SendGrid aims to get marketers and developers singing off same page with new release #AppsWorld

“Our goal is to ship the world’s wanted mail, not the world’s spam.” So claims Scott Williamson, director of product management at cloud-based email template provider SendGrid.

This goal is something the Colorado-based company takes very seriously, to the extent that they will “absolutely fire” customers who don’t follow email sending best practice.

Good sending habits, according to SendGrid, includes dropping non-responsive respondents, understanding the path of...

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8 email marketing resolutions for 2014

With the New Year comes an opportunity to do things differently (and better) than you did the year before. While personal resolutions such as losing weight and getting in shape are important to your personal health, why not take the time to make a few resolutions with your career health in mind too?

If you work in email marketing and you want to make 2014 your best year yet, here are

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Next takes on Google in the battle for your inbox

A few months ago a funny thing happened to my inbox – Google redesigned it.  I wasn’t expecting it but actually when I got used to it, I quite liked it.  If you’re not a Gmail user you probably won’t have seen it but it looks something like this:

(Note the 3 tabs across the top)

It’s quite a radical change and it’s what you might call a ‘game-changer’ in terms of the user experience.  To me it shows just how much power Google wields in the...

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Emailvision is dead, long live SmartFocus: Cloud marketer changes brand name

Emailvision, the cloud-based marketing platform and CRM provider, is now SmartFocus after the company changed its name effective this morning.

“Our new site reflects our new identity and helps our customers and prospects understand how we can help them deliver real-time personalized marketing to all of their customers,” the revamped company website explains.

Why the change? Put simply, the previous name didn’t offer enough insight into what the company was doing.

Brad Wilson,...

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Social media companies provide the most secure email, says Agari

Any emails you receive from social media companies are least likely to be targeted by cybercriminals.

This is according to email security provider Agari, whose second quarter report involved the analysis of over a trillion emails and using its own metrics – a TrustScore and a ThreatScore.

As a result, electronic correspondence from social media organisations – the category leader in this instance being Facebook – is the most secure, with a TrustScore of 73.1. Logistics firms (58.8) came...

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Are you ready for in-email video?

As online video continues to develop, video email marketing is revealing itself as a fast growing tool for marketers. More recipients than ever before are now able to quickly view video.

There are 3 common email video marketing practices currently in use.

1. Static Image Hyperlink. The most widely used practice. This is done by attaching a hyperlink to a static image within the body of an email. Usually, these static images contain a “play” button to let the viewer know where to...

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Six tips for creating and maintaining your emailing list

Email marketing can be a bit tricky sometimes. While it is a very effective way of communicating with your audience and boosting your conversion, there are also many pitfalls to avoid. Having an up to date and clean database is key if you don’t want to step in a  spam trap, send unsolicited emails or make other mistakes that ruin your email reputation. Six tips that help you create an emailing list with relevant opt ins only, and to make sure it stays that...

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How to improve your email call-to-actions

A call-to-action (CTA) in an email campaign is meant to trigger a direct reaction from its recipients. Even the littlest changes in a CTA can have the biggest effect. What is the best CTA for your emailings?

The right position

The position you place a CTA in your email is very important for increasing your click-through-rates. Make sure it stands out compared to the other content in your email, like text and...

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5 email marketing pitfalls to avoid

As with all things in life, in email marketing there are a lot of things you can learn from the mistakes you made. Even better though, is to learn from other people’s mistakes.

Here are five email marketing mistakes other people already made, so you don’t have to:

1. Sending emails with a vague ‘from’ address

Your recipients are swamped in emails every day, many of them being tossed in the trashcan without so much as even getting a glance.

People have grown to become vigilant when it...

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How to deal with tough online competition

Nowadays many businesses are selling their products online. They have discovered that it’s easier and convenient to sell stuff through the internet than physical shops. Nevertheless, there’s tough competition in the virtual business platform and only those with fresh and original ideas can attract more clients.

Below are some tips that can be used to boost your online presence:

Produce constant quality content

The information posted on your website should be fresh, original and precise. This way your visitors...

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Four tips for spring cleaning your emailing list

Erroneous email addresses in your emailing list can be disastrous for your email reputation. After all, invalid email addresses cause a high bounce rate, and in some cases are used as spam traps. That’s why you should always take precautions to prevent them from ending up in your database.

Do you fear the damage might already be done? In that case it’s important to spring clean your send list as quickly as possible. ...

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Learn from email marketing for social media engagement #SMWF

If there’s one lesson to be learned from this year’s Social Media World Forum, it’s that engagement is the Holy Grail.

But the story’s not quite as simple as that, as a packed conference room discovered during a panel session featuring representatives from the BBC, EngageSciences, UNICEF and American Express.

“Likes don’t buy you love – that’s a reality,” commented Carl Barkey, head of social media and customer engagement...

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Could your email marketing use a facelift?

Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach out to your prospects and kick up your company’s sales. Everyone is focused on social media, PPC ads, and any other method that will get sales right now. The problem is that your customers will buy when they’re ready to buy, not when you’re ready to sell. Often, there’s a time duration mismatch between when you want to sell something and when your...

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Is there still a place for email marketing in 2013?

By Amy@BubbleJobsFive years ago, email marketing was all the rage. After all, things like Facebook and Twitter were still fairly new platforms and no one had quite grasped their potential for marketing a brand and interacting with customers – so direct marketing techniques like email and SMS were all businesses really had to go after.

Fast forward to 2013 and that’s all changed. These days there’s no getting away from social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and even more niche platforms...

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Digital database marketing – a marriage to celebrate

Businesses are striving for new insights and maximum ROI from their customer data available across multiple digital channels.

This data, and the way it is used for improved business performance, is constantly evolving. Whereby once web analytics and database marketing were used independently of each other, the two can now be brought together to provide powerful insights and value to an organisation’s marketing efforts.

Historically both disciplines were seen as highly valuable, but each approached their...

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How to elevate your brand with an email marketing campaign

Email marketing, if done right, can represent one of the single most cost effective ways to promote your brand, products and services to a base of customers.However, as with any marketing or product promotion strategy, the email route has a certain effective strategy that has to be implemented if you really want to achieve the maximal possible results for your online business. Let’s go over some of these key tactics now.

How the process...

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The most effective internet marketing [infographic]

Internet marketing comes in many shapes, sizes and colours. What works for one organisation might not always work for another. It takes time to figure out and understand what internet marketing strategy works best for your company or organisation.

The folks at Shebang Design recently put out this infographic going over some of the marketing efforts that have been working great for other marketers.

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The past, present and future of email as a channel

Just to get some necessary housekeeping out of the way: this is not going to be another article that harps on validating whether there is any staying power left in email. Don’t get me wrong, I actually think one has to pay homage to a humble beginning before being able to truly appreciate the possibilities of full potential.

Those of us who actually happen to be fortunate enough to have careers in the email channel, the ones of us who are passionate and enjoy being trendsetters, can appreciate what the father of email

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5 ways to spice up your email marketing strategy

No one likes spam, and small companies trying to reach their clientele hate spam. That is because they are genuinely trying to reach out to their target audience with a message they probably want to hear, but due to spam, their words end up in the trash, unread. In order to keep out of the trash and stay clear of being labeled as spam, companies need to spice up their email marketing strategies, and here are five ways on how to do it.

Have a meaningful subject line:

Your subject line is the first thing your...

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