group gunning for native video with lab launch

There's no greater medium to get people on board with travel content than video, and group's media business is all over native. 

The group has just launched a new video content lab in Europe and aims to move into native advertising. 

The Travel People, its media arm, will run the lab for brands to integrate product placement into ads through the site and the company's social channels. 

As well as creating bespoke videos for brands, the lab will produce its own series of video...

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Yandex launches 'complaint button' for annoying ads as adblocking alternative

(c) Keating

Have you ever clicked on a link only to be greeted by a massive pop-up ad that blocks your whole screen?

Or - fess up - were you the marketer on the other side of that ad? 

Either way, there are a whole host of reasons why people use adblockers, and experiences like the one above are just one reason. Of course, blanket banning advertisements is awful news for advertising and marketing departments. Not all ads are bad, but the poorly designed ones are ruining their...

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Companies can now be certified against reducing online ad fraud, says JICWEBS


JICWEBS has been making moves to tackle online ad fraud over the last few years, and its latest initiative is a step in the right direction. 

The independent body focuses on defining best practice and standards for online ad trading in the UK. It announced this week that companies can now sign up to be reviewed via independent audits to verify that their processes reduce the risk of fraudulent ads being served.

According to JICWEBS, those successfully demonstrating that their...

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Four Google Ad updates to watch out for


Just when you thought you’d finally learned everything there is to know about Google AdWords, the platform will soon be implementing some major changes to its features which you’ll need to master.

Frustrating? Yes? Typical Google? You bet.

But, these new updates will turn paid search into the omnichannel experience we’ve all been dreaming of – so at least it’s worth the hassle.

Here are the four major changes to Google AdWords that you’ll need to...

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Emotion based tech reveals most engaging US Olympics ads

(c) Ammentorp Lund

They say a picture paints a thousand words, and facial expressions certainly do just that. How many times have you caught yourself in an expression of emotion (think John Lewis' Christmas adverts), frowning (Go Compare?) or smiling at the TV while in the middle of an ad break?

Emotion tells a tale. That's why Realeyes and Lucid, a US emotion measurement firm, decided to...

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Marketing Nuggets: New ad and marketing automation products, Hangouts on Air changes and more

Adblocking: it's definitely been the marketing word of the week, as far as we're concerned. With the Facebook-Adblock Plus saga and then a pretty positive piece from The Worshipful Company of Marketors, we've read a fair number of words on the topic over the last five days.

Here are our top five stories of this week:

1. Why we should stop fighting adblocking and embrace the opportunities

Adblocking's always been around, it's only now we have the tools to measure it that we really notice it, The Marketors argue. This is a...

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Beacons: Better than display advertising?


Consume or be consumed; such is the reality of being an impressionable human living in a digital age. For such is the strength of social, print and mobile advertising, where we reject some brands’ marketing efforts, we often endorse others.

Even if psychologists say we are susceptible to certain deals, familiar brands and celebrity-endorsed promotions within the advertising landscape. 

The noise is steadily becoming too loud, and consumers are tuning out and turning off....

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Why we should stop fighting adblocking and embrace the opportunities

The ongoing debate over adblocking is a clear signal that consumers are tired of unimaginative approaches to advertising online. There can be no doubt that the advent of adblocking software is a huge issue in delivering commercial messages to consumer audiences.

But we may yet look back and see blocking as the biggest boon to advertising of the last 30 years: for consumers, for the creative advertising industry and, especially, for advertising clients.

Despite the range of technologies that have been...

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How to combat banner blindness in digital advertising

(c) Arnau

Banner blindness is the phenomenon of users consciously or subconsciously ignoring web banner adverts. It can be so powerful that users tend to ignore all content resembling a banner advert – even if it is not one.

The reason is obvious: users are bombarded with excessive amounts of advertising on websites and eventually develop indifference towards them. Other research has found that users have not only developed banner blindness, but they also ignore text-based advertising...

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AI guided ad product launched for SMBs to 'overcome ad fatigue'

(c) Habur

A new AI guided advertising product aimed at helping small and medium sized businesses overcome "ad fatigue" was announced last week, and will be available later this year.

ReFUEL4's Spark product allows smaller businesses to access a pool of 10,000 multimedia designers from around the world who constantly "refresh and refuel" ad creative on Facebook and Instagram to optimise performance.

The product uses ReFUEL4’s AI engine SHAKA to automatically analyse the performance of...

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How to reach global audiences during this year's Olympic Games


With every Olympics, the hosting country had prepared itself for the influx of tourists coming from every culture and language. These preparations began well in advance of the Games themselves and include everything from venue signage and hotel information, to public transportation and city guides.

Many cities use the event to strengthen their infrastructure and improve both event-specific and future tourism prospects.  

In addition, the many businesses within a city and event...

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Martech industry reaction: Facebook’s adblocker desktop bypassing


Facebook’s decision to show ads to users on desktop who are using adblockers has got the backs up of many in the marketing and advertising industry.

This week, the social media and advertising giant announced changes to its ad preferences which it claims give users more control over what they see. As such, it’ll start to show ads to users of the desktop version of the site, even if they are using an adblocking product.

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Facebook to start showing ads to adblocker users on desktop


Facebook has announced that it will start showing ads to users on its desktop version who currently use adblocking software. 

It's also making it easier for users to change their ad preferences, so they can stop seeing ads from certain businesses, organisations or based on various interests.

The platform says its making the changes as a response to people's general concerns about online ads. 

"For the past few years at Facebook we’ve worked to better understand people's...

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How mobile payment apps can work as marketing tools

(c) Chernaev

Mobile payments are exploding. With the number of users forecast to grow by 62% to almost a fifth of smartphone users in the US this year, according to eMarketer, the value of proximity mobile transactions is expected to surge to $27bn in 2016.

The boom has been a long time coming. But now vendors are finally overcoming the technology hurdles to in-store...

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Lasting connections trump reach when it comes to Olympic marketing


In 2012, the London Olympic Games turned back the hands of time — with BBC TV coverage reaching 90% of the UK population and restoring viewing figures to a pre-digital high.

But any marketers banking on a similar phenomenon for Rio 2016 should beware. While this year’s games are expected to draw a global TV audience of 3.6 billion, over 80% of viewers will be distracted by another device. And for 56% of users that device will be a smartphone.

Although events like the...

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Adblockers are fat shaming the media industry


Marketers must watch the weight of their ads, as it has gotten totally out of control for many ad formats.

Some might seek to excuse their increasingly corpulent code by blaming the new functionalities they’ve added, but some very simple ad formats are utterly obese.

They make downloading web pages incredibly slow for consumers even over the largest...

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Mobile ad experiences really need to improve, study suggests

It's no secret that consumers are becoming more and more disconnected with badly targeted advertising, but a recent study has found that with mobile advertising in particular, under half consider it to be positive.

But there seems to be a disconnect, as almost all advertisers and mobile operators think they're delivering a positive experience.

The study of 100 mobile operators, 100 advertisers and...

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88% of consumers watch ads during live TV, survey says

It can be more than easy to imagine most TV viewers flicking the kettle on or scanning Twitter during live TV ad breaks, but new research could potentially put that myth to bed.

According to a survey by live ad insertion specialist Yospace, 88% of viewers do watch the ads.

More specifically, the research found instead of wanting to switch off, 78% of  viewers would much rather see ads that were personally relevant to them.

The research took into account the...

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Marketing Nuggets: Oracle's acquisition, Skyscanner's beacons and more

As with every week, there's been a series of surprising events in the marketing world - and those not so shocking but certainly good to know about. Top of the list has to be the Oracle - NetSuite acquisition, so we'll kick things off with that. 

1.  Marketing cloud giants join forces as Oracle snaps up NetSuite

As it says on the tin, Oracle's transaction is expected to close this year, and worth over...

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IAB reveals progress in digital ad issue tackling initiative


Digital advertising has risen 16.4% year-on-year, making it the fastest growing medium in the UK, according to the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB).

As such, the body has released a summary of its progress in tackling issues facing digital advertising, a year after launching its 'IAB Believes' initiative. 

Problems it's taking aim at include brand safety, viewability, ad fraud,

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