Marketers need to contextualise Instagram and FB posts, new research says


Marketers should consider the context of their posts on Facebook and Instagram, according to new research by Facebook IQ.

The study, which looks at how people use Facebook versus Instagram, surveyed 5,500 adults in six countries: Australia, Brazil, France, Japan, UK and the US.

It found that while people visit both Facebook and Instagram at similar times of the day, how they use the various platforms are different on each feed.

Marketers need to understand how and why different groups of people use Facebook and Instagram to engage people “in a more relevant way

For example, research showed people connect with a wider, more public sphere of people and businesses on Instagram than on Facebook, and feel that Facebook empowers them while Instagram invites them to explore.

'Desire to connect'

The research showed that Facebook and Instagram both fill people's desire to connect with others, but the content they choose to interact with varies for each platform.

For example, those surveyed were 1.3 x as likely to say they interact with celebrity content on Instagram as on Facebook.

According to the survey, millennials are more likely than older generations to say they seek video content multiple times per day on both platforms. They're also more likely to follow content related to fashion, beauty, and interior design, and people they don't know in real life, on Instagram than on Facebook.

And there are differences among genders, too. Over half of surveyed men agree Facebook helps them organise their lives, but women were more likely to say they use both platforms to connect with others.

Marketers need to contextualise

According to Facebook IQ researcher Vicki Molina-Estolano, marketers need to understand how and why different groups of people use Facebook and Instagram to engage people “in a more relevant way.

&Marketers should continue to design big ideas based on their business objectives as usual. But if you’re interested in customising your concepts for each feed, our research can help you understand the particular interests, needs and expectations of our two communities and give you a starting point for experimentation, she said in an interview.

Currently, 20% of Americans’ time on mobile is spent on Facebook and Instagram, and while the platform knows people turn to Facebook to find out news about friends and family, “there’s more to the story".

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