Programmatic ad spend close to smashing £1 billion barrier


Spending on programmatic ads in the UK is getting closer than ever to smashing the £1 billion mark, now accounting for nearly half of all display ads. By 2018 it is estimated that around 70-80% of digital spend will be programmatic.

The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) latest Media Owner Sales Techniques studiy shows that of £2.13 billion spent on display ads on both mobile and internet last year 45%, equalling £960 million in total, was traded programmatically. The...

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How mobile audiences are driving the growth of video


Mobile audiences are proving to be the most popular for the growth of video consumption and advertising growth, according to new figures.

The Q1 2015 Global Video Index from Telstra subsidiary Ooyala shows that mobile devices made up 42% of all online viewing during the first quarter of this year. Of those views it was smartphones that particularly drove the growth – accounting for four times as many plays than tablets during the period.

The report also showed that TV...

Consumers turned off by generic messaging demand greater personalisation of ads


Consumers increasingly want personalised, less regular but more targeted messaging, according to a new study released this week which says that nearly two thirds (63%) of respondents are annoyed by repeated generic messaging.

The conclusions are drawn from global research of 2,200 consumers by marketing automation platform Marketo which also showed that more than three quarters of respondents (78.6%)  said that they would only interact with a brand’s coupon or offer if it...

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Why your static display is getting left behind compared to swipe ads


Swipe mobile ads increase consumer engagement, according to a new study from mobile advertising agency Widespace, which shows that nearly a third (28%) more users remember a brand ad if it is a swipe compared to a static solution.

The company’s data also shows an increase in relevance of swipe ads of up to 100% when compared to static ads where brands are unable to read as much data about the user’s preferences. It was also found that users are 4.5 times more likely to seek...

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Consumers are worth £7 a minute to advertisers, new study finds


Consumers believe their time is worth £7 a minute to advertisers, according to a new study of mobile advertising. The study, which revealed attitudes to mobile ads in France, Germany, UK and US, suggested that mobile consumers said that engaging with one minute of advertising on mobile devices was equivalent to £6.80 per consumer for advertisers. The value exchange figure was the result of a poll of 4,000 consumers across the four countries, conducted by Opinium...

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New personalisation tool delivers four times ROI for Ellis Brigham


Despite personalisation being identified as the top digital priority for 2015, in a report from Econsultancy earlier this year Katie Latham, CEO of Blue Bridge Solutions, says too many businesses are still failing to offer a personalised experience and are losing out on sales as a result.

"Most consumers can still cite fairly frequent instances where they are delivered a non-personalised experience.  We talk to retailers on a daily basis and the majority understand the...

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Lack of premium inventory hampering online video advertising growth


Whilst online video advertising may be on the rise its growth is actually being hampered by a lack of premium inventory, according to a new global report conducted by Forrester on behalf of Teads.

The report, which surveyed more than 500 decision makers across a number of countries earlier this year, found that nearly all those surveyed expected digital video spend to rise in the next two years since video ads represent what the report calls “a dream format” for advertisers...

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DataXu tops rankings in Forrester advertising report


Programmatic marketing software provider DataXu has come out top in a ranking of nine companies evaluated by Forrester Research. 

The company received the highest scores for its buying, data and analytics offerings in The Forrester Wave: Demand Side Platforms Q2 2015 by Forrester Research. Of the companies evaluated – which were shortlisted from 22 vendors initially – the company also received the highest scores possible for market presence and corporate...

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Don’t believe all that you read: The top five myths why marketers avoid mobile ads


Mobile advertising is nothing new. In fact, ‘The year of the mobile’ has been used as a label for so long now that it feels like something your Grandad used to say.  

2015 is on track to be the tipping point at which more UK searches are performed on mobiles than on desktops; so, less ‘year of the mobile’ and more ‘year when you really, really, have to get your mobile strategy firing on all cylinders’ (admittedly not quite as catchy). ...

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Neiman Marcus gets Pinteresting with US introduction of Buyable Pins

Picture credit: Flickr

Luxury fashion retailer Neiman Marcus has announced that it is to embrace the commerce opportunities offered by Pinterest since it will introduce Buyable Pins later this month.

Initially a US only service available on iOS devices, it will allow customers to purchase their favourite items on Buyable Pins across Pinterest – including on Neiman Marcus’ own Pinterest page.

The company’s chief marketing officer Wanda Giehart said that the new functionality embraced the...

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Increased viewability and improved click through rates come from new bidding algorithm


Brands can expect increased ad viewability and improved click through rates if AdRoll’s updated bidding algorithm continues to work as effectively as the company claims it has done since its initial development, according to the company. The news comes as the industry continues to try to strive to improve viewability of ads after Google produced a report last year saying that more than half (56.1%) of served ads are never seen.

The retargeting specialist has deployed a new version...

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It’s clear: Interactive ad displays are more engaging than static equivalents


As consumers are bombarded with messages every moment of every day, we are going to sit up and take notice when something’s a little different from the norm. That's the not-entirely-surprising conclusion drawn by new research which has found innovative display ad formats deliver more effective interactivity, emotional response and dwell time than standard digital display ads.

Yet the research does deliver some impressive statistics. The research was conducted by neuro research...

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New research claims to reveal the key to successful native ads


Making a successful online native ad is obviously the aim of any marketer in this market but how do you as a marketer truly know what stands out from the rest in the mind of the consumer. New research from Europe’s ad network and platform Adyoulike, claims to reveal the answers.

The company analysed one billion online native ads served during 2014 in order to try to understand the winning features of a successful online ad. The research showed that when it came to headlines two...

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Starbucks opens up loyalty programme to Spotify in new first

(c) Sert

Starbucks is, for the first time, opening up its loyalty programme to a third party in a new deal with Spotify that will also allow staff to influence the music playlists played instore.

The partnership means that Spotify users will have the opportunity to earn Stars as Currency for the My Starbucks Rewards loyalty programme. 

From Autumn of this year the partnership will be rolled out in a phased introduction, firstly into Starbucks US company owned stores and then into Canada...

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Millennial Media: We’ll give you 100% viewability for in-app mobile advertising


The first pledge to offer a 100% viewability guarantee for in-app mobile advertising campaigns has been announced this week. Mobile ad marketplace Milliennial Media has made the promise claiming that the move ensures advertisers that its media is the most trusted source of mobile impressions in the ecosystem.

The company is partnering with measurement specialists Integral Ad Science to measure in-app viewability but will also continue to partner with the MRC, IAB and other marketing...

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Industry calls for collaboration to tackle programmatic video advertising fraud


Players in the programmatic video advertising industry must work closer together in order to effectively tackle fraud, according to BrightRoll founder and CEO Tod Sacerdoti.

Speaking at his company’s BrightRoll Video Summit last week Sacerdoti stressed that ad fraud was something that all the industry had to work towards solving. “Ad fraud is probably the most important industry problem and we need to make progress in the next few months,” he said.

He cited recent figures...

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App Annie’s latest purchase to create most thorough insight into smartphone users yet


App Annie has today bought Mobidia in a deal it says will provide the most thorough insight into the two billion smartphone users worldwide yet.

The combination of App Annie’s mobile app intelligence platform and Mobidia’s mobile measurement expertise will allow for the expansion of App Annie’s Usage Intelligence data platform since it will now combine the industry’s two largest datasets into one. Initially launched as a closed beta release in January App Annie has...

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Christian Aid claims to be launching world’s first interactive television ad

Picture credit: wearechristianaid/YouTube

Charity Christian Aid claims to be launching the world’s first interactive television ad on Friday which will enable viewers to donate immediately via their smartphone.

Launching ahead of Christian Aid week, which begins on Sunday, the advert will encourage viewers to download the PowaTag app to make a one-off donation or sign up as regular donators to the cause.

Prompted by the PowaTag logo on-screen viewers simply activate the app, choose the amount to pay and...

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New auto playing video technology claims to be shifting advertising


A new advertising format is claiming to have unlocked 100 million mobile users for TV advertisers with a new auto-playing video technology.

Launched by mobile brand advertising company Widespace, StreamView allows video to be automatically played when displayed onscreen and muted as it beings to play in a format that minimises data usage for users. By clicking on the video the user enables the video to play in full format, in high resolution and with audio.

Widespace claims that the new...

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Why broadcasters must embrace smart advertising technology


Broadcasters must embrace new smart advertising technology if they are to remain relevant, according to Dan Wagner, CEO and founder of Powa Technologies.

It’s a market that is ripe for opportunity. Strategy Analytics claims that nearly £8 billion will be spent on digital advertising this year and the UK is also on track to become the first country where spending on digital advertising is set to surpass all other traditional formats.

This means that broadcasters must react...

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