New tool claims to take Facebook marketing to new heights


Facebook is becoming a more powerful marketing tool all the time, but a new tool claims to take Facebook marketing to new heights.

Social Ads, from cloud based marketing specialist Emarsys, enables brands to target customers via highly personalised advertisements on the platform – integrating with Facebook’s customer audiences to target individuals via automated advertising campaign.

In a bold claim Emarsys claims the solution allows more accurate targeting than anything...

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The evolution of social commerce

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 ‘Commerce’ before it was ‘social’?

If you can remember the first retail websites in the mid ‘90s they were pretty boring, nothing more than online versions of printed brochures that took ages to download on your dial-up modem. It wasn’t until companies like Pegasus, eBay and Amazon identified the potential of ecommerce to disintermediate traditional retail, that shopping...

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Assessing the state of Twitter on its ninth birthday


It may be hard to believe but Saturday will see Twitter celebrate its ninth birthday; even though the social networking tool hasn’t yet even hit double digits it has certainly changed how we communicate. The questions is though: has it done enough to change how we market?

From the humble beginnings of March 21 2006 when Twitter made its first tweet the medium has caught on and by November 2008 the billionth tweet had already been shared. Today more than 9,000 tweets are posted every...

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Apple dominates ‘most loved brands’ list: Understanding consumer preference


Enterprise social media analytics provider NetBase has released its Brand Passion report, with Apple taking home four of the top six rankings.

The iPhone finished top of the pile, with Apple itself finishing third, and the iPad and MacBook Air taking positions five and six. Sandwiched between them were Disney (#2) and boutique online retailer Etsy (#4), while rounding out the top 10 were Starbucks, Netflix, Chipotle and McDonald’s.

The methodology in putting this report together was a tad...

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So, so social: The symmetry of an asymmetric media?


I am a social type of guy. I have a really good pal, a number of friends, acquaintances, and a larger universe of others, people who I have meet over the years that keep in touch with me or are those that I choose to keep in touch with.

On the business side of the social scene I am also a social person. My business-based social structure is defined by a hierarchy as well:

  • A very limited number of highly trusted advisors
  • Knowledge-based individuals
  • Valued enterprises
  • Relevant...
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    Case study: How influencers can cut through social noise


    In a world where consumers are overloaded with information, thrown at them from every angle, brands find themselves having to rethink their traditional global marketing strategies. The ever-saturated consumer marketplace is forcing them to think more creatively about how best to achieve the all-important cut-through and engagement with consumers.

    As a result, many brands are redirecting traditional advertising and media dollars towards more unconventional influencer activations. At...

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    Did Facebook just overtake YouTube as the de facto site for video advertisers?


    Videos were only introduced to Facebook in the third quarter of last year, but according to socialbakers there has been some serious movement towards this medium as ad objectives evolve.

    While page likes become less important to advertisers, video is grasping a higher proportion of budgetary spend. Data from socialbakers puts embedded news-feed video at 5% despite it being available for such a small period of time on Facebook.

    It is easy to see why too, with socialbakers discovering...

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    Brands risk marketing mayhem with poor Twitter responses


    Whether brands like it or not Twitter has become the first stop for many consumers looking to resolve queries or problems online and brands that ignore the power of this do so at their peril. With an estimated 15 million users in the UK alone it is a channel brand marketers cannot afford to underestimate.

    In such a public forum brands have to be seen to react quickly and efficiently to customer enquiries if they are to gain the trust not only of the customer they are dealing with...

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    Facebook’s new patent allows marketing to the most influential


    Trying to distinguish the influencers and experts among a sea of social media content consumers has always been tough, but the fact that Facebook has now patented a new way of doing it is likely to mean big change for the digital marketing industry.

    The patent – entitled ‘Identify experts and influencers in a social network’ was granted this week, four years after first being submitted by Facebook ads boss Andrew Bosworth in 2011.

    The new capability will allow...

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    Facebook unveils relevance scores to highlight poor targeting


    Social network Facebook has rolled out a new relevance score feature that will give advertisers an idea of how well their ad will be received by its intended consumer demographic.

    Facebook is using relevance score coupled with the cost of delivering an ad to force advertisers to pay more attention to their targeting. For example an ad with a high relevance score will cost less to be delivered as it is seen by the system as a positive signal.

    Relevance is worked out by...

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    Salesforce compares ad performance of social sites


    Social advertising is fast outpacing its expected growth, as it hit new levels of maturity in 2014, according to new research from Salesforce.

    The expected growth of 27% for 2014 seems now to have been a conservative estimate according to Salesforce which says that for certain sectors such as mobile and video, coupled with the integration of first-party data such as Facebook Custom Audience and Twitter Tailored Audiences, meant that social advertising is growing at a far greater...

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    Apple pips Android to the post in mobile advertising

    Android may capture nearly two thirds (63%) of mobile ad traffic, but it is Apple that remains the biggest revenue generator.

    The conclusion is drawn from The State of Mobile Advertising Report from Opera Mediaworks which examined trends and insights from its mobile ad platform for the last quarter of 2014.

    It showed that Apple’s dominance in markets such as the US, Germany and the UK, where high value rich media and video advertising campaigns are more common, meant that monetisation levels were...

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    Is social media turning consumers into emotionless robots?


    Content marketing has evolved from a buzzword into a rampant industry. Whole agencies have built their business model on flooding social feeds with brand-backed copy, but has this saturation removed all emotion from the experience for consumers?

    It is a question that Havas Media set out to answer in research, conducted with the help of CrowdEmotion, that examines the emotions of social media users when they were confronted with varying types of content.

    Havas wanted to also discover...

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    Big-budget Super Bowl advertising worthless without SoMo strategy


    Cloud computing company Salesforce Marketing Cloud has released a series of figures revealing the futility of Super Bowl advertising if marketers choose not to consider how consumers’ social media and mobile usage.

    Of the 400 consumers polled by Salesforce, 66% of viewers will use Facebook during the big game, making it the number one Super Bowl social network while Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat follow in close succession.

    As for the gender split between the two largest...

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    Has mobile killed Facebook’s advertising exchange?


    The news today from Facebook, revealing that it is fast becoming a mobile-first platform, goes a long way to explaining the rumours last week that the company is planning to abandon its ad exchange, FBX, just three years after its inception.

    David Fischer, Facebook’s Vice-President of Advertising, was quoted this week as saying there are “better ways” to reach the wider Facebook audience than FBX.

    At the time, it seemed an astonishing statement, given...

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    Marketing reimagined: From cost centre to revenue generator


    Perception is everything in marketing and a new study supplies evidence of the tainted view many employees have of their marketing department, however there are visible traces that this stance is weakening.

    Forecast and advisory firm the Economist Intelligence Unit, which conducted research on behalf of Marketo, discovered that 68% of marketers believed the rest of their company viewed the marketing department as a cost centre.

    Likely fuelled by misinformation, the study reports that...

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    Emojis and video: Does your comms strategy need an overhaul for the mobile consumer?


    The emoji heart was, perhaps not surprisingly, the most used ’word’ of 2014. It is the first time that the Global Language Monitor has awarded the title to a symbol, a significant moment for the English language.

    New digital formats continue to change communications; text speak was the first widespread digital vernacular and, although it might be out of fashion now, we still use words derived from that language today. We live in an era of images and video,...

    Flipboard launches new Promoted Items function for advertisers

    Marketers can finally look to distribute their content more widely on Flipboard after it announced the introduction of a new tool called Promoted Items this week.

    From the beginning of February Levi’s and NARS Cosmetics will become two of the first brands to distribute content on Flipboard via the new Promoted Items feed. Such content – which can range from articles, videos, products or photos – will be incorporated into the Flipboard experience but will clearly be signposted as being...

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    How to build branding packages around mobile


    Omni-channel marketing is a concentrated, seamless approach to the consumer experience. Since the turn of the millennium, the internet has grown to encompass all forms of media; and within the past few years, mobile devices have grown in popularity to surpass traditional electronic devices.

    What are you doing to leverage these platforms? And are you taking full advantage of these linked mediums?

    Based on the target audience I build almost 100% of my clients branding packages around...

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    Why email marketing is not dead yet


    The focus on social and mobile as hugely growing marketing channels has meant the spotlight has gone off email marketing somewhat. But, according to a new report from Salesforce, 2015 State of Marketing – email marketing remains as important a tool than ever with marketers increasingly citing it as being core to their business.

    The report shows that nearly three quarters (73%) of respondents said that email marketing was core to their business. When asked why 60% said it was a...

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