Mobile-only native advertising spend triples in size


The number of native advertising campaigns based on mobile devices has tripled in size, according to a new study by native advertising platform Adyoulike.

It showed that in 2014 mobile-only spend accounted for 10% of spend but the share tripled to 30% in 2015. Mobile-only has stolen share from desktop-only which fell from 40% in 2014 to 15% in 2015. Half of the spend in both 2014 and 2015 covered all devices.

The conclusions come from the analysis of 1.3 billion in-feed native ads...

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Digital spend highest in seven years, argues IAB


Digital ad spend grew at the fastest rate for seven years with UK digital ad spend up 16.4% to more than £8.6 billion, according to the latest Internet Advertising Bureau UK Digital Adspend report, conducted by PwC.

The rise is the highest since a 17.1% rise in 2008 and follows a 12% increase in the number of internet-enabled devices in each household. The report claims this now stands to 8.3 per household with connected TVs seeing the biggest rise in ownership at 27%. Smartphones...

New report shows huge increase in social advertising spend


Social advertising spend is growing rapidly, according to a new report which shows that marketers spent 86% more year on year in the first quarter of 2016. The growth was driven particularly by a 122% rise in mobile ad spend.

An increase in spend on Instagram ads and Facebook Dynamic Product Ads also helped to drive the increase – a trend that goes against the normal seasonal ad buying patterns.

The figures, compiled by Kenshoo, showed that in paid search advertising spend rose 13%...

Personalisation as standard: How to get there and not upset the apple cart


Impersonal, irrelevant, and often intrusive – is it any wonder consumers are growing disillusioned with the online ad experience and increasingly turning to blockers?

Today’s audience expects personalisation as standard. Indeed, almost 50% of users expect brands to know them and tailor ads according to their needs both now, and in the future. Yet brand marketers and the service agencies they employ...

Why programmatic needs to empower the value of brand advertising


It’s no secret that programmatic has taken the advertising industry by storm, but questions continue to be asked over its ability to deliver digital brand campaigns effectively, as was brought to light at the recent IAB Real Time Advertising Conference.

One of the key obstacles frequently cited is a disconnect with advertising creatives. Programmatic teams tend to be technology focused, and the resulting jargon and acronyms have creatives running for cover. Yet the ability to...

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Why we need to talk about data, personalisation and ad blocking


Using data to create more personalised experiences in the world of marketing is nothing new, but the avenues we have to explore, especially within content, are constantly changing. This is massively exciting, but it is also one of the areas where I see the most creative and strategic tension. 

The issue stems from a lack of understanding of use of data and consequently a reticence to use it because it’s just not that easy. This has been a huge driver behind the recent...

Meet Usermind – the startup which offers ‘BizOps’ for customer journey automation

Usermind co-founders Przemek Pardyak, CTO, (left) and Michel Feaster, CEO, (right). Picture credit: Usermind

The ‘customer journey’ is a phrase pretty much every marketer has adopted as they try to integrate all touch points with customers throughout their business. But trying to automate the customer journey is a tough job – especially for businesses that may lack the technical skills required for mass integration.

The recent launch by Usermind of what it claims is the first martech solution for...

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Marketers continue to miss out on email revenue opportunities


Nearly 40% of senior marketers are missing out on the revenue opportunities of transactional emails – despite the open rates for automated responsive emails being nearly 25% higher than normal marketing emails, with average open rates of 40% compared to 15% for standard marketing emails.

The research, from email provider Mailjet, showed that 38% of senior marketers aren’t generating revenue from automated emails whilst an additional 20% didn’t know if such emails were...

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This product claims to be the first fully automated video ad delivery platform


Global ad delivery and automated workflow company Group IMD has launched what it claims is the industry’s first fully automated video ad delivery platform – cutting the time it takes to approve a video ad to around a sixth of the time it took before.

The automated process replaces the previous matching of orders and manual quality control of video ads before they are sent off to mainstream broadcasters and digital publishers.

The new fully automated, cloud native platform, IMD...

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Lessons for brands at MWC16: Creating compelling, tech-driven experiences

Picture credit: Jack Morton

Mobile World Congress (MWC) can be a strange and inhospitable environment for the uninitiated, with its cavernous aircraft hangers, huge crowds, and endless aisles of things to see. It’s also a huge challenge for the companies that attend: everyone is competing for attention, and there’s only so much of it to go around. 

For brands, the secret of success is to resist the temptation to just talk about their products, and to instead seize the opportunity to...

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Early studies show increase in AdWords CTR after Google drops right-side ads


The change may be relatively new, but research suggests that the CTR of Google Adwords has improved as a result of a repositioning of ads on the platform.

Since mid February Google stopped showing ads on the right hand side of desktop search results, moving instead to showing a fourth ad above the organic search results and up to three ads at the bottom of the page below the organic results.

Analysis from a two-week study of the impact of the change, shows that as a result click through...

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The imminent evolution of mobile measurement and the need for true ROI

(c) Trigg

Many believe that when it comes to tools to effectively measure the effectiveness of a mobile campaign, we’re just not quite there. In truth, there are many vendors that offer data on consumers’ mobile device activity once they have viewed an ad.

So why does our industry still face a challenge when it comes to mobile measurement?

As with all areas of marketing measurement, it has become increasingly important to analyse the performance of campaigns across all channels,...

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Ad blocking continues to rise – but users understanding why they shouldn’t block


Users are proving more intolerant of online ads than ever with the number of British adults using online ad blockers rising from 18% in October to 22% now. However, they are also more likely to turn their ad blockers off if websites told them it was the only way to access such content – indicating perhaps that the message that ads are needed to support free content may be getting through.

The results come from the latest UK Ad Blocking Report, conducted online by YouGov, for the...

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Marketers seeing programmatic advertising ROI beating traditional media


The ROI of traditional media is being beaten by that of programmatic advertising, according to a new survey from AdRoll.

The company’s State of the Industry UK 2016 report showed that 61% of marketers said that programmatic ads provided a greater ROI than traditional media with programmatic also continuing to dominate UK media consumption.

Nearly half (45%) of marketers said they planned to increase their spending on programmatic ad budgets this year. They are also buying...

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How beacon technology is transforming transit from captive to captivated customers


In the ‘mad men’ days of marketing and advertising, you would typically reach the traveller through billboards, press or television ads placed at very strategic locations or times - outdoor billboards featuring warm and exotic holidays to Marrakech or Turkey tactically placed near snow-covered airports in Glasgow.

The fundamental concept of marketing – to be where your customers are – still applies, but the difference today is the access to data and...

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Rakuten Marketing launches into social advertising with latest acquisition


Omnichannel marketing specialist Rakuten Marketing has acquired product intelligence company Manifest Commerce, allowing it to improve its offering in the social advertising arena.

The Manifest Commerce product offering, developed by the San Francisco-based firm, encourages product discovery by using its predictive marketing and optimisation engines to introduce new products to relevant audience segments. The technology works by automatically selecting likely to perform products from a...

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What does AI in advertising actually mean for digital marketers?


Today, it seems like there is little AI is not going to “revolutionise”, and advertising is no exception. Only last month the CMO of Unilever, speaking at Davos, described AI as a “huge wave” coming down on advertising and marketing, making a big impact on the way brands interact with customers and prospects.

For veteran marketers however, it is easy to...

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xAd claims to launch first buying and selling platform of marketing locations


MWC Continuing the location theme of this year’s MWC xAd chose the show to launch what it claims is the first ever platform to allow brands to see real-world footfall in-store and across their high street competitors.

Its self serve MarketPlace platform allows for real-time, location-based campaign planning, buying and reporting – enabling marketers to use such location data to ensure creative, relevant campaigns are delivered at the point that they will have the biggest impact...

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Mobile ad provider Widespace secures record £12m funding

(c) Moore

Swedish mobile advertising company Widespace has secured a 15.8 million Euro (£12.2m) growth capital investment that it will use to both solidify its position in Europe and to expand into new markets.

The new round of investment is the company’s largest yet and will allow it to invest further in what is sees as being key areas of technology – including automation and visualisation of data.

The company’s predictive technology helps to ensure that the right ad...

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