DataSift partners with LinkedIn to take marketer insights to the next level through AI


Data marketing firm DataSift has announced it is to join forces with LinkedIn to provide greater insights into the Microsoft-owned B2B network for marketers.

The company, which describes itself as a ‘human data intelligence’ provider, is unveiling PYLON for LinkedIn Engagement Insights, which gives users various methods of increasing their engagement, from discovering new audiences for brands and products, to benchmarking, and learning which content works best with...

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Why marketers need to see beyond click-through-rate


Using click-through rate (CTR) as your primary digital campaign metric is like using snake oil as your primary medicine. It might make you feel good at first, but it’s not going to cure anything.

This metric is — at best — misleading and — at worst — fraudulent. 

The unfortunate difference between snake oil and CTR: Modern medicine has eradicated snake oil. Sadly, even in the face of more reliable metrics, CTR lives on in the marketing community.

The rise of...

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How to meet marketing ROI milestones


Measuring the success of marketing programs is nothing new, and there has always been a focus among B2B marketers to quantify the reach and engagement of their initiatives. 

In the past, much of this measurement focused on metrics like the circulation of print publications, the growth of catalog mailing lists, business cards collected at trade shows, and completed magazine 'bingo cards'.

Today, online channels command the bulk of B2B marketing budgets, providing marketers access to...

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Marketing sector needs to improve at using analytics, research says


While just last week we reported the use of analytics is going to be an increasing area for marketers, new research from Ruler Analytics last week suggests marketers aren't actually that great at measureing their own ROI. 

The research showed that on an index of 100, marketers and PR scored the lowest for 'embracing analytics' with just 28.6.

Retailers were most likely to be using...

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It doesn't have to be websites vs apps: How both can work together


Here’s a question: how important are websites in the mobile marketing world?  Apps seem set to dominate the way customers interact with brands. In 2015, Apple’s App Store grew by 1000 apps per day, and Google Play downloads are expected to triple by 2020. At the same time visits to brand websites are declining - digital media time in the US is now significantly higher on mobile at 51%, compared to desktop (42%). It’s tempting to think that websites have passed their best before...

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New AI video ad optimising solution launches


Artificial intelligence is proving itself to be more than just a buzzword recently, especially when it comes to marketing. 

From IBM Watson to the rise and rise of chatbots, AI's not only becoming prominent in largescale marketing channels everywhere, but it's making headway in video advertising too, it would seem. 

That's at least according to video platform LoopMe, which has announced new optimisation and reporting technology, PurchaseLoop.

The new product combines...

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Majority of B2B marketers will invest in analytics over coming year

Analytics is a big area for B2B marketers, with the majority already investing and 67% planning to into this area over the next 12 months.

That is, at least, according to a new study by Regalix, The State of B2B marketing metrics and analytics, which looks at the marketing analytics landscape.

The majority of marketers who took part in this year’s study said analytics was “very...

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Why marketers should consider using embedded analytics

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Effective customer relationships are driven by familiarity and empathy. But brands will struggle to deliver either if employees don’t have the resources to make informed, timely and data-driven decisions about their customers.

With Gartner predicting that 89% of companies plan to compete primarily on the basis of customer experience this year, the modern...

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Product news: Brandwatch launches new analytics tool


Enterprise intelligence company Brandwatch has launched an influence and analytics tool, Audiences, to draw out campaign insights for marketers.

While Brandwatch has until now been focused on allowing marketers to search for keywords and mentions of a brand, its new tool means they can now gather social intelligence about consumers and identify influencers.

Brandwatch users can use the new tool to build custom audiences...

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How to measure ROI from multi-channel marketing


It’s no doubt one of the most used acronyms in the world of marketing – ROI (return on investment).

Understandable, of course. After all, there’s little point undertaking an activity if it doesn’t pay for itself and reap results. It could also be argued that a focus on ROI will become increasingly pressing over the next couple of years, as marketers work to justify their every move in the wake of Brexit uncertainty.

However, measuring ROI isn’t always easy....

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UK best in Europe at driving traffic through social engagement, Adobe report says


The social media sphere is more crowded than ever, and as legacy products become more sophisticated, marketers are experimenting with an increasing number of platforms.

But there’s not just an increase in the number of platforms on the market; according to new research by Adobe - there's the engagement to match.

Based on Adobe...

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What does the future hold for SEO, online advertising and social media?

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Today’s marketing landscape reflects predictions made in science fiction films from the 80’s. We have predictive technology, machine learning and computers that can perform complex actions at nothing more than a voice command.

Put simply, we are living in a new age of internet capability where every discovery leads to more endless possibilities than the last.

The impact this is having on the marketing world is immense as brands look to keep a pace with their customers,...

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Twitter launches insight app Engage in the US

Twitter has launched a new companion app aimed at giving marketers and influencers a tool for real-time data and analytics. 

Twitter Engage is only available in the US at the moment, but already Twitter's planning on integrating it with partner brands through Niche and Vine.

Engage's interface isn't a million miles away from Twitter's own, and presents users with a 'Top', 'Metions' and 'Verified' menu. It highlights the most important follows and...

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ABC launches report examining content verification tools for online ads

ABC has launched the latest edition of its Content Verification (CV) Certification report, designed to provide unbiased results on the ability of tools to block or report online ads "defined as inappropriate to a campaign".

This is especially important given the increased risks for brands advertising online thanks to the growth of programmatic advertising.

Content verification remains a key focus for buyers and sellers in today's quickly evolving digital ecosystem

The report uses controlled tests by ABC to...

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Is the Industrial Internet set to turn the marketing industry on its head?


Over the past decade or so, a seismic change has shifted the ground underneath the marketing industry transforming it from an art into a science. Where once the marketing department was a natural home for creative minds, now those creative skills are being honed into analytical skills. This is a result of:

  • Post-austerity budgets demanding accurate and detailed ROI calculations
  • The availability of 40+ marketing communications tools adding variety and diversity to the industry, and making it easier to track physical and digital performance
  • The effectiveness and affordability of digital...

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Examining eCommerce and the ‘one armed bandit problem’


There is a perception in eCommerce that a focus on promoting top selling products is a sound strategy.  That is perfectly logical, reasonable – and wrong.

Infact, promoting only top selling products is a complete waste of time, money and effort, which springs from a fundamental misunderstanding of the eCommerce challenge and how it differs from the offline world.

Intelligent exposure

Product promotion via recommendation and search builds on one of retail’s oldest...

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Web browsing behaviour on tablets remains stable – but smartphones still dominate

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The share of tablet based mobile web traffic is stabilising, according to a new report from DeviceAtlas.

Although sales of tablets are on the decline it says that the share of tablet traffic appears to be stable, according to its web browsing statitiscs which measured phone and tablet traffic in the last quarter of 2015.

However the analysis showed that it’s smartphones that continue to dominate browsing behaviour at around four times the levels of tablet traffic for most...

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How to give your email marketing campaigns a boost with personalisation


We’ve seen all the surveys, we’ve read all the whitepapers, and we’re all very aware that simply adding a bit of analytics and personalisation to our email marketing campaigns can improve their effectiveness by as much as 100%. But how do we go about doing it in real-time, without making wholesale changes to our marketing systems? Here are some easy steps to take that can deliver a huge leap in email marketing performance and doesn’t take a lot of investment.

Add real-time...

Early studies show increase in AdWords CTR after Google drops right-side ads


The change may be relatively new, but research suggests that the CTR of Google Adwords has improved as a result of a repositioning of ads on the platform.

Since mid February Google stopped showing ads on the right hand side of desktop search results, moving instead to showing a fourth ad above the organic search results and up to three ads at the bottom of the page below the organic results.

Analysis from a two-week study of the impact of the change, shows that as a result click through...

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How the CMO’s role is changing through big data and data analytics


Predictive analytics is a game changer, and companies can no longer afford to ignore it if they want to remain competitive in a business world which is continually changing. Using data, business can uncover insights that can help business optimise operations, find new revenue streams and innovate. More than that, data can help businesses predict the future and automate decisions, increasing productivity.

Predictive analytics and automated decision-making should be part of a businesses...

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