Facebook to start showing ads to non-Facebook users


Facebook’s announced it’ll start serving advertisements created through its Facebook Ad Network to non-users for the first time.

Two years ago, it introduced the Facebook Audience Network, to help publishers support their services by showing “relevant, high quality ads” to people who already have Facebook accounts. But now, it’s rolling the...

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Half of Facebook's Canvas ads built in 10 minutes or less

Facebook has released statistics on its Canvas ad unit, launched in February this year - which reportedly loads 10 times faster than the average website. In addition, people spent around 31 minutes viewing a Canvas ad, the social media network revealed.

The product allows for entire campaigns - or a sort of microsite - to be built inside it and was unveiled by Facebook chief product officer Chris Cox at Cannes in 2015.

The premise of Canvas is a mobile experience that...

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ABC launches report examining content verification tools for online ads

ABC has launched the latest edition of its Content Verification (CV) Certification report, designed to provide unbiased results on the ability of tools to block or report online ads "defined as inappropriate to a campaign".

This is especially important given the increased risks for brands advertising online thanks to the growth of programmatic advertising.

Content verification remains a key focus for buyers and sellers in today's quickly evolving digital ecosystem

The report uses controlled tests by ABC to...

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Why you need to start using engagement ad formats to create brand advocates

New ad formats are constantly in demand for brands and agencies alike. Agencies need to show their clients that they have their finger on the pulse of the latest ad technologies and placements. Advertisers must consistently deliver innovative solutions to capture consumer attention.

Yet over the last few years there has been an increasing propensity for cost per engagement (CPE) formats that focus solely on consumer engagement rather than those that drive traffic to brand websites. It’s a trend...

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Three Network trials network based adblocking

Mobile Network Three UK is rolling out adblocking technology to its network, saying it doesn’t think customers should pay data charges to receive adverts.

The network said it believes the current mobile advertising model is broken and that its customers "are becoming increasingly frustrated by irrelevant and intrusive adverts which use up their data allowance and can invade their privacy by tracking their behaviour without their knowledge or consent."

The company’s partnered up with US and...

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Snapchat introduces 3V advertising measurement

Snapchat has for the first time partnered with an independent provider to help measure its campaigns ratings in the UK. The company is working with Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings to measure the audiences of its 3V advertising on mobile devices.

Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings is the industry standard for measuring digital advertising – reporting a campaign’s total digital audience across devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones using metrics similar to TV.

The 3V ads offered by Snapchat are fullscreen,...

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Smarten up your brand engagement strategy ahead of Father's Day

Celebrating Father’s Day is now an established way for children of any age, across the world, to show the man in their life that they care. Following in the footsteps of an increasingly popular and commercialised Mother's Day, it is no surprise that in recent years, shoppers have increased spending on Father’s Day gifts annually.

For brands, Father’s Day is a fantastic opportunity to boost sales and drive takings for the first half of the year.

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Multiscreen thinking key to ‘emotive’ brand experiences, Yahoo report says

The importance of emotion in marketing is paramount to success. This is evident from brands such as John Lewis and Coca Cola, who are experts at making their Christmas campaigns stand out from the crowd with tear-jerking TV ads.

But television isn’t the only medium of the masses anymore. New research from Yahoo suggests if you want to make your audience feel something, you need to target their most personal device: the smartphone. Indeed, the report found smartphones are the number...

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PageFair: Seven recommendations on how to approach adblocking

Adblocking is still the bane of many publishers and advertisers' lives, with the rising software use set to cost the industry $27bn (£18bn) in lost revenues by 2020. It's certainly a big deal in the UK, where adoption has increased by 82% in the last year.  

Two bodies been trying to counteract this threat are anti-adblocking solution PageFair and Digital Content Next. They...

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Influencer collaborations would 'vastly improve' marketing, eCommerce retailers say

Two thirds of eCommerce retailers want to work more closely with social media influencers, with the majority believing it would ‘vastly improve’ their marketing efforts, according to new research by affilinet.

The survey revealed that two thirds of eCommerce retailers are looking to use social media influencers in their future marketing campaigns, with beauty vlogger Zoella and plus-sized model Tess Holliday voted as the ‘dream influencers’ to work with.


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Pushing content at consumers doesn’t work, report finds

Pushing content at consumers doesn’t work, says a new report from Rapt Media. It says that consumers want to discover content on their own rather than have it forced upon them and can even resent brands that do.

In a survey of more than 1,000 consumers in the US, the analyis showed that 95% of consumers take action to avoid seeing or receiving ads and two-thirds do so regularly.

57% of millennials blocked ad content because it was too pushy

More than half (55%) of consumers say such content is not...

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Why local may be the best place to start your marketing campaigns

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Sometimes it’s cool to be old school. Vinyl record players, moustache wax, instant film and cameras; all you have to do is take one look around your local Urban Outfitters to see how certain anachronistic trends and technology manage to find a relevant niche in modern times.

Digital marketing, however, is not one of those things. It’s constantly moving and evolving and those who continue to embrace old ways of doing things are quickly...

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Brands need to improve mobile communication or face losing out

Brands are failing to communicate with their customers effectively enough via mobile, according to a new report.

In a survey of 1,000 consumers in the US and Germany by Ovum, sponsored by tnytec, the results found that customers want to interact with customer service agent using different communication channels depending upon where they are within the transaction process. This means a general expectation that the service providers they are communicating with are competent in mobile communications.

eCommerce service...

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Poor digital experiences lead to lost customers, research suggests

A poor digital experience is losing customers for businesses that fail to invest, according to research from Actual Experience.

With digital content now key in terms of digital marketing strategies a failure to deliver such content in a quality manner will lose customers. Actual Experience’s report shows that nearly 80% of business leaders have admitted switching to a competitor and aborting shopping online because of a poor digital experience.

Customer churn is seen as the number one fallout for more...

Nearly quarter of customer queries on Twitter are ignored


After more than a decade of Twitter it would be assumed that brands have realised the importance of rapid, accurate responses to customer queries. Yet a new report suggests that nearly a quarter (23%) of customer queries are ignored and only 1 in 10 brands respond to all queries.

The results come from the findings of a Twitter mystery shopping report by BDRC Continental that measures how well nearly 400 brands dealt with nearly 10,000 tweeted customer queries in terms of response rate, speed and...

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Millennials most valuable audience for relevant, authentic video ads

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They are already known as one of the most fickle generations when it comes to online content but get video ad content right and millennials are 112% more likely to share it than any other demographic.

The conclusion comes from Unruly’s Future Video Survey, which canvassed the views of 3,200 people worldwide and showed that millennials are also 23% more likely to enjoy ads they find relevant.

43.1% said that they were creeped out by ads following them around the web

But get...

State of digital readiness in Germany and the UK is revealed

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It’s no longer enough today to simply just “do business”. Instead we live in an era where all businesses are being urged to embrace “digital transformation”, refocussing business models on to a new digital way of doing trade.

But it’s no easy task. A report from Cisco has revealed how IT leaders feel about their status in terms of digital readiness across the UK and Germany, showing that of the two the UK is slightly ahead.

The study showed that...

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Adobe product manager on ad blocking: “The industry always finds a way to solve these things”


Adobe group product manager, media and advertising solutions Pete Kluge said he is confident the advertising and publishing industry will find a solution to the ad blocking situation.

Research announced earlier in the week predicted that ad blocking will cost £27bn of advertising revenues by 2020 - and AdBlock Plus shared it had recentlyreached 100 million users.

Speaking to Marketing Tech News

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Online ad viewability at highest level for 18 months

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Online ad viewability may have hit its highest level in 18 months but the UK is still significantly lagging on its European counterparts, according to figures from ad verification company Meetrics.

They show that for the first quarter of 2016 online ad viewability increased to 54%, 1% behind its previous peak in the third quarter of 2014 and up 4% on the previous quarter.

However in France online ad viewability stands at 66%, in Austria it’s 65% and in Germany...

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