Adobe launches new visual story tool for small businesses

Adobe has launched a new free service, Adobe Spark, which it claims is the only integrated web and mobile solution for creating and sharing visual stories. It has been aimed to appeal to anyone from small businesses to social marketers and students.

The new service is part of Creative Cloud and includes a number of rebranded associated apps from Adobe that allow users to create, edit and share their story from wherever they are.

They include the Adobe Spark web app, a browser-based...

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Slow delivery leads to online basket abandonment in 60% of cases

For retailers desperate to control their whole online customer journey, the issue of delivery has always been a stumbling block where retailers face basket abandonment and potential damage to their brand.  

But a new survey shows that 60% of consumers in the US said they had abandoned their shopping cart because the retailer offered slow delivery options.

The study, of 650 respondents in the US and carried out by same-day delivery firm Dropoff, showed that 97% of customers said speed is at least...

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Smarten up your brand engagement strategy ahead of Father's Day

Celebrating Father’s Day is now an established way for children of any age, across the world, to show the man in their life that they care. Following in the footsteps of an increasingly popular and commercialised Mother's Day, it is no surprise that in recent years, shoppers have increased spending on Father’s Day gifts annually.

For brands, Father’s Day is a fantastic opportunity to boost sales and drive takings for the first half of the year.

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Twitter confirms media attachments won't count toward 140 character limit in future


Twitter has confirmed rumours that its 140 character text limit will no longer include usernames, and media attachments such as pictures or images from a few months' time. 

It’s also adding the function for users to retweet and quote themselves, as well as getting rid of the need to put a full stop before usernames (.@) at the start of a tweet.

The changes aren’t available...

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Mobile’s always present consumer role illustrated by new survey

The integral role of the mobile phone in everyday life has been highlighted by a new survey that says that 99% of Brits would return home if they had forgotten their mobile to pick it up. It also showed that more than half (52%) of consumers regularly walked around with their mobile phone in their hand – illustrating its power as an easily accessible direct channel to consumers for marketers.

In a poll by Nationwide Building Society 2,000 consumers were surveyed to find out what they used their mobile for and...

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Multiscreen thinking key to ‘emotive’ brand experiences, Yahoo report says

The importance of emotion in marketing is paramount to success. This is evident from brands such as John Lewis and Coca Cola, who are experts at making their Christmas campaigns stand out from the crowd with tear-jerking TV ads.

But television isn’t the only medium of the masses anymore. New research from Yahoo suggests if you want to make your audience feel something, you need to target their most personal device: the smartphone. Indeed, the report found smartphones are the number...

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PageFair: Seven recommendations on how to approach adblocking

Adblocking is still the bane of many publishers and advertisers' lives, with the rising software use set to cost the industry $27bn (£18bn) in lost revenues by 2020. It's certainly a big deal in the UK, where adoption has increased by 82% in the last year.  

Two bodies been trying to counteract this threat are anti-adblocking solution PageFair and Digital Content Next. They...

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Four ways marketers can create useful actions from archiving technologies

As archiving technologies are more widely adopted, it's becoming apparent they can also be used proactively to strengthen businesses and create opportunity.

Whilst businesses already use email archiving to meet regulatory compliance requirements, this is largely done to avoid penalties or maintain audit trails.

But strategic use of comprehensive communications archives can actually help firms better understand the impact of their communications, analyse data for business insights, and respond to evolving...

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Donald Trump enjoys higher email open rate than Sanders or Clinton, new tool shows


While it’s too early to tell who’s going to win the November elections - despite polls showing both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both being viewed as unfavourably as one another - the US presidential candidates’ email stats tell an interesting tale.

Email data solution provider Return Path has published a new interactive

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Influencer collaborations would 'vastly improve' marketing, eCommerce retailers say

Two thirds of eCommerce retailers want to work more closely with social media influencers, with the majority believing it would ‘vastly improve’ their marketing efforts, according to new research by affilinet.

The survey revealed that two thirds of eCommerce retailers are looking to use social media influencers in their future marketing campaigns, with beauty vlogger Zoella and plus-sized model Tess Holliday voted as the ‘dream influencers’ to work with.


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Pushing content at consumers doesn’t work, report finds

Pushing content at consumers doesn’t work, says a new report from Rapt Media. It says that consumers want to discover content on their own rather than have it forced upon them and can even resent brands that do.

In a survey of more than 1,000 consumers in the US, the analyis showed that 95% of consumers take action to avoid seeing or receiving ads and two-thirds do so regularly.

57% of millennials blocked ad content because it was too pushy

More than half (55%) of consumers say such content is not...

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Could proximity advertising be the saviour of the app ecosystem?


With the ‘app economy’ seemingly cooling down and developers and publishers struggling to monetise their creations, a shift towards contextually-relevant in-app advertising has the potential to underpin a new model that delivers enhanced experiences for consumers and sustainability for app publishers.

The creation of the app economy

It’s easy to forget, now that it is firmly established as one of the most significant and globally popular products of all...

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Instagram adds video to carousel ads, reportedly tests analytics


Facebook has been busy of late. A week after announcing dynamic ads to Instagram, the platform has bolstered Instagram’s carousel ads with the addition of video.

Instagram currently has over 400 million active users per month. Around 80 million pictures are posted per day, which get over 3.5 billion likes. And acccording to...

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How to protect your brand in China's growing digital marketplace


The impact of the internet on productivity and growth in the Chinese marketplace has been nothing short of transformational and the revenue potential that this emerging eCommerce market offers makes China a very tempting digital business proposition. 

According to a report from the McKinsey Global Institute, the projections are that new internet apps could fuel seven to 22% of China’s incremental GDP...

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Half of UK adults expect a reply from brands within an hour, Lithium research says

Nearly half of UK adults expect a reply to their query from a company within the hour, according to a new Lithium Technologies report.

The company surveyed 2,000 adults about their attitude toward social media and brands. It found younger UK adults aged 18-24 are most demanding, with over half expecting a response to their query within the hour.

The research also found about two thirds of UK adults (67%) don’t like it when brands target them on social media, and a large...

Why local may be the best place to start your marketing campaigns

(c) Nikolic 

Sometimes it’s cool to be old school. Vinyl record players, moustache wax, instant film and cameras; all you have to do is take one look around your local Urban Outfitters to see how certain anachronistic trends and technology manage to find a relevant niche in modern times.

Digital marketing, however, is not one of those things. It’s constantly moving and evolving and those who continue to embrace old ways of doing things are quickly...

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Brands need to improve mobile communication or face losing out

Brands are failing to communicate with their customers effectively enough via mobile, according to a new report.

In a survey of 1,000 consumers in the US and Germany by Ovum, sponsored by tnytec, the results found that customers want to interact with customer service agent using different communication channels depending upon where they are within the transaction process. This means a general expectation that the service providers they are communicating with are competent in mobile communications.

eCommerce service...

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Poor digital experiences lead to lost customers, research suggests

A poor digital experience is losing customers for businesses that fail to invest, according to research from Actual Experience.

With digital content now key in terms of digital marketing strategies a failure to deliver such content in a quality manner will lose customers. Actual Experience’s report shows that nearly 80% of business leaders have admitted switching to a competitor and aborting shopping online because of a poor digital experience.

Customer churn is seen as the number one fallout for more...

Tech brands are most talked about on social media in the UK, Netbase finds

(c) Minaeva

Tech companies make up 63% of all brand mentions on social media in the UK, according to a new report by Netbase.

The social analytics platform published its annual Brand Passion Report, which uses the company's patented advanced learning technology to examine a year’s worth of social media mentions and data to come up with the ‘most loved’ brands in the UK.

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Nearly quarter of customer queries on Twitter are ignored


After more than a decade of Twitter it would be assumed that brands have realised the importance of rapid, accurate responses to customer queries. Yet a new report suggests that nearly a quarter (23%) of customer queries are ignored and only 1 in 10 brands respond to all queries.

The results come from the findings of a Twitter mystery shopping report by BDRC Continental that measures how well nearly 400 brands dealt with nearly 10,000 tweeted customer queries in terms of response rate, speed and...

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