Is data killing off the art of the marketing prediction?


Opinion At the start of the year, I was approached by several publications and ask to write articles sharing my predictions for the year ahead. I am sure you are familiar with the format; you will see the "top 5 x of y for 2017" appearing online well into mid-March. While it can be fun to make guesses at what might happen, I believe it is becoming a pointless exercise. The pace of change in modern society is increasing, being driven by ever faster technology innovation. If...

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Salesforce launches extra-strong AI-flavoured Service Cloud Einstein


Salesforce has announced the unveiling of Service Cloud Einstein, a new customer service platform which includes a beefed-up AI engine and aims to add intelligence ‘to every service interaction’.

The platform, which is a mix of the firm's current Einstein AI tool and Service Cloud, will be fully connected to CRM data across sales, commerce, and marketing departments, and offers a variety of features. Einstein Supervisor is a mix of several products, from...

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DataSift partners with LinkedIn to take marketer insights to the next level through AI


Data marketing firm DataSift has announced it is to join forces with LinkedIn to provide greater insights into the Microsoft-owned B2B network for marketers.

The company, which describes itself as a ‘human data intelligence’ provider, is unveiling PYLON for LinkedIn Engagement Insights, which gives users various methods of increasing their engagement, from discovering new audiences for brands and products, to benchmarking, and learning which content works best with...

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Entering a new age of customer experience: Data, programmatic, and more


While machine learning itself is nothing new, the speed at which data can now be processed, analysed and actioned has completely changed the machine-learning game. Readily affordable computing power, the quantity of data available, and algorithms we never thought we could use are now possible.

While the fundamental concept remains the same, machine-learning is now far more sophisticated, efficient and easily deployable – and the potential it offers to revolutionise customer...

Getting data management right: Using data to understand your customer base


Fragmentation – it’s one of digital marketing’s biggest hurdles. As defining customers becomes increasingly difficult, brands across the UK are looking to understand and segment their audiences recognising that it is essential for brands.

With so many channels available for businesses to speak to their audience, there is more data available on customers than ever before. But where do businesses begin when it comes to breaking down all of this data to truly understand...

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How the younger generation is shaping data protection

According to one keynote speaker at the DMA’s Data Protection Update, social media is dead. This half-day event showcased the challenges and successes of various businesses’ data management strategies, and this statement really grabbed my attention.

As an avid Instagrammer, Twitter follower and Facebook fanatic, this was news to me. Whilst I don’t personally agree with the speaker’s comments, I do believe that the way we use social media has changed.

I’m part of the...

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Why 2017 should be the year you get serious about data protection

2016 has changed the world we live in. Between the Brexit vote and final confirmation of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) the last 12 months has posed some interesting challenges for the industry to address in the years to come.

With discussions around PECR now into full swing too marketers must start to look forward and ask themselves the difficult question: “Am I ready for the new world of data protection?”

Earlier last year, we conducted some research with Adestra into the use of...

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The dawn of data: How Brexit will disrupt the marketing mix


We marketers are easily spooked.

We saw this when the recession hit – both brands and agencies alike soon started prioritising tried-and-tested concepts over bold or provocative ideas.

I can understand why; mitigating risk makes sound business sense. However, it can also accelerate a downward spiral. Replaying proven ideas leads to mediocre work, which in turn can result in unhappy clients. It’s only a matter of time before profits start to slide. 

This is one of the (many)...

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How to get the most out of your data this Christmas

The John Lewis advert is out, the mince pies are on the shelf and Wizzard is on repeat -  its official, Christmas is well on its way.

The busiest shopping period of the year has started. This should be music to the ears of marketers, as consumers are never more willing to spend their money, and opportunities to maximise new business are aplenty.

But, as consumers are bombarded with advertising and marketing telling them which gifts, turkeys and Christmas party outfits to buy, it has never been more...

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How to unlock the power of unstructured data


Marketers know well that leveraging the right data can unlock unprecedented insights into their target audience, enabling personal and exceptional experiences.

Around 53% of organisations say data-driven marketing was their top strategic priority for 2016, while 81% of global marketers describe data as important to their efforts.

And there’s plenty of data to get your hands on. With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), there‘s been an...

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What is call intelligence and why will it matter in 2017?

The customer path to purchase from a brand, is complex. In part, this is due to personal preferences – how an individual consumer chooses to engage or transact.

But, add to this a plethora of available communication channels, devices and marketing tech solutions, and it’s no wonder the job of a marketer is tough.

Invariably, the goal behind every activity is to leverage and make sense of big data, to obtain a single customer view. That’s why we, as marketers, use an arsenal of digital tools...

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How can digital marketers prove their worth?

Marketers are increasingly demanding more budget for digital channels, but what have they got to show for it? This is the question today’s marketers are facing, and they’re often woefully incapable of answering it effectively. 

While marketers have made strides in measuring the ROI from channels directing traffic to the website, they’re far less savvy in measuring the success of their own website, and often have no real visibility of how their site is performing and how that performance...

By Duncan Keene, 24 November 2016, 1 comment. Categories: Data Science.

Never underestimate the importance of good marketing data


If you’ve ever been caught out with less-than-promised mobile performance, join a growing club. Mobile and broadband providers face increasing scrutiny of experiences promised in advertising and marketing campaigns.

From speed and coverage to reliability and cost, connected consumers are paying close attention to the performance they receive and challenging shortcomings.

This is fuelled by apps and speed tests that allow consumers to easily check performance on the spot, combined with...

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Predictive analytics: Better than surveys?


Surveys and other traditional customer feedback tools have always served a valuable business function, and this is unlikely to change soon.

These tools provide an important baseline of customer opinions and issues. Alongside good closed-loop recovery processes surveys make it possible to reach out and respond quickly to customers’ needs.

However, this type of customer data is inherently limited. With response rates typically only 5 to 10 percent of total customer bases, there is a...

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Is big data really the future of marketing?

Marketing data is evolving: from the generic to the specific; from market trends to individual habits and from historic actions to real-time engagement.

We are moving on from knowing that millennials aged 25 to 30 replace their mobile phone on average every 2.5 years. We move to knowing that William replaces his Android three months after new major features are established, keeping a general eye on new developments and looking for upgrade deals from his service provider.

We also know that Claire pre-orders...

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Why marketing agency producers need to be more creative than ever

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After months of planning, creative development and focus groups, going into production today can be a moment of both terror and excitement.

The explosion of new platforms, programmatic, expansion of digital and the need for brands to be publishers, the question on everybody’s mind is: “How are we going to make it?”

Great ideas, lost in complex bidding

The challenge for the industry is that most agency producers have been trained to focus on the creative side,...

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How a new measurement approach can help identify the best customers

When 81% of people have smartphones, and one third are mobile-only, it’s safe to say that the audience for content on the move and apps has grown. The data tells us that 86% of smartphone owners are regular users: accessing mobile apps every day.

This behaviour heightens the importance for content providers, app publishers, and advertisers to more closely monitor consumer mobile usage patterns every day.

Many companies are finding that traditional audience measurement services are grossly lacking for...

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How to calm consumers' fears about AI and data privacy


There is little doubt that artificial intelligence (AI) is shaping the future of the retail market. Recently, Macy’s announced it was testing an AI-powered in-store app that enables shoppers to get answers based on the store they are physically shopping in, rather than having to find a sales associate.

Sephora also jumped on the AI bandwagon when it launched a chatbot on messaging app Kik earlier this year, aimed at providing customers with personalised makeup tips and...

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How data analysis became the new social media marketing


With every new automation platform, marketing metric and social media site, the day-to-day roles and responsibilities of marketers have grown increasingly complex.

To understand traditional marketing (promoting the right product, in the right place, for the right price) is no longer enough.

Today’s marketers must be experts in everything from SEO, advertising and PR, right through to graphics design. Even basic web coding skills are increasingly becoming a must-have string on...

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How to improve the relationship between marketers and data scientists

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A decade ago, few businesses had heard of data scientists, let alone employed one. 

Yet as an invisible revolution in technological tools has transformed every aspect of modern marketing, their skills have become essential to decode complex audience behaviour and turn disordered information into effective strategy.

Data science expertise is now in high demand. The vast majority (83%) of data scientists believe there aren’t enough...

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