How brand ambassadors have changed in the age of crowd culture

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Celebrity endorsements have been used in marketing for years, to endorse products as well as leverage their power and status to create an influential following for products.

But the endorsement scene has gone from Hollywood to TV to smartphone; the small screen that is now at the centre of the change to the industry.

Brand ambassadors are changing too. Sheer fame may no longer be enough – in an era of extreme media and advertising saturation, brand ambassadors need to be...

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Why social network shopping could usher in the next mCommerce boom


The recent move by Instagram to push into the social commerce space with the launch of an in-app shopping discover function is the next step in the growth and proliferation of a new breed of consumer; the social media shopper.

From fashion app Depop to present app Giftagram, there are already a number of established and emerging retailers creating apps to target mobile commerce, but social platform Instagram getting in on the act is something of a game-changer, bringing ‘shoppable photos’ to

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Twitter Awards: Winners include Dove, Airbnb and Apple


Twitter has announced the winners of its yearly Twitter marketing awards to recognise the "most original and creative" advertising work being done today. 

The platform said it had received hundreds of entries from over 15 countries, but after a competitive selection process, chose the marketers they thought had the best ideas. 

All entries were judged based on three criteria: 

  • Creativity: Did the campaign challenge convention and push the creative envelope? 
  • Live: Did the campaign use Twitter in unique, new, and...

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Twitter's direct message chatbots: Our verdict


Brands who use Twitter direct message as a customer service tool should be pretty happy with the platform's latest addition.  

Twitter is now allowing brands to set their own welcome message, which automatically appears when a user opens the DM box. This tells customers how they can interact with the brand and can include deep links and other features.

But the magic is in the platform's new Quick Replies feature, essentially a chatbot which prompts people with suggestions as to how to...

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Why loyalty and social media are a match made in heaven


It goes without saying social media has resulted in huge cultural shifts in terms of how both consumers and businesses behave and interact with one another.

The past few years have seen brands use social media in new and creative ways to engage with their customers, the examples of Oreo’s famous Super Bowl: “You can still dunk in the dark” tweet, or KFC’s innovative LinkedIn profile for the fast food chains famous founder, Colonel Sanders, spring to...

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Corrective marketing: The integration of message and media


You’re late, speeding at 120 mph, your satellite radio is blaring, your smartphone map app is recalculating, the fog is thick, the road is wet, and it’s hard to tell if the car is still on the road.

Is your marketing on the right track? 

According to internal research, that’s how most CMOs feel after recent changes in markets, economy, technology, and demographics.

A road once clearly defined is now part superhighway, part country road, part off-road, and in some...

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How Viber is partnering with influencers like F**kJerry to engage users


Messaging apps are something of a goldmine for marketers at the moment. Whether it’s Google’s new ‘click-to-SMS’ ads, building your own chatbot for Facebook Messenger or simply Whatsapping your customers’ latest offers, there’s plenty of use for the tech in today’s marketing mix.

But Viber, which has been around since 2010, is doing something that bit different. Alongside games and sticker packs, the platform also hosts Public...

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Social media tips from BBC Wales' head of social

Social media can be a tough nut to crack for many marketers, so it's only right to look to the experts for help when you're stuck. At the Online Influence conference in Bristol recently, we heard from one such expert, the head of social for BBC Wales, Owen Williams. 

With over 120,000 active and engaged Twitter followers and 95,000 Facebook page likes, BBC Wales is certainly doing a thing or two the right way. 

Williams had some good, basic tips for getting your followers engaged on Twitter in his...

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Blog: Confession - I didn’t watch this week’s Bake Off, I watched Twitter instead

(c)BBC/Love Productions/Tom Graham

It’s time for me to confess something. I didn’t actually watch this week’s episode of Bake Off. I know, I know. I feel like a traitor too.

Let me explain: I was out at a community singing show (which I feel is probably the second best and closest thing to watching GBBO) and didn’t get in until after Selasi had been evicted in a flurry of fondant fancies. And yet, I happily filled my colleagues in this morning on last night’s tent...

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#DMWF insights: The surprising areas of importance for social media in 2017

The CEO of award-winning social agency Social Chain is something of a unique persona.  

Cutting an impressive figure on stage, the 24-year-old sports a rakish hat and a pretty social-savvy attitude; it's not hard to see how a company led by Steve Bartlett can make nearly anything go viral in a short space of time.   

Social Chain has grown from its inception in Manchester with just a handful of staff, to doubling its office size with the launch of New York base this year....

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Blog: How GBBO’s #TudorWeek became a modern romcom on social media

(c)BBC/Love Productions/Mark Bourdillion

Benjalisi is no more. This week the nation is not only mourning the loss of Benjamina from the GBBO tent, but also the breakdown of the dynamic duo - Benjamina and Selasi - as a result. For me, this Tweet sums it up perfectly; the Brangelina of Bake Off are no more. 


The GBBO production team are getting a bit carried away with their theme ideas, I feel. First we...

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How to protect your brand in a growing landscape of cyber threats

Brands of all sizes and across all industries are being affected by the growing threat from cyber criminals.

As the online landscape evolves, cyber criminals are becoming bolder and their methods of attack more sophisticated. As a result, it’s critical for organisations to develop, implement and continually assess a proactive online brand protection strategy.

To understand the level of risk that companies face, you just need to take a look at the latest cybercrime statistics from the Office of National...

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Blog: #GBBO's Selasi remains king of Twitter mentions as Bake Off heats up

(c)Love Productions/Tom Graham/BBC Pictures

I’m still not sure what my favourite moment from this week’s episode was; whether it was Tom wielding a mini pink fan or Jane photobombing him with a comedy moustache. Oh, Bake Off.

Unfortunately, neither prop could do anything to save Tom and despite being named as Star Baker two times previously, he was evicted from the tent.

Not to rub salt in the wound, but Tom didn’t even make being the most talked about contestant on Twitter.

The pink fan,...

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Twitter beta tests new Ads objective for US advertisers


Twitter is trying out a new website conversions objective for advertisers and marketers based in the US.

The objective is in beta for American users at the moment but after some testing, the social network may roll it out to “additional regions” which could include other countries around the world.

The new objective for Twitter Ads users is there to help advertisers - in the platform’s...

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Over half of marketers dissatisfied with their jobs, LinkedIn survey says


Under half of marketing professionals are satisfied with their jobs, according to a new LinkedIn survey.

The social network recently carried out a Work Satisfaction Survey among its members, which threw up a number of surprising outcomes - including that Bristol, often praised as a UK city, is one of the ‘worst’ in which to...

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UK rife with mobile marketing opportunities due to Brits' high smartphone usage, report says

UK consumers are more smartphone-oriented than their US counterparts, according to a new report, and peak app usage happens around commuting time. 

Cross-device marketing is becoming the norm these days, but it seems marketers in the UK have a more demanding job than those in the US. According to a new report by Verto Analytics, which has just launchined in the UK, 81% of Brits use a smartphone, compared to 68% of Americans. 

And 35% of those in the UK are mobile only, meaning their only device used...

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How to survive the Facebook algorithm change


In the last few months, Facebook announced that it is changing its algorithms so that users would see fewer posts from publishers and more posts from friends and family.

The publishing industry’s reaction to this has been understandably mixed; some feel slighted while others remain optimistic.

Facebook drives more traffic to publishers than Google, accounting for 38.2% of traffic last year. In the first month alone, almost every major news outlet has seen a double-digit declines...

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Blog: The Great British Bake Off effect on sales and searches

(c)BBC/Love Productions/Tom Graham

It’s a sad day for the country. Our Mary has said goodbye to Bake Off, claiming a fond ‘farewell to soggy bottoms.’

The judge and national treasure has stated that her decision is out of loyalty to the BBC ‘as they have nurtured me, and the show, that was a unique and brilliant format from day one.’

Mary, you’ll never know how much I’ll miss your facial expressions.

This week, I thought I’d take a look at how Bake Off phenomena...

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Facebook rolls out further retail-driven ad and marketing product enhancements


Facebook has announced new capabilities for retailers to drive sales to their bricks-and-mortar shops.  

Last June, the platform launched new capabilities around this area, but it's now expanded this with the launch of dynamic ads for retail and a Shop Visits variable.

Large retailers such as Abercrombie...

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LinkedIn: Why people-focused marketing works


Having a strong personal brand has become so important in business and marketing now.

In fact, it’s on the university curriculum; Tyra Banks is taking on a professor role at the prestigious Stanford Graduate School of Business on a course entitled 'Project You: Building & Extending Your Personal Brand'.

Businesses can use employees’ personal branding - something I'll be speaking about at Bynder's conference next month - to their advantage to source new customers...

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