Marketers missing a trick with Instagram advertising, research reveals


Forget traditional Christmas lists since customers are getting more visual than ever. New research suggests that nearly 41% of Instagram users have used the social media tool to drop hints to friends and family about what they want for Christmas.

More than half (57%) of the 1,000 respondents surveyed in a report commissioned by digital marketing agency Greenlight have used it to gain inspiration when gift buying and one in three have bought items after seeing them on Instagram.


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Instagram announces Instagram Partners programme, boosts advertising options


Instagram has announced an initial set of 40 partners to help advertisers of any size find best in class technology partners to work with on the platform.

The Instagram Partners programme is a set of experts who have been vetted by Instagram and deemed to be capable through their propriety tools of helping in one of three key areas of expertise on the platform. These include ad tech, community management and content marketing.

Instagram has revealed that early results have already...

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The infographic: A viable marketing tool, or meaningless nonsense?

I first wondered about the future of the infographic over three years ago. Every time I logged onto my preferred social network, I was inundated with facts and figures presented to me in an image based format. It’s fair to say that in its infancy, the infographic was an exciting new way for marketers to capture an audience hungry for visual content. Three years ago it seemed as though brands were transforming any words or facts they could into pictures. Anything could go viral, even if it had no...

The implosion of a brand: A social media analysis of the Volkswagen emissions scandal


When a crisis breaks, brands need to react quickly to assess the extent of the damage.  How quickly is it spreading? Who is talking about it? How far has it spread? Sometimes news hasn't spread very far yet, and the impact can be contained. But sometimes, news spreads far and fast, especially on social media networks such as Twitter. A recent example of this happened to car manufacturer Volkswagen.

On September 18, the EPA announced that Volkswagen...

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Making social media human: 10 important tips for brands


Consumers are increasingly engaging with brands via digital means, thanks to the proliferation of connected devices and online services. This means that brands are increasingly required to interact with customers via digital interfaces and new technologies.

In many cases, social media has become the front line for a customer’s relationship with a brand. But the danger with having only these kinds of interaction is that, without careful consideration, the customer experience can...

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Salesforce launches on Pinterest as marketing developer partner

(c) Merlini

Salesforce is to launch a new set of tools that will enable marketers to engage and connect with customers on Pinterest after being selected as a Pinterest Marketing Developer Partner for content publishing.

The new tools will be available on Pinterest via Salesforce’s Social Studio capability and will mean that marketers are now able to do a number of things – from composing, previewing, scheduling and publishing Pins across Pinterest accounts as part of a broader...

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Humanising social: It’s not about B2B or even B2C – but people to people


The human experience is a unique one, rich with emotions and complications. Brands have been trying to imitate and relive experiences that define who we are, from some of the earliest campaigns. From the first time you ride a bike, to your first kiss, companies like Coca-Cola have been finding different ways to connect with their audience since the 1920s.

With the onset of social media, more and more brands are being asked...

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How do you ensure you create a killer social brand?


Brands know that social plays a critical role in their marketing efforts – but are they doing enough to create a killer social brand? The latest rankings suggest that traditional brands at least have some catching up to do on their technology focused peers. The Lithium Social Power Ranking lists the top 50 global brands that use digital strategies to connect, build trust and create the ultimate customer experience and have Microsoft, Amazon, MTV, Facebook and Google in the top five...

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How social media has become increasingly integral to content marketing strategy


The use of social media within content marketing strategies is set for a rapid increase according to new research from the Content Marketing Association (CMA) which says that 80% of companies plan to increase its use with nearly half  (47%) looking to increase use by up to 50%.

This is set to lead to increased investment as a result, with three quarters planning to invest more in owned social media as part of its growth within their businesses.

The conclusions are from a study of...

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Understanding online behaviour key to making the most of digital marketing investment


When trying to understand where to put digital marketing investment and budget, it is crucial to understand which route to market is the most effective for your customer base since you don’t want to be wasting investment on a path your customers don’t often tread.

A new study by TextMaster and Similar Web suggests that when broken down by country direct traffic dominates over other methods of accessing brands such as search, referral or social with direct traffic the...

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Cutting to the heart of the chatter: How brands can stand out in social


When it comes to social media, it is of course easy for businesses to use the multiple channels at their disposal for nothing more than pre-scheduled company updates and product offers. Posts of this kind can be dull, repetitive and impersonal, and often get lost amongst the millions of conversations taking place online every day.

Certainly, marketers who are not doing all they can to ‘humanise’ the social experience they provide to customers are missing a trick. Luckily...

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Why Social Media Week needs to stop doing social media

Picture credit: Bray Leino

One of the best things I saw during last month’s social extravaganza SMWLDN was ‘A Series of Provocative Statements’ at the National Gallery, hosted by James Whatley of Ogilvy and his ex-client Rebecca Williams (above), one of many valuable sessions hosted outside of the main campus of Victoria House.

The two of them put on a thought-provoking session, cross-talking us through four...

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Employees are more social-savvy than we think – but are hindered by bad tools

Picture credit: Flickr/Jason Howie

Getting employees to push company content by sharing it through social media can often be a struggle for marketing departments but new research suggests that employees may actually be more engaged than many assume, although they aren’t necessarily being given the right tools to do so.

A survey by employee advocacy and social selling business Trapit showed that three quarters of respondents appreciated that there was some sort of business benefit to sharing content on...

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Facebook retargeting delivering continued improvement and reduced costs for marketers

(c) Lane

Three years after retargeting became possible on Facebook Exchange the social media network continues to thrive when it comes to retargeting campaigns, with a 31% increase in average spend per advertising on the channel.

The results come from the analysis by AdRoll of more than 55,000 campaigns, which served 37 billion impressions worldwide between July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015 in its Facebook by Numbers report.

Spend is largely increasing thanks to the benefits advertisers are...

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Case study: LuckyFish Games wins big with Facebook Custom Audience Campaigns


Finding the killer retention marketing channel is the dream of any marketer but last year retention automation platform Optimove claimed it had just done just that after its integration with Facebook Custom Audiences. And results since from a partnership with casino games developer LuckyFish Games shows just how powerful such an alliance can be, the company claims.

By integrating Facebook Custom Audiences Optimove claims LuckyFish games was able to run highly effective player marketing...

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YouTube data addition improves Lithium’s Klout


Lithium Technologies has furthered the reach of its online influence measurement system Klout with the addition of YouTube data to the mix. The move comes a year after Lithium’s purchase of Klout for a reported $200 million.  

The Klout Score system allows individuals and brands to gauge and track their impact on social channels which now includes nine different networks on the system – including Facebook, Twitter, Google+...

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Instagram gets serious on ads: Best practices and early performance data revealed


In the week that Instagram announced the rollout of ad functionality on its platform across the globe by the end of this month, agile marketing software provider Kenshoo has revealed what it says is best practice about what works on the platform in terms of advertising.

The company has analysed 25 active campaigns managed through its technology on Instagram to provide campaign measurements and learnings that it believes will help advertisers better target campaigns on the platform.

The performance...

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Are you targeting the wrong online influencers?


The majority of consumers trust friends, peers and family more than brands. But who do consumers listen to the most online? If celebrity names and high-profile personalities spring to mind, think twice. Consumers are a more discerning bunch than some brands may realise.

While many consumers follow celebrities with huge social media audiences (Katy Perry has a whopping 73 million Twitter followers at present), it’s doubtful they’ll rely on...

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How mobile is driving the growth of Facebook advertising


Global spend on Facebook advertising has rocketed by 114% year on year for the second quarter of this year according to new data from Kenshoo.

The growth is twice as fast as a year ago as the market continues to grow with mobile phone and tablet ad spend up by 167% year on year and now accounting for 63% of total paid Facebook budgets. The figure is up from 51% the year before.  

The research also showed an increase in paid search for the quarter, up 10% year on year. In this sector...

How Twitter and Facebook users react to social posts by country and by day


A new research study from Lithium Technologies and Klout reveals Twitter is the key platform for quick audience engagement, with reaction times differing greatly by continent.

Jeremy Waite, now head of digital strategy EMEA at Salesforce Marketing Cloud, famously said in his ‘80 Rules of Social Media’ that the average half life of a tweet was between six and seven minutes. Given this was put up more...

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