Marketing Nuggets: Oracle's acquisition, Skyscanner's beacons and more

As with every week, there's been a series of surprising events in the marketing world - and those not so shocking but certainly good to know about. Top of the list has to be the Oracle - NetSuite acquisition, so we'll kick things off with that. 

1.  Marketing cloud giants join forces as Oracle snaps up NetSuite

As it says on the tin, Oracle's transaction is expected to close this year, and worth over...

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IAB reveals progress in digital ad issue tackling initiative


Digital advertising has risen 16.4% year-on-year, making it the fastest growing medium in the UK, according to the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB).

As such, the body has released a summary of its progress in tackling issues facing digital advertising, a year after launching its 'IAB Believes' initiative. 

Problems it's taking aim at include brand safety, viewability, ad fraud,

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Marketing Nuggets: Twitter verification, Google's AMP ads and more

This week's been a scorcher in the UK, and it's not been particularly bad for news, either. Pokémon GO continues to dominate conversation, while Google and Twitter have come out with some useful announcements of their own.

1. All brands can now apply for a verified Twitter account

You heard it, everyone can apply to be verified on Twitter now. Although, you'll have to have a fully-filled in profile and face...

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Adblocking and publishers: 'Something's gotta give'

According to the latest estimates, 70 million people in the US will use an adblocker in 2016, a 34% increase over 2015.

By 2020, researchers also estimate that websites will lose more than $27 billion in worldwide ad revenue. How would you react if I told you that your business, which earns on average 20 to 40% in revenue after cost of goods sold, lost 23 to 30% of your revenue while your costs remain the same?

That’s the effect of adblockers on ad revenue. This is no joke.

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Why publishers really need to do something about adblocking

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The free internet is at risk. This may sound alarmist, but it isn't. If publishers worldwide don't take more aggressive action against ad blockers, a recent research report from Adobe states they will lose $35bn (£26bn) by 2020.

eMarketer recently forecast that approximately one in four US internet users—70 million people—will install an ad blocker on a desktop or smartphone by the end of 2016, and that US...

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The role of print marketing in a digital world


Over the last 10 to 15 years, technology has drastically changed workplace attitudes and processes. Mobile devices, CRM systems, cloud computing and big data have all left their marks on the way we work, run businesses and ‘do’ marketing.

According to McKinsey, technology drives business value in four ways, by enhancing connectivity, automating manual tasks, improving decision making, and innovating products and services.

With advancements in digital printing, corporate...

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What can we learn about brand bidding from UberEATS and Deliveroo?


Uber launched its own food delivery service UberEats as a direct competitor to Deliveroo on 16 June. Almost instantly we spotted Deliveroo was bidding on UberEATS brand terms on Google (‘Uber eats’ and ‘UberEATS’).

In paid search marketing, brand bidding occurs when someone searches for a trademarked keyword representative of your brand, and is presented with an advert from a competitor.

Using a trademarked term in your adcopy is against Google’s regulations...

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Online ad viewability levels drop 18% across the UK


Online ad viewability levels in the UK decreased from 54% to 47% in the second quarter of 2016, according to a new report from Meetrics.

This is the lowest level it's been at in 18 months, since it dropped under 46% in the last quarter of 2014. 

However, the UK remains consistant in lagging behind other European countries for viewability levels. For example, Austria's online ads have 69% viewability, while France stands at 62%...

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Google integrates Shutterstock into Adwords and Adsense

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Photo library Shutterstock has announced an API integration and image licencing deal with Google, meaning marketers and advertisers can now assess the impact of an image alongside ad copy.

The partnership gives Adsense, Adwords and Admob access to Shutterstock's more than 90 million licenced images.

When using one of the above products, Google's tech will programmatically match professional images to ad copy and assess the advertisement performance via Shutterstock's...

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How to take advantage of real-time targeting in digital campaigns


As social continues to take off, digital conversations are increasing in volume and gaining in momentum. Many brands and agencies consider this competitive environment as a key challenge to conducting effective and timely media activations.

It is not surprising that some are still reluctant to dip their toes into the water when it comes to real-time advertising.

However, brand advertisers are increasingly turning to marketing technology companies to make informed, data-backed...

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Why ad tech is driving ad blocking - and what needs to be done about it


It’s no surprise that there’s currently a lot of debate taking place between publishers, advertising agencies and brands over how to curb the ad-blocking explosion.

Much of the discussion tends to be focused on the quality of advertising content and how it is presented to consumers. The more relevant, inspiring, entertaining and informative the ad content, the more value and less ‘annoying’ it is likely to be, therefore reducing the demand for...

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Travel group launches new media and advertising arm

Travel specialists group has launched new media business The Travel People, for brands to capitalise on the current and growing popularity of travel content. 

The group has a network of online travel brands - ranging from Jetcost to the Spain-based Rumbo - so advertisers can reach eyeballs across all sites.

The platform will use 'smart audience extension tools' and programmatic tech to get brand content noticed and engage its rich customer groups on...

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Marketing Nuggets: LinkedIn's programmatic, Twitter Stickers and adblocking

It's been another news-y week on the martech and marketing front, and as usual the main social players are all getting their goods out to do battle on the advertising and brand front. 

Here are our picks of the week's top five stories: 

1. Twitter introduces Stickers to make pictures searchable

In a bid to introduce 'hashtags for pictures', Twitter has brought in Stickers which of course throw up great opportunties for...

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eBay: How brands can make the most of Wimbledon


With millions set to tune into the action in SW19 this summer, advertisers have welcomed the news that Wimbledon will be broadcast live on a commercial channel for the first time ever following a landmark deal between Eurosport and the BBC.

Whilst this may create an opportunity for brands willing to invest in TV ads to be part of the action, smart marketers have an equally lucrative opportunity to capitalise on the same audience by using digital channels to reach those dual-screening...

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IAB study: How to reduce risk of consumers blocking mobile ads

Over 10% of British people are blocking mobile ads, according to new research by the Internet Advertsing Bureau (IAB).

The body recently surveyed over 1,000 people around the UK to find out what makes mobile ads acceptable, and found that of those who do block ads, 63% of these are millennials.

Mobile adblocking has been a hot topic in recent months, with both Three and Tesco adopting different...

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Why the digital marketing sector will survive Brexit

Daniel Reilly, co-founder at marketing analytics and call tracking solution provider Ruler Analytics takes a look at how the digital marketing sector will be affected post Brexit.

Here at Ruler Analytics, we were disappointed with the outcome of the referendum and saddened by the UK’s decision to leave the EU. As a business operating within an industry that transcends borders, we have felt the invaluable support that the international business community has lent to the...

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Marketing Nuggets: Brexit, DMWF and Cannes Lions

What a week. Some major news has gone down - the biggest being Brexit, obviously - but London Tech Week, the Digital Marketing World Forum and Cannes Lions also happened, meaning a shed load of product announcements and news. 

We've chosen five of the top stories this week, plus our most-read piece, for you to read at your leisure.

1. Brexit and means for the marketing industry 

The UK's truly a nation split almost down the middle in opinion on Brexit, but whatever way you voted, it's now time to move forward and...

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Can contextualisation solve the adblocking problem?


Have you read the marketing and media press recently without seeing a reference to adblocking? Me neither. There can be no doubt that it’s the current bête noire of the advertising industry (following hard on the heels of the sector’s other ‘problem children’, viewability, brand protection and click fraud). 

And with good reason. Although it’s far from new, the number of people choosing not to see ads on their screens is growing at an...

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New digital licence launched for web fonts in HTML5 ads ahead of Google changes

Google announced a few months back that its display ads are going fully HTML5, and from 30 June you won't be able to upload ads built in Flash.

As such, typeface tech company Mototype has launched new digital ad licences for brand sand advertisers to make it easier to use web fonts on HTML5 ads.

Content sources like personalisation are largely dependent on HTML5 to serve up contextual ads in real time. According to Mototype, it’s important that text in these...

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Yahoo launches new mobile ad format at Cannes

Yahoo has launched its new interactive mobile ad format at Cannes Lions this week: Yahoo Tiles. 

It's available for advertisers through Yahoo Gemini and BrightRoll and early results show up to a 4x lift in user engagement. 

When people click on a Yahoo Tiles mobile ad, they're taken to a custom mobile landing page that can feature 360-degree content, including video, images and social feeds. 

Yahoo has over 600 million mobile users, and the ads can be used to reach this audience in...

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