Marketing Nuggets: LinkedIn's programmatic, Twitter Stickers and adblocking

It's been another news-y week on the martech and marketing front, and as usual the main social players are all getting their goods out to do battle on the advertising and brand front. 

Here are our picks of the week's top five stories: 

1. Twitter introduces Stickers to make pictures searchable

In a bid to introduce 'hashtags for pictures', Twitter has brought in Stickers which of course throw up great opportunties for...

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Misleading social media marketing faces serious consequences, CIM warns


For marketers, technology and social media have advanced far beyond what we comprehended, and consumers are more immersed and more in control than ever before.

As a result, the way businesses go to market and how they utilise social media to represent their brand has to significantly change in order to keep up.

In 2014, we launched our research ‘Keep Social Honest’ which explored the path to positive engagement between brands and consumers on...

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What does the future hold for SEO, online advertising and social media?

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Today’s marketing landscape reflects predictions made in science fiction films from the 80’s. We have predictive technology, machine learning and computers that can perform complex actions at nothing more than a voice command.

Put simply, we are living in a new age of internet capability where every discovery leads to more endless possibilities than the last.

The impact this is having on the marketing world is immense as brands look to keep a pace with their customers,...

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Twitter introduces 'Stickers' to make pictures searchable

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Twitter has announced it will introduce #Stickers over the next few weeks for i0S and Android, which will act like a hashtag for pictures. 

Users can put a Sticker on an image to make it searchable, choosing from a library of hundreds of accessories, emoji and props for photo content. 

Millions of pictures are tweeted each day, but until now you couldn't specifically 'search' pictures. This of course throws up many interesting...

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Marketing Nuggets: Brexit, DMWF and Cannes Lions

What a week. Some major news has gone down - the biggest being Brexit, obviously - but London Tech Week, the Digital Marketing World Forum and Cannes Lions also happened, meaning a shed load of product announcements and news. 

We've chosen five of the top stories this week, plus our most-read piece, for you to read at your leisure.

1. Brexit and means for the marketing industry 

The UK's truly a nation split almost down the middle in opinion on Brexit, but whatever way you voted, it's now time to move forward and...

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Twitter launches insight app Engage in the US

Twitter has launched a new companion app aimed at giving marketers and influencers a tool for real-time data and analytics. 

Twitter Engage is only available in the US at the moment, but already Twitter's planning on integrating it with partner brands through Niche and Vine.

Engage's interface isn't a million miles away from Twitter's own, and presents users with a 'Top', 'Metions' and 'Verified' menu. It highlights the most important follows and...

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Why the next generation of social media is visual


A little less than a decade ago, social media consisted mainly of text, and was accessed via desktop or laptop computers. People wrote status updates based on very specific prompts on Facebook.

They tweeted out brief 140-character musings on Twitter. The internet was a digital diary and the images that did make it onto social media were not in real time since you’d have to upload them to your computer first.

It didn’t take long, however, for that to change. Thanks in part to...

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Meet microinfluencers: The next generation of influencer marketing

Influencer marketing - using bloggers and social media aficionados to promote your service in an authentic way - is on the rise.

Consumers are tired of being ‘advertised to’, we all know that - just like we know they’d rather hear from their peers than from a faceless brand.

In fact, two-thirds of eCommerce retailers recently said they were planning to use social media...

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Tumblr launches live video streaming with YouTube

Yahoo-owned social platform Tumblr has partnered up with YouTube, YouNow, Kanvas and Upclose to launch Live Video. 

While its not introducing its own creation tool, users can now share and broadcast their live video content through YouTube, for example, via Tumblr. 

It's already partnered up with publishers, such as MTC, The Huffington Post and Mashable, who will live stream content and events on the platform. 

Marketers will of course be wondering about the advertising potentital of such an...

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What we learned at London's #DMWF 2016

Some of the biggest players in the digital marketing space, from TSB, Tesco Bank, Sky, BBC, Coca-Cola to GOV.UK, took to The Brewery in London to share their views on today's marketing issues.

The event drew in 450 delegates from around the world - as far away as Argentina and Finland - and was home to a series of talks, masterclasses and panels for the two days.

So instead of picking out one particular session or theme, MarketTech has summarised six of our top takeaways from London’s...

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GOV.UK's lessons for social engagement and customer experience

GOV.UK launched five years ago, a streamlined, one-stop-shop onling online platform to host all govenment department websites.

It was quite a mammoth, staged task, carried out by the Government Digital Service (GDS). Old, outdated websites such as HMRC’s online portal, which contains reams of information on tax law and guidance, had to be transitioned over slowly but surely.

And while brands only have to tackle their particular consumer base when introducing...

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BBC, uSwitch, Macmillan and Sky share social media engagement tips at DMWF

How to define the right kind of social media engagement is a question that plagues many brands and marketers alike. So who better to ask for their advice than the experts?

Sky Deutschland, uSwitch, BBC Worldwide and Macmillan Cancer Support all took to the Digital Marketing World Forum at The Brewery in London today to share their views on dynamic social engagement - and MarketingTech was there to capture the mood.

Speaking on the panel, hosted by Jin’s managing director Eliott Maidenberg, were:

  • Jonas Hellebronth,...

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Marketing Nuggets: LinkedIn, Snapchat and mobile video marketing

To quote the famous Highlander, 'there can be only one' major news story this week, which was, of course, Microsoft's LinkedIn acquisition. 

But that wasn't the only thing to happen over the last seven days. You'll find plenty more below, plus our  most-read story. 


1. Microsoft acquires LinkedIn for $26.2bn 

It beat Salesforce to the mark to snap up the social media network for quite a substantial amount of cash. Of course, it's got big plans for how the partnership will work - some of...

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Twitter's MoPub targets ad fraud with Forensiq partnership


Twitter-owned global ad server MoPub has partnered with ad fraud detection platform Forensiq, to improve ad supply quality across the 45,000 apps and 450 billion ad requests on the MoPub Marketplace. 

Last month, Twitter launched the ability to display MoPub ads directly within Twitter Kit timelines in Android and iOS apps, in a bid to give developers monetisation prospects.

Forensiq -...

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Marketers need a strategy to harness the power of social media influencers

As far as the marketing arena is concerned, bloggers have made their mark. They are established in many marketing managers’ minds as a legitimate channel to broadcast messages, a genuine and engaging way to connect with an audience.

While they can be increasingly expensive to use, they have rightly earned a well-respected place on many brands’ marketing plans.

But it's now time for the new players: social media influencers. Marketing, social media, and public relations managers have known for some...

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Brands get on board with first ever Snapchat community event


In the same week we’ve written about why brands should get serious about Snapchat’s ad offerings, influencers from its community - including marketers and brands - have announced they'll be speaking at the world’s first ever Snapchat event in London this September.

While not directly affiliated with Snapchat itself, influencers and large brands are already...

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Why marketers should take Snapchat’s new ad offering seriously

It may be a platform synonymous with doggy-filter-faced teens, but it seems Snapchat is finally ready to move past adolescence.

Over the last few years, it’s worked on building up a loyal, engaged user base, reaching more than 60% of 13 - 34 year old smartphone users.

After several iterations and updates, it’s figured out how its audience likes to interact with the app and slowly, gradually, it’s begun to update its advertising and offering.

First, it...

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What Microsoft’s $26.2bn LinkedIn acquisition may mean for marketers


Microsoft dropped a bombshell today when it announced it would buy professional network LinkedIn for $26.2bn (£18.5bn).

In a blog post and video outlining the move, CEOs of both companies - LinkedIn’s Jeff Weiner and Microsoft’s Satya Nadella - asserted LinkedIn would remain independent, but both would work closely together.


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Marketing Nuggets: IBM's Watson ads, Google's record brand value and more

This week's been particularly good for ad tech movements, with both IBM and Google showing us some impressive new products and figures. As with every week, here are four stories - plus our most read gem - for you to chill and read on a Friday afternoon.

1. IBM launches AI-powered Watson ads 

Machine learning's now at marketers' very fingertips as IMB launches Waton Ads this week - an "industry first". 

Liz Morell goes into...

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How Lithium is using Klout algorithms in new social marketing product Reach


Last year MarketingTech discussed how Klout was shaping conversations for brands on the hard-to-navigate social web.

Acquired by Lithium for $200m in 2014, the social tool aimed to separate the signal from the noise when it came to consumers talking about brands on social media.

It’s not seen much coverage of late, but this week Lithium...

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