Donald Trump enjoys higher email open rate than Sanders or Clinton, new tool shows


While it’s too early to tell who’s going to win the November elections - despite polls showing both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both being viewed as unfavourably as one another - the US presidential candidates’ email stats tell an interesting tale.

Email data solution provider Return Path has published a new interactive

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Influencer collaborations would 'vastly improve' marketing, eCommerce retailers say

Two thirds of eCommerce retailers want to work more closely with social media influencers, with the majority believing it would ‘vastly improve’ their marketing efforts, according to new research by affilinet.

The survey revealed that two thirds of eCommerce retailers are looking to use social media influencers in their future marketing campaigns, with beauty vlogger Zoella and plus-sized model Tess Holliday voted as the ‘dream influencers’ to work with.


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Instagram adds video to carousel ads, reportedly tests analytics


Facebook has been busy of late. A week after announcing dynamic ads to Instagram, the platform has bolstered Instagram’s carousel ads with the addition of video.

Instagram currently has over 400 million active users per month. Around 80 million pictures are posted per day, which get over 3.5 billion likes. And acccording to...

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Half of UK adults expect a reply from brands within an hour, Lithium research says

Nearly half of UK adults expect a reply to their query from a company within the hour, according to a new Lithium Technologies report.

The company surveyed 2,000 adults about their attitude toward social media and brands. It found younger UK adults aged 18-24 are most demanding, with over half expecting a response to their query within the hour.

The research also found about two thirds of UK adults (67%) don’t like it when brands target them on social media, and a large...

Tech brands are most talked about on social media in the UK, Netbase finds

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Tech companies make up 63% of all brand mentions on social media in the UK, according to a new report by Netbase.

The social analytics platform published its annual Brand Passion Report, which uses the company's patented advanced learning technology to examine a year’s worth of social media mentions and data to come up with the ‘most loved’ brands in the UK.

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Nearly quarter of customer queries on Twitter are ignored


After more than a decade of Twitter it would be assumed that brands have realised the importance of rapid, accurate responses to customer queries. Yet a new report suggests that nearly a quarter (23%) of customer queries are ignored and only 1 in 10 brands respond to all queries.

The results come from the findings of a Twitter mystery shopping report by BDRC Continental that measures how well nearly 400 brands dealt with nearly 10,000 tweeted customer queries in terms of response rate, speed and...

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Newly announced Facebook tools raising login rates and advertising revenues


New tools announced by Facebook last month are already leading to higher login rates and increased advertising revenue claims Chinese partner Android developer Apus Group.

Ahead of the announcement of the new tools at Facebook’s F8 developer conference earlier in April, Apus trialled Facebook’s new Account Kit and Analytics Push tools by integrating them into its account management and user profile tool APUS ME, which gives users an improved experience when using Facebook to...

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Vine experiencing ‘huge exodus’ of influencers, claims stats


Twitter’s video sharing service Vine has seen a decline in the number of influencer users since the start of January 2016, according to new statistics.

Influencer marketing technology platform Markerly said that 50% of ‘top influencers’ on Vine have either deleted their accounts or simply stopped posting since 1 January 2016.

As of December 2015, Vine, which shot to fame after being acquired by...

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Facebook brings dynamic ads product to Instagram


As if online shopping wasn’t already becoming targeted enough, Facebook has now rolled out its dynamic ads product to image-based social media site Instagram.

It first launched dynamic ads in February 2015, which allowed brands to automate advertising by showing users advertisements based on products they had just viewed or added to their basket.

With around 60% of people saying they discover new products on Instagram, according to...

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Digital spend highest in seven years, argues IAB


Digital ad spend grew at the fastest rate for seven years with UK digital ad spend up 16.4% to more than £8.6 billion, according to the latest Internet Advertising Bureau UK Digital Adspend report, conducted by PwC.

The rise is the highest since a 17.1% rise in 2008 and follows a 12% increase in the number of internet-enabled devices in each household. The report claims this now stands to 8.3 per household with connected TVs seeing the biggest rise in ownership at 27%. Smartphones...

How Twitter users are becoming excited about the benefits of virtual reality


It may have seen a false start with the likes of Google Glass but virtual reality is set for a revival if a recent analysis of Twitter conversations about the technology is to be believed.

Between February and April Brandwatch used its platform to track 120,000 tweets over two months about the technology. It found that of these conversations the majority (85%) were positive. Only 16% were negative.

Oculus and its Rift VR headset topped the table as the most mentioned brand and headset...

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Why airlines need to better align their social and word of mouth marketing


KLM and Ryanair come out top on social media when it comes to engagement rankings for airlines serving the UK, according to a new report. Meanwhile Emirates is one of the most powerful for offline word of mouth conversations.

The rankings, by technology and data company Engagement Labs, showed that KLM topped on both Facebook and Instagram, followed by Ryanair in second place. Meanwhile on Twitter Ryaniar topped, followed by British Airways in second place.

The rankings were...

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Why service-based messaging is more important than you may think


Whilst consumers can often feel overwhelmed by marketing messages service-based messaging can be a deciding factor in choosing a business to deal with according to a new report. 84% of consumers said that service-based messaging had an impact on their decision to choose one company over another.

The study showed that two thirds of consumers said that shipping alerts for online orders, delivery alerts and payment confirmations would increase their likelihood of making a purchase. It also...

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Lithium partners with Zuora for new online customer community


Following three months in soft launch Lithium Technologies has announced that it has created an online community for Zuora, a provider of subscription billing, commerce and finance solutions.

The online community, which launched in January, allows more than 700 subscription businesses that use Zuora peer-to-peer support as well as access to Zuora employees and partners in order to receive answers to questions. They are also able to provide direct feedback to the business, helping...

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Zizzi embraces gamification for latest branding initiative


Italian restaurant chain Zizzi has embraced the concept of gamification for the second year running to deliver a new loyalty and promotional campaign that allowed customers to compete for food and holiday prizes and the chain to radically increase its marketing database. The campaign attracted 22,000 new customer names to the brand.

Zizzi ran an eight-week online board game promotion in association with 3radical Voco, which users could access through a mobile optimised website and on...

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Why the marketing and CMO role is getting increasingly tougher


A marketer’s job has never been ‘easy’ as such but the life of a marketer is now getting more complicated than ever according to a new report. Published by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) the report says that marketing complexity is growing sharply with the adoption of new technology and general technology change to blame for the huge pace of change.

More than half of 499 chief marketing officers and senior marketing executives surveyed for the report said that the pace of...

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SMEs see digital marketing is important – yet don’t practice what they preach


More than three quarters (82%) of small businesses believe that digital marketing is critical to success and yet most don’t actually yet use the channel to drive their business, according to a new survey by research firm Clutch.

The survey showed that only 27% had begun a digital marketing strategy prior to 2015 and 17% began last year.

The survey showed that two key reasons held back small businesses’ adoption of digital marketing. They included the associated expense and...

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The positive aspects of a downward marketing spiral

(c) Shuvaeva

We nearly always think that a downward spiral is a negative, a downturn, and a disaster. Not always. I disagree and make an exception when it comes to marketing and developing a ‘go to market’ digital cross-media or integrated strategy, selecting the media, and determining when to use that media to support your strategy.

I often explain to clients and students that a useful image to visualise when discussing the development of an integrated marketing program is a...

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Safety outside numbers: Why Twitter’s 10th birthday represents a warning shot


With Twitter celebrating its 10th birthday this month, there is currently a lot of media hype around whether the social network has reached its peak. The numbers may even be in decline; speculation that is causing a great deal of panic amongst marketers.

No longer the shiny new toy

Twitter isn’t dying and neither is social. However, Twitter and Facebook are now over a...

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