LinkedIn turns 11, but is it a happy birthday?

On Monday, everyone’s favourite business-oriented social network LinkedIn turned 11. Boasting 277 million users, a net income of $26m in 2013, and one of the most successful tech IPOs in 2011, things have been continually rosy for chairman Reid Hoffman and CEO Jeff Weiner.

But should LinkedIn be celebrating its 11th birthday?

One look at the most recent balance sheet suggests otherwise. On May 1 LinkedIn published financial results of a $13.4m net loss in the first quarter, compared to $22.6m in the...

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Sales training advice: How to avoid the LinkedIn InMail of shame

Sales Training Article: Social Selling Pests - Avoid the LinkedIn InMail of Shame By John Koehler, Sales Benchmark IndexAs a sales and marketing Leader, you are responsible for driving lead generation. In 2013, leveraging social selling & prospecting has become mission critical. Your business development teams are using LinkedIn and you've equipped them with the best social selling tools. To be effective, carefully consider how you drive social media through the sales field. Sending a LinkedIn InMail without carefully choosing every word will lead to doom. This article will give you the best practices to guide your team's messaging.  Problem examinationTrying to call or email a prospect is ineffective. Buyers have become even more...

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Is YouTube an appropriate platform for B2B video marketing?

YouTube may be great for engagement, eyeballs and the obligatory egregious cat video. But is it appropriate for businesses? Nideo CEO Roy Kimani states his case to MarketingTech

Type ‘YouTube for business’ into any search engine and you get a litany of links to blog posts showing a dazzling array of tips on how to improve your video.

But what these articles tend not to address is the bread and butter side of B2B video: the HR training guides for new employees; the CEO assessing the landscape after the...

By James Bourne, 30 July 2013, 0 comments. Categories: B2B, Content, LinkedIn, Startups, Strategy, Video.’s Rocky Mirza: We’re more of an “anti-social network”

This week I got to speak with Rocky Mirza, the co-founder of an ambitious search engine called “” which can allow you to get your message to anyone – yes, anyone.

Occasionally you come across projects which could potentially revolutionise how we get in touch with people, and this is exactly one of these types of startups.

The core idea is to place a “Bounty” on someone you’d like to get in touch with, and how much you’re willing to pay. This can then either...

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10 reasons why this summer is going to be all about social media

Forget the summer of the cicada... this summer is going to be all about the power of social media. We are so excited about all of the ways that social media is influencing our lives lately that we decided to dedicate a couple months to Summer of Social Media, our newest campaign. Summer of Social Media is a time to celebrate the influences of social media from Memorial Day to Labor Day. It's also a time...

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5 ways you’re annoying your connections on LinkedIn

It’s no secret that the social networking site LinkedIn is going from strength to strength at the moment. It’s got more than 200 million users, it clocks up an average of two new users a second and the average user spends around seven minutes and 22 seconds on the website per visit – with figures like that it’s safe to say that LinkedIn isn’t about to fall out of favour anytime soon.

OK, so LinkedIn is pretty big and chances are, you’ve already got yourself a profile, regardless...

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Are LinkedIn Endorsements just a cry for attention?

By Amy@BubbleJobsI’d never go as far to say that LinkedIn was one of my favourite social networks but, given the industry I work in, it’s a pretty essential platform to be on and I find myself on there most days for one reason or another.

Now, there’s really not much that annoys me about LinkedIn (compared to Facebook anyway!) but there are some things; namely people posting spam into groups EVERY SINGLE DAY, people directly contacting me asking me for a job (note: I work for a jobs board –...

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Thought your LinkedIn profile was original? Think again...

By Amy@BubbleJobsHere at Bubble we’re always banging on about how important your LinkedIn profile is. A bit like your online CV, your LinkedIn profile is one of the first things an employer will take a look at when they get your application, particularly if you’re looking for a job in the digital sector, so needless to say it’s pretty essential.

What’s that? You’ve been taking our advice and got your LinkedIn profile looking all ship-shape and dandy? Well we’ve got some bad news for...

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What is the difference between a CV and your LinkedIn profile?

What's the difference between a CV and your LinkedIn profile?

Usually your resumé or curriculum vitae (CV) wouldn’t be more than two pages and might only be viewed by potential employers that you’ve specifically sent it to. A LinkedIn profile however can be as long as you want and it’s in the public eye for everyone and/or anyone to see.

LinkedIn profiles are used primarily for networking, whereas resumés are used to land employment. LinkedIn profiles have headshots, whereas...

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Best practices for using LinkedIn to grow your startup

Growing your startup using LinkedIn is a “practice makes perfect” recipe. The key ingredient is, and always will be, to be helpful and useful to others first.

Once you present yourself and your product, infuse yourself into the mix of LinkedIn. Study others. Spy their business needs and wants, and blend in with the following ingredients:

Help yourself by helping others

As the old saying goes: "If you want friends, you have to be friendly". If you are an expert in an area, provide some of your...

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Twitter Vs LinkedIn: Is this a new direction for social?

Social media. It’s all about sharing. Isn’t it? For the users maybe, but the news this week suggests otherwise – with Twitter and LinkedIn announcing the end of their partnership that started in 2009. The bad news is Twitter has pulled the plug on its Application Programming Interface (API) for LinkedIn – which in simple terms means your Tweets will no longer show as status updates in...

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Don’t Judge Your Social Success From One Update

When it comes to social media marketing, it’s easy to lose the forest for the trees. We get so hung up on the daily numbers (how many times this piece of content is shared, how many people Liked our Facebook page, how many reTweets this link got), that we lost sight of the bigger picture.

I’ve heard it from many site owners — “Well I posted this update to Facebook and nothing happened, so I don’t think social media marketing will work for my business.” When it comes to...

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LinkedIn Makes Social Media Connections A Whole Lot Easier

 [By:Andrew Gerbehy]

Social Media has been the biggest craze that has hit the internet in the past decade. Although most people are just using Facebook and Twitter, the business world has rolled out its own version of a social media page. LinkedIn gives companies a medium to connect with potential employees or potential customers in their given field.

LinkedIn is basically a networking convention over the internet. It allows you to meet other people or business you would be interested in networking with just...

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LinkedIn Bootcamp [infographic]

For those of you not very sure on how to tackle the pages of LinkedIn with your marketing efforts here is a neat little infographic piece we recently came across for the wonderful folks over at Mindflash.

They have dissected a stellar approach to LinkedIn marketing and conveying your message on LinkedIn into these following sections:

  • Core conditioning – completing your profile
  • Endurance – connecting with others
  • Guns & Ammo – customize your URL
  • Muscle...

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Are you taking advantage of LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has many tools beginning with a personal profile extending to a company profile and beyond that the ability to connect to many linked in groups. For professionals in the marketplace, a LinkedIn profile is a must. Potential employers, your current clients, prospective clients, and even coworkers expect to find you on LinkedIn and understand your professional qualifications from what you've listed in your profile.

LinkedIn Groups

You may belong to up to 50 LinkedIn groups. You may also create those...

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6 Social Media Don’ts to Consider

Social media has become a huge part of internet marketing. Any marketing guru will tell you that you need to get involved in social media. They’ll tell you everything that you need to do in order to succeed- but what about the things that you shouldn’t do? Here’s a list to get you started:

Don’t Avoid It There’s really no longer any excuse to not be involved in social media. No matter what industry you are in or who your target audience is, there is a place for you...

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Whats the point of Linkedin?

In its first minutes as a public company, LinkedIn was valued at roughly $8.5 billion. This made Linkedin the largest internet I.P.O since Google.

Linkedin is a social network that focuses on harnessing the power of social technology to improve professional business networking. The website had about 600 000 South African subscribers in 2010 and that figure has almost double in the last year to just over 1.1 million professional business people. The biggest industries represented on the network are from the...

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4 Ways to Get More Value out of Your Blog

Blogs are great because they provide a place for individuals and businesses to share their thoughts and knowledge to a wide audience in an informal and easy to use format. Unfortunately not all blog owners use their blog to its fullest potential. They brainstorm a topic idea, write about it, post it, and that’s it.

In order to get the most out of your blog you need to keep the following four things in mind:

Optimize Unless you have no plans on growing the blog, you want it to be...