Recipe for a McViral video: Why McDonald's World Cup spot works

There is a lot of talk about the McDonald’s two-minute “spot” for the World Cup, but nobody — at least none of the critics — seems to understand why it’s so good. In an embarrassing fail, Ad Age didn’t even take the time to find out that all of the trick shots from everyday people seemingly all over the world are real.

The spot is...

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BuzzFeed denies collecting personal data from users

BuzzFeed is collecting far more data about its readership than the majority of other news sites, a blogger has claimed.

According to ecommerce expert Dan Barker, writing on his blog, alongside the out-of-the-box analytics Google provides, BuzzFeed has actively decided it requires more information on users, thus classified as ‘Custom Var’.

So far this only covers such mundane information such as whether the user links BuzzFeed to Facebook and whether email updates...

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Sitel exec offers insights as to how brands can maximise World Cup fever

With the World Cup fast approaching, plenty of campaigns will be launched to try and shoehorn a reference to football’s biggest extravaganza in an attempt to get more views.

Most of these, naturally, will be irrelevant from companies who should know better. Yet Guy Tweedale, SVP EMEA sales at outsourcing customer care provider Sitel, has come up with a list of tips for brands to achieve better customer satisfaction during the four week tournament.

Brands need to put mobile at centre stage, according to...

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Wolf of Wall Street howls old school comms in the digital age

“Any publicity is good publicity.” This is perhaps one of the less controversial lines from Martin Scorsese’s Wolf of Wall Street. And while it’s easy to overlook amidst a three-hour epic of debauchery, drugs and dwarf tossing, it’s actually one of the more insightful lines from the movie – from a PR perspective at least.

The line comes from Belfort’s wife in response to a negative story in Forbes about the unethical practices of her husband’s brokerage firm. The phrase is by no...

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The new £1 coin: MarketingTech’s favourite parodies

For those in the UK, the yearly Budget announcement is filled with expectation, anticipation and tradition. Inevitably, the past few years have seen more bad news than good for the economy, but there were some very interesting moments in Chancellor George Osborne’s speech yesterday.

The news which created the most front page headlines was the announcement of a new ‘resilient’ 12-sided £1 coin.

“Our new pound coin will blend the...

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The marketing science of shareable headlines

The factors that make an article go viral are numerous, but one must-have is a headline that encourages people to not only open the article but share it with the whole wide world as well. That means you need to craft a headline that isn’t just SEO-optimized with certain keywords. It needs to engage the reader without being too verbose. Whether you’re writing a blog or an update on

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Cat craziness proves direct mail campaigns aren’t dead yet

Put this down as MarketingTech’s favourite campaign of the year so far.

For a company which sells cat litter in bulk, your audience are cat owners, right?  

Yet Toronto-based Bulk Cat Litter Warehouse went one step further – and directly targeted cats with their latest direct mail campaign.

How? By spraying catnip over the mail.

The campaign was put together by Vancouver agency Rethink Canada with 13 cats used as test cases – Mona, Bella, Ommie, Jojo, Paul, Linus, Malo, Taika, Riley,...

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Could social predict the winners of the Brit Awards?

The Brit Awards, held at the O2 Arena in London last night, is one of the biggest nights in the British music calendar. With millions watching the drama unfold on TV, the role of social in determining the winners and losers is unparalleled today.

For the first time there was one award which was determined by social vote only – the Best British Video award. Yet research from digital advertising provider RadiumOne shows how social conversations in the lead up to the show predicted some of the winners on...

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Two sides of the same coin: Bitcoin and virtual currency branding

The word “coin” as part of product names has been popping up recently in the technology and financial media. Bitcoin, a decentralized virtual currency, has led the discussion around cryptocurrency from news headlines to the Federal Reserve.

And they’re not alone. Although the first out of the digital currency gate, Bitcoin has paved the way for a...

By CatchWordBranding, 09 December 2013, 0 comments. Categories: Branding, Brands, Viral. launches toy car site in response to prank letter has launched a toy car site and pledged to give £1000 to charity in response to a hoax letter from a prankster where the company rejected an offer to buy a child’s toy car.

The letter was devised by Jamie Jones, who used the pseudonym ‘Adam Jennings’ to provide a corporate reply to himself for offering the Tike car, and amassed over 30,000 retweets after being posted on the micro-blogging site on September 28.

“We’ve been kind enough to return your photo on...

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Three lessons about content marketing from Breaking Bad

If the penultimate episode of Breaking Bad did anything, it left viewers on the edge of their seats, wondering just what's next for Walter White and the remaining characters. Will Jesse Pinkman make it out alive? Will there be a final shootout? Will cancer drop Walter before he does... whatever he's planning to do? And will Baby Holly ever live a normal, non-PTSD life?B2B technology is certainly no high school chemistry teacher turned meth kingpin, but with the right content marketing, it can be just as exciting. (Well, maybe not "stomach dropping into your...

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How would social media have influenced the Lehman Brothers collapse today?

At risk of sounding like another yawn worthy ‘what has changed five years on from Lehman Brothers’ blog, we thought it would be interesting to explore how the biggest banking collapse in living memory might have played out in today’s world of social media.

Sure, an unnerving lack of internal and external communications may have helped fuel the collapse of the investment bank, but 2008 was a time when hashtags could be...

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Analysing the success of Marmite’s viral ad campaign

Given that Britain is purportedly such a nation of animal lovers, the PR and marketing teams at Unilever knew they had dynamite on their hands once their latest ad campaign, ‘End Marmite Neglect’, was broadcast at the beginning of this week.

And it’s safe to say the responses came from both ends of the scale.

For non-UK readers the food product, with its famous ‘you either love it or hate it’ tagline, released an ad campaign spoofing animal rescue units by rescuing...

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#RoyalBaby: Analysing the social impact so far

It was almost inevitable that, when the time came, the royal baby’s first moments would completely saturate online, social and traditional media in the UK with almost blanket coverage.

From speculation about the sex to speculation about the name, there appeared to be plenty to discuss. And, according to social analytics provider Crimson Hexagon, the vast majority of social media posts were of a humorous nature.

Given that at 0730BST on July 22, a 45 word statement was issued to media outlets announcing...

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Looking to improve your commercial performance? Get FTSE 350 Social.

We can probably all think of times we’ve received great customer service; moments which stand-out, will be remembered, and walked away feeling our opinion matters, has influence, and has been dealt with to the best of a third party’s ability.

A new study by Sitecore, a leading web content and customer experience management software company, shows those companies which employ a “personal touch” perform better commercially.

The report looks into FTSE 350 companies and shows evidence of...

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Microsoft tries to gain back Windows 8 ad trust with Ad Pano

Nearly two months ago I’d written an article on our sister site DeveloperTech how Windows 8 developers were not being paid for their in-app advertisements, and how it was affecting their finances. Now Microsoft could be trying to restore trust and rival Apple’s “iAds” with Ad Pano.

The platform which enables this new interactive advertising is even reminiscent of the iAd platform, but available on any screen where...

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Deconstructing the doomed Yahoo, Tumblr romance

This blog originally appeared in Fast Company.

Ah, Tumblr, home to a million fandoms, animated GIFs, and journeys of self-discovery by teenage girls. I’m not saying this as an insult–I’m actually quite impressed by how Tumblr became the go-to microblogging platform for these very specific communities. (The name Tumblr, or...

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Can you predict the next social memes?

Over the past few years internet memes have been growing in popularity among social media websites. Some have found huge success, while others quickly faded into internet obscurity. A recent study decided to look into what turns a meme into a success or a failure with the hope of predicting the next popular meme.

The study was performed by Michele Coscia, a Harvard fellow. He analyzed a wealth of memes registered on the Quickmeme website. By charting the...

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