Marketing Nuggets: Twitter verification, Google's AMP ads and more

This week's been a scorcher in the UK, and it's not been particularly bad for news, either. Pokémon GO continues to dominate conversation, while Google and Twitter have come out with some useful announcements of their own.

1. All brands can now apply for a verified Twitter account

You heard it, everyone can apply to be verified on Twitter now. Although, you'll have to have a fully-filled in profile and face...

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Gaming: The next big thing in social media and digital marketing?


In a world long ago, I designed or assisted in the design of a series of conflict simulation board games—mostly complex, very realistic war games, long before online games were common.

I was very observant, understanding the gamers’ demographics, their needs, habits, desires, the history of the game, and maintaining the needed, correct, realistic history of the event portrayed. 

In the back of my mind, I was always thinking what brand might consider advertising...

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Hootsuite integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive and more


Social media management platform Hootsuite has integrated Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Box, Google Drive, and other content sources into its publishing platform.

The integration means those who use the service can now access photos, gifs, and other digital assets directly from within Hootsuite.

In addition to cloud services mentioned above, Hootsuite users can access other content sources such as: UpContent, Media Valet, Flashstock and WebDAM.

Users can now add content sources they...

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All brands can now apply for a verified Twitter account


It's sometimes hard to believe there are so many advantages associated with a small blue tick next to your Twitter handle. But this tick - hard to come by - is a sign that your tweets are of public interest. 

In other words, it's a signal that others should follow it.

This of course throws up many advantages for brands and marketers alike - people are more likely to see you as authentic, trust your content and engage. That's why the news that Twitter has opened up an online...

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Marketing Nuggets: Marketor May, Google's programmatic report and Olympic opportunities

Another week, another long list of marketing goings-on, including a new Prime Minister with markteing links you may not have known about. 

1. Theresa May first 'ordinary' member of The Marketors to be made PM

Apparently, May has been a member of The Worshipful Company of Marketors for the last 17 years. Pretty interesting, we thought.

* * * 

2. Two-thirds of Olympic viewers set to second-screen


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YouTube more popular than LinkedIn for business marketing, survey says

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It's not hard to associate LinkedIn with being the definitive social media channel for business and enterprise. But a new study by B2B researchers Clutch has shown that US firms at least are veering away from this. 

While both Facebook and Twitter were rated as the two top important channels, YouTube took the lead over LinkedIn which came in fourth.

Video is taking up more bandwidth on the internet. And, it’s...

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Why this marketing company has based itself around Snapchat

(c) Ammentorp Lund

The idea began with two bartenders, one with a passion for design and the other with a keen eye for the latest digital media trends. With the release of Snapchat’s geofilters, businesses now had access to the elusive youth market.

A person’s digital experience could now be customised and catered to based on their physical location. This concept would later prove profitable by the astronomical success of Nintendo’s augmented reality app Pokémon Go,...

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Marketers need to contextualise Instagram and FB posts, new research says


Marketers should consider the context of their posts on Facebook and Instagram, according to new research by Facebook IQ.

The study, which looks at how people use Facebook versus Instagram, surveyed 5,500 adults in six countries: Australia, Brazil, France, Japan, UK and the US.

It found that while people visit both Facebook and Instagram at similar times of the day, how they use the various platforms are different on each feed.

Marketers need to understand how and why different...

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How to create your best social marketing video


Social video content is the future. According to Cisco, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic by 2017 and video-on-demand traffic alone will have almost trebled.

More and more brands are turning to video as a way to engage with their audiences and create truly unique experiences.  

We recently launched a new social video campaign on...

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How to take advantage of real-time targeting in digital campaigns


As social continues to take off, digital conversations are increasing in volume and gaining in momentum. Many brands and agencies consider this competitive environment as a key challenge to conducting effective and timely media activations.

It is not surprising that some are still reluctant to dip their toes into the water when it comes to real-time advertising.

However, brand advertisers are increasingly turning to marketing technology companies to make informed, data-backed...

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Marketing opportunities abound as two thirds of Olympics viewers set to second-screen


We all do it; one eye on the screen while having the other strategically pointing toward a handheld device at all times, scanning Instagram/Pinterest/Twitter's latest controversy. 

You would think an event such as the Olympics might make us put down the devices but that's apparently not so. According to martech company RadiumOne, nearly two-thirds of Britons say they'll use an internet-connected device at the same time. 

But that does show there are opportunities to be had by...

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Heathrow Airport launches marketing on Chinese platforms WeChat and Weibo


We write a lot about being where your customers are here at MarketingTech, and it seems Heathrow Airport’s marketing department is now doing exactly that.

With a record number of Chinese visitors to the UK in 2015 and rising (nearly 270,000, up 45% on the previous year), the airport’s launched on Chinese messaging apps WeChat and Sina Weibo.

It’s also hired a Chinese digital marketing agency, Qumin, to launch...

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Leverage your network to increase social media ROI

Social media is an integral element in any marketing plan. It narrows the gap between brands and consumers and creates an open dialogue to boost brand awareness, generate sales and gather marketing insights.

Around 63% of millennials say they stay updated on brands through social networks; 51% say social opinions influence their purchase decisions; and most importantly 46% rely on social media when buying online.

These figures should encourage brands to make the most of their social media and incorporate a...

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Marketing Nuggets: LinkedIn's programmatic, Twitter Stickers and adblocking

It's been another news-y week on the martech and marketing front, and as usual the main social players are all getting their goods out to do battle on the advertising and brand front. 

Here are our picks of the week's top five stories: 

1. Twitter introduces Stickers to make pictures searchable

In a bid to introduce 'hashtags for pictures', Twitter has brought in Stickers which of course throw up great opportunties for...

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Misleading social media marketing faces serious consequences, CIM warns


For marketers, technology and social media have advanced far beyond what we comprehended, and consumers are more immersed and more in control than ever before.

As a result, the way businesses go to market and how they utilise social media to represent their brand has to significantly change in order to keep up.

In 2014, we launched our research ‘Keep Social Honest’ which explored the path to positive engagement between brands and consumers on...

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What does the future hold for SEO, online advertising and social media?

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Today’s marketing landscape reflects predictions made in science fiction films from the 80’s. We have predictive technology, machine learning and computers that can perform complex actions at nothing more than a voice command.

Put simply, we are living in a new age of internet capability where every discovery leads to more endless possibilities than the last.

The impact this is having on the marketing world is immense as brands look to keep a pace with their customers,...

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Twitter introduces 'Stickers' to make pictures searchable

(c) Okopny

Twitter has announced it will introduce #Stickers over the next few weeks for i0S and Android, which will act like a hashtag for pictures. 

Users can put a Sticker on an image to make it searchable, choosing from a library of hundreds of accessories, emoji and props for photo content. 

Millions of pictures are tweeted each day, but until now you couldn't specifically 'search' pictures. This of course throws up many interesting...

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Marketing Nuggets: Brexit, DMWF and Cannes Lions

What a week. Some major news has gone down - the biggest being Brexit, obviously - but London Tech Week, the Digital Marketing World Forum and Cannes Lions also happened, meaning a shed load of product announcements and news. 

We've chosen five of the top stories this week, plus our most-read piece, for you to read at your leisure.

1. Brexit and means for the marketing industry 

The UK's truly a nation split almost down the middle in opinion on Brexit, but whatever way you voted, it's now time to move forward and...

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Twitter launches insight app Engage in the US

Twitter has launched a new companion app aimed at giving marketers and influencers a tool for real-time data and analytics. 

Twitter Engage is only available in the US at the moment, but already Twitter's planning on integrating it with partner brands through Niche and Vine.

Engage's interface isn't a million miles away from Twitter's own, and presents users with a 'Top', 'Metions' and 'Verified' menu. It highlights the most important follows and...

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Why the next generation of social media is visual


A little less than a decade ago, social media consisted mainly of text, and was accessed via desktop or laptop computers. People wrote status updates based on very specific prompts on Facebook.

They tweeted out brief 140-character musings on Twitter. The internet was a digital diary and the images that did make it onto social media were not in real time since you’d have to upload them to your computer first.

It didn’t take long, however, for that to change. Thanks in part to...

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