles; but what’s in store for the years ahead? MarketingTech gets some expert advice from CEO of Lithium Technologies Rob Tarkoff around AI, social media and replacing the CRM.

Tarkoff is certainly no stranger to the world of martech and social media, having joined Lithium in 2011 from Adobe, where he had led its $1b Digital Enterprises Solutions business unit.

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Five practical use cases for dynamic predictive marketing


The use of predictive analytics has increased steadily over the past few years as marketers see the value in investing in this trend.

A study by Forrester Consulting reported that predictive marketers are 2.9x more likely to report revenue rate at a higher than industry average. These marketers are also 2.1x more likely to hold a commanding leadership position and 1.8x more likely to exceed...

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Oracle adds new features to Marketing Cloud product


Oracle has released some new enhancements for its Oracle Marketing Cloud suite that aim to "simplify digital marketing" and enhance the delivery of personalised, cross-channel content. 

The feature additions to Oracle Eloqua and Oracle Content Marketing are as a result of customer expectations meaning many businesses need to rethink internal marketing processes to streamline customer expeirence. 

This means marketers and salespeople need to work closer together to...

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US election: The role of media, AI and bots


Florida, the biggest prize of all the election 'swing states', was decided by just over 100,000 votes in a state turnout of almost 9.5m, eventually falling in favour of Donald Trump, which in turn paved the way to the White House.

This close result in itself is not entirely surprising, as four years ago Barack Obama won the state by an even smaller margin, however it seemed symbolic of an election cycle that has divided the nation like possibly no other before it.

As an impartial observer,...

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Twitter's direct message chatbots: Our verdict


Brands who use Twitter direct message as a customer service tool should be pretty happy with the platform's latest addition.  

Twitter is now allowing brands to set their own welcome message, which automatically appears when a user opens the DM box. This tells customers how they can interact with the brand and can include deep links and other features.

But the magic is in the platform's new Quick Replies feature, essentially a chatbot which prompts people with suggestions as to how to...

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Marketers becoming more optimistic about company martech adoption

Technology seems to be evolving at a faster and faster pace as the years progress, and marketing tech is an area that's certainly not immune to this speeding up of advancements.

So it may come as no surprise that half of marketers think that the martech landscape is evolving quicker than companies' adoption of the tech. That's according to a new piece of research by digital marketing agency Walker Sands Communication, which examined what marketers think about the pace of change. 


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IBM Watson being used for native advertising

IBM's AI software Watson is now being used to create better semantic targeting for native advertising with ADYOULIKE. 

The tech scans publisher pages of ADYOULIKE's global network of premium publishers, analyising them contextually for topics, sentiment and semantics instead of just looking for keywords.

This means the platform can deliver native content in-feed in a more relevant and targeted way, by looking at where, why and how the existing editorial content on each site is ‘talking about’...

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Marketo launches new account based marketing product


Engagement marketing software provider Marketo has launched a new account-based marketing product this week.

Marketo Account-Based Marketing (ABM) aims to give marketing and sales teams the tools to collaborate and target accounts in personalised ways. 

In a recent survey of over 100 global marketers carried out by Avention, 90% said they see ABM as relevant to their businesses and 86% are confident it will...

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Can bots help marketers connect with consumers more effectively?


If you stay up to date with martech news, you’ve most likely seen bots getting their time in the spotlight. While it’s too early to say that they are taking over social media, it’s clear that they’re opening doors especially for consumer brands and B2B companies.

Bots are a big potential opportunity and if their mechanisms keep evolving, that may begin to impact everyday life.

For those who don’t know what bots are,...

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Campaign Monitor launches new suite of marketing automation features

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Campaign Monitor has launched a new suite of marketing automation features designed for fast-growing companies.

60% of marketers at today’s biggest brands in the Fortune 1,000 use marketing automation, but smaller and growing brands are slower to adopt, according to research by Raab Associates.

Campaign Monitor's therefore launched its Visual Journey Designer, which will allow...

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Why marketers need to learn to trust the machines

City A.M. previously published an article titled “Why marketers need humans behind the programmatic steering wheel”.

The author highlighted how automation has transformed the marketing industry, and argued that for marketers to achieve successful automation, humans need to lead as machines lack the ability to predict or detect subtle changes or circumstances that make consumers respond to ads.

It also argues that ads that...

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Brands: Would you let a computer do the talking for you?


When was the last time you found yourself talking to your computer or smartphone? Whether it’s Cortana, Google, Siri or any of the other voice recognition systems out there now, these are the just the beginning of the growing number new approaches to computer learning and marketing.

If proof that we are entering a new era of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) look no further than Google’s project DeepMind, which is the tech giant’s AI computer that...

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Meet the nextgen of chatbots: Personality-based AI

The way in which people engage with brands has changed. Gone are the days when it was a one-way interaction; younger demographics especially love a value-add exchange with brands they can identify with.

Chatbots have been heralded as one way of opening up the channels, but as with every new marketing tech innovation, you need to get it right. Brands need access to tech that can do the job well and not make the experience clunky and robotic.

One company that recognises this issue is

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Time to set the record straight on marketing automation


It’s time to set the record straight on marketing automation, particularly around email.

For years, curious marketers have had doubts around the logistics of integrating automated communications into their existing campaigns, concerned about the costs associated with major service providers and the technical requirements for keeping effective campaigns going.

The missed opportunity is considerable.


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Marketing cloud giants join forces as Oracle snaps up NetSuite

(c)iStock.com/Jason Doiy

Marketing cloud giant Oracle has announced that it will acquire NetSuite for $9.3bn. 

It's entered into a definitive agreement which is set to close this year, and the sale is worth about $109.00 per share in cash.

Both NetSuite and Oracle are big players in the cloud marketing landscape. Oracle has an entire cloud-based marketing package that focuses on automation and analytics and NetSuite has a strong marketing automation portfolio which includes an integrated CRM.


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What's next for nextgen marketing and martech?


Both at my own company and elsewhere I’m increasingly hearing the expression next generation (or ‘nextgen’) being used in reference to marketing technology. 

This has got me thinking about what it actually means, and who gets to decide whether a new software product or release qualifies being defined as part of the next generation?

In human terms, each generation of children replace their parents, who in turn replace the grandparents’ generation.


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