How AI allows intelligent marketers to market more intelligently


By now, it’s a familiar narrative: The advent of artificial intelligence, along with contextual computing, will transform entire industries and leave nearly everyone — including marketers — jobless

Well, maybe not.

The fact is that AI and CC simply provide new ways of doing what marketers have always done: Track, measure, assess, and...

A full board issue: How should CMOs get a grip on information security?


Huge quantities of data pass through the marketing department. While collaborating with colleagues, ad agencies, agency partners and marketing tech providers, marketers are often required to share confidential information, from strategic presentations to brand images. As flexible working explodes and marketers handle major campaigns from both the office and home, we need to consider how this information is being shared and controlled over time.

Consumer grade platforms such as...

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Why visual marketing should be a 2017 focus

If anyone doubted that the internet is becoming a progressively more visual medium, two deals announced last month should have enlightened them.

Instagram revealed plans to create a live video function on its Instagram Stories platform, taking it up against Snapchat and Facebook Live. Unlike Facebook Live though, the short videos recorded by Instagram's users will disappear as soon as they are recorded – friends will only be able to watch them live.

Meanwhile, Facebook is...

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Why personalisation is still the key to effective cross-channel digital marketing

We know personalisation is the buzzword of the moment. The term is everywhere, discussed by everyone as the saviour of our modern email marketing times.

It is also in danger of becoming ubiquitous – the industrialisation of what should simply be a personal and unique real-time connection with a consumer. But when it is done properly, personalisation is a truly beautiful thing. Personalization is the canvas, where email and web preferences paint a consumer’s unique picture.

The current average...

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Why martech means nothing without human connection


We live in a time when digital disruption is the norm and when the pace of change and technological innovation continues to accelerate. We are all inundated with more information, products, services and offers than we have time to process.

But where once this abundance excited us, we now crave bespoke and tailored service that feels as individual as we each are.

And, perhaps not surprisingly given how quickly we adapt to new technology and begin to take it for granted, even though tech advances are...

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Why social network shopping could usher in the next mCommerce boom


The recent move by Instagram to push into the social commerce space with the launch of an in-app shopping discover function is the next step in the growth and proliferation of a new breed of consumer; the social media shopper.

From fashion app Depop to present app Giftagram, there are already a number of established and emerging retailers creating apps to target mobile commerce, but social platform Instagram getting in on the act is something of a game-changer, bringing ‘shoppable photos’ to

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Odeon 'first cinema in Europe' to launch consumer chatbot

(c)iStock/Amanda Lewis

We all know by now the scope of how consumers can interact with brands via chatbots is growing by the day, with more platform integration as well as smarter apps on the rise.

Consumers can have their complaints handled, find out opening times, order a pizza and book an appointment via chatbot so far - but what about booking cinema tickets?

This is the goal Odeon is trying to reach with its new Facebook Messenger chatbot, developed by social technology company Gruvi. 

According to...

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Why people based marketing can be more effective than personalisation


Building and creating optimised digital experiences have been the focus of marketing teams since the early days of the internet, yet the focus has been on the channel rather than the consumer.

The key performance indicators of success have been measured on the performance of email marketing, paid media or targeting ads programmes, rather than enhanced customer experiences, increased retention rates, and increased lifetime value.

This approach is in dire need of rejuvenation. Why? Because...

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Dating apps: Are marketers missing an opportunity?


Dating applications have become a key part of the technology ecosystem. Online dating was previously restricted to a core set of internet users, developed and incubated at a similar pace to social media, however, it is quickly presenting a unique opportunity for marketers.

Sometimes the dating sector is painted with the same brush as the more risque adult entertainment industry, however, this has in some ways actually made it more interesting for traditional marketers to...

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Why reputation resilience is a modern marketing essential


Maintaining a positive brand image and reputation is crucial to any business, and marketers are used to drawing on their expertise to create robust and engaging content to facilitate and bolster this aim.

But once a strong brand image has been established how do you go about maintaining it and protecting it from negativity?

In today’s consumer-focused world, the dialogue between brands and consumers is more dynamic - and transparent - than ever. We enjoy speaking to and about the...

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Why bad weather may spell good news for marketers

Freezing temperatures, snow, storms and flooding – welcome to winter.

Adverse weather can cause chaos for businesses. But for marketers, these weather ‘spikes’ can in fact be golden opportunities to cash in on the nation’s collective weather woes.

When the weather takes a turn for a worse, it’s no surprise that many of us will start searching for winter essentials – from coats to umbrellas. But it also creates a ‘travel trigger’, as people look to escape the...

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The move towards mass customisation, and how marketers can keep up

Customer choice has increased significantly in the past hundred years. At the turn of the 20th century, Henry Ford launched the Model T, the first automobile mass-produced on moving assembly lines.

Buyers could famously choose it in any colour they wanted – as long as it was black.

As time went on, customers became used to buying goods in standard specifications, for example clothes in different sizes and colours. As we have turned into the 21st century, however, we’ve seen features that...

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How Pizza Hut is trying to reach the younger generation in a crowded marketplace


‘Digital natives’ or millennials, have a unique set of behaviours and expectations when it comes to all their interactions with brands – casual dining restaurants included. Brands have responded accordingly, with a wealth of content and digital experiences vying for millennial’s limited attention.

This is something we were very aware of at Pizza Hut Restaurants when we set about developing a new look for our brand, both physically and digitally.

Pizza Hut Restaurants...

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How Generation C is turning marketing upside down

Picture credit: Lobster

Cast your mind way back into the past, when segmentation was easy. A time when marketers would safely assume a whole array of collective traits based on something as a simple as an age group. Baby boomers valued individual choice, Generation X were results-driven and Generation Y craved changed.

Compare that with today, where consumer data is seemingly everywhere. We know where our customers are, what they’re eating, what they buy and who they know. And perhaps most importantly,...

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IBM Watson being used for native advertising

IBM's AI software Watson is now being used to create better semantic targeting for native advertising with ADYOULIKE. 

The tech scans publisher pages of ADYOULIKE's global network of premium publishers, analyising them contextually for topics, sentiment and semantics instead of just looking for keywords.

This means the platform can deliver native content in-feed in a more relevant and targeted way, by looking at where, why and how the existing editorial content on each site is ‘talking about’...

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Marketing tech and the evolution of hybrid roles

The Gartner 2016 CMO Spend Survey indicated that an estimated 33% of marketing budgets go on technology and the evolution of hybrid roles like the chief marketing technology officer reflects the importance of how marketing has to work so closely with technology — and the substantial influence the two have on each other.

Equally, the role of creativity in marketing engenders new products, services, channels to market and experiences. So how do marketers ensure that creativity and technology are working...

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Will sponsored content disclosures hinder influencer marketing?


The social media space is gradually changing to incorporate new platforms and new opportunities for brands looking to engage followers.

As this space grows, we’ve seen the use of sponsored content and influencer marketing become an increasingly common tool used by brands who want to seamlessly fit their products into the flow of social posts.

But recent threats by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regarding stricter enforcement of influencer disclosure on posts for which...

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‘Zig’ when they ‘zag’: Lessons from the human side of marketing


A few months ago, our marketing team embarked on a campaign that diverged from your typical B2B marketing activity: instead of writing copy extolling our technical specs and shooting shiny photos of products in action, we decided to hero our people.

As a result, we asked three colleagues to lend their faces and stories, forming the key cornerstone to our campaign.

This unorthodox approach was the crux of ‘

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Why over-personalisation could stunt customer relationships


As our digital lives become increasingly personalised is there a chance that it could all become a bit predictable and, well, dull?

Will it come to the point where marketers are effectively shooting themselves in the foot by over-personalising campaign messages?

While marketers are increasingly aware of data’s role in creating content that truly resonates with individual consumers, if marketers are continuously using the same material based on the same insights to up-sell...

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