Apple retains title as coolest brand in CoolBrands ranking

It seems not even a PR disaster involving the latest U2 album can stop Apple. The Cupertino firm has again topped the charts as the coolest brand in Britain, according to the latest study from CoolBrands.

Four of this year’s top five also made that position last year, with Apple ahead of Aston Martin (#2), Nike (#3) and Glastonbury (#5).

Twitter, which came eighth last year, misses out on the top 20 altogether, while Instagram (#14) is a new entry.

“The idea that CoolBrands is about fads and...

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Apple, Cadbury and McDonald’s top charts for best storytelling brands

Apple has retained its position as the UK’s top storytelling brand, according to research published by AESOP in association with One Poll.

Cadbury and McDonald’s were second and third respectively, with IKEA moving up six places to fourth and crisp manufacturer Walkers rounding off the top five.

There’s no place in the top 100 for Google – interesting given the daily stories which are told in the Google Doodles – yet YouTube makes the top 10, the highest new entry at #8.


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Google overtakes Apple as most valuable brand, according to report

Google is now the world’s most valuable brand having toppled Apple off its perch, according to the latest report from Millward Brown.

The two companies swapped places in the 2014 iteration, with Apple finishing second well ahead of IBM in third. Microsoft (#4) and McDonald’s (#5) completed the top five.

The report, now in its ninth year, collects results based on 150,000 interviews with consumers worldwide. And despite the competitive nature of the top 100 chart, the report found that brand values...

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Apple most desired mobile brand in emerging markets, research finds

The latest research, this time from mobile marketing provider Upstream, has revealed that Apple is the most liked brand in the developing world, even though Android phones are more accessible to use.

The research, compiled in the report ‘The Next Mobile Frontier’, polled over 4500 consumers in Brazil, China, India, Nigeria and Vietnam – three BRIC countries and one MINT country – and found that 32% of respondents wanted iDevices most, followed by Samsung (29%) and Nokia...

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Three in five iPhone users have “blind loyalty” to Apple brand, poll finds

Once you get an iPhone, you don’t go back. That’s the result of a UK survey from SIM Only Contracts, which found that 59% of respondents wouldn’t consider another phone when upgrading.

This “blind loyalty” comes from two sources: inertia and impressiveness. More than three quarters (78%) of those polled admitted they “couldn’t imagine having a different type of phone now”, whilst a further half (52%) said they were “really impressed” with their...

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How to market your business… like Apple

Here’s a valuable marketing tip, from one of the world’s most successful companies. I’m going to share a marketing lesson from Apple, which you can apply directly into your business.

Throughout the last recession, Apple managed to break its sales records again and again. Whilst its competitors were floundering and cutting prices on far less expensive devices, Apple’s sales...

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Wells Fargo downgrades Apple’s rating, shares suffer

Investment bank Wells Fargo has downgraded Apple’s market rating from “outperform” to “market perform”, ensuring 2014 will not start well for Cupertino.

The news evidently sent ripples around the marketplace, with Apple’s shares dropping as much as 1.4pc in early trading yesterday.

The reason for the downgrade, according to the bank, was a combination of a lack of disposable income for consumers, as well as slower expectations on the to-be-released iPhone 6.

Yet it’s...

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The iPad Air: Analysing Apple's naming strategy

Apple surprised the tech world by naming its new tablet the iPad Air. This gutsy naming choice pulls from the company’s established naming lexicon while emphasizing the product’s main selling point: its thin and light design.

However, there are some risks to this naming strategy. It’s a great short-term solution that will work...

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Apple world’s most valuable brand, replaces Coca-Cola

Apple has been named the world’s most valuable brand by Interbrand, bringing to an end Coca-Cola’s 13 year unbroken stay at the top of the chart.

The soft drinks manufacturer finished 2013’s result in third position, with Google claiming the silver medal. IBM and Microsoft rounded off the top five.

A relative lack of growth in brand value was what did for Coca-Cola according to Interbrand, the beverage supplier attaining a growth of just 2% compared to Apple’s 28% and Google’s...

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Brand morphology: How breakfast cereal got its 'O'

Brand names are part of the language. As such, they are living, growing, evolving things. Language changes over time, with new words arising and meanings shifting. Brand names, as part of the language, follow many of the same patterns. This interplay of linguistics and marketing creates both challenges and opportunities.

“Os” Means Breakfast

If I tell you I had...

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Regulator shuts down TweetDeck due to accounting irregularities

TweetDeck is a well-known product for many diehard (otherwise known as “power”) users of the popular micro-blogging platform service, Twitter.

So in less than 140 characters, let’s explain the situation: “TweetDeck fails to file financial records, gets ‘dissolved’ by Cardiff-based Companies House”.

Let’s go a little more in-depth. Twitter first bought TweetDeck Ltd in 2011 for a reportedly cool £25 million deal from programmer Iain Dodsworth, maybe going...

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How social media is changing journalism

There is one phrase that you hear more and more of as we canter through this decade: crowdsourced journalism. It’s the term that defines how the ordinary person on the street is now breaking news in a way that is incomprehensible for most journalists. Not tied by the rules and ethics of journalism, (there are some…) people on the street can name and shame people on a public arena in a way that just didn’t use to happen.       Obviously we can all think of many, many...

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Global mobile ad impression report shows 'two horse race'

Apple and Samsung are locked in a two horse race to dominate the smartphone advertising market, with nine of the top ten devices in terms of mobile ad impressions attributed to the two manufacturers.

Adfonic, which serves over 100 billion global ad impressions a month, drew the data from its global ad network, and claims in its latest Global AdMetrics report that both firms increased their market share over Q3.

Apple and Samsung devices accounted for nine of the top ten by share of ad impressions, and the...

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SME marketing strategies from Steve Jobs

Could Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, head of a huge, multi-national technology company, teach an experienced small business owner a thing or two about marketing? Could he ever...

In fact, the tenets Jobs used to sell hundreds of millions of consumer electronics devices, billions of music downloads, and create one of the world's leading movies studios, apply just as well to Joe's Transmissions or South Coast Pizza as they do for any other business.

They should be required in every college marketing course,...

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Opera: Rich media and iOS most lucrative for mobile advertising

Rich media mobile advertising has seen a rapid increase in popularity among marketers over the last six months, according to a new industry report from Opera Software.

Opera, probably most well known for its virtually ubiquitous mobile browsing services, had made a quiet splash in the mobile advertising space after paying out around $100m on a series of acquisitions like Mobile Theory, AdMarvela and 4th Screen Adverising.

The firm now claims to have dished out over $240m to mobile publishers, serving over 35bn ad...

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8 principles behind an effective branded app strategy

A gaggle of experts were on the ‘Apps as Marketing Tools’ panel at Apps World in London this month, including Mike Anderson from the Chelsea App Factory, Oren Todoros CEO of Apps Marketing.Mobi, Ed Lea, CTO at Grapple Moblie and Bronwyn Martin from Imanao. The name of the game was how brandded apps can help your business.

Here are eight key points from their session, brand marketers, take note:

  • Analytics: You wouldn’t build a website without analytics, so why do it with an app? There are tools out there that you can build into an app from the start that will tell you who’s using it, when, and how. Going to a developer...

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Poor mobile strategy hurting retailers

Retailers are losing out on a vast swathe of potential business because of poor usability of their mobile web presence, according to a new report.Only a third of retailers surveyed delivered a dedicated mobile optimised web presence, while many mobile sites were not transferrable across multiple mobile browsers.Ecommerce analyst dotCommerce studied 12 leading high street brands, scoring their mobile presence across 22 different metrics, from usability to security and integration with other marketing activity.Alarmingly, the study found the half of all the mobile sites assessed would not load on Android handsets,...

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How Mark Feels About the Google Facebook War

Have you ever noticed this crazy online war that occurs right in front of our eyes every single day? I am referring to these corporate giants like Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter and Apple (although Apple isn’t all online) they all have their boxing gloves on. There is no doubt about it, one of the bigger races is probably Google & Facebook and they are racing to become the giants in all things social media and...

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How are Brands Interacting with Apps?

91 percent of top brands have a presence in at least one of the major app stores according to a recent publication by Distimo. This has increased compared to 18 months ago when only 51 percent of brands published or licensed an application.

The report, ‘2011 Top 100 Global Brands and their App Store Status’, draws upon the ‘Interbrand 2011 Best Global Brands’ as its source for the top global brands and covers the Apple App Store for both iPhone and iPad, Google Android Market, Nokia Ovi...

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