Hiring a CMO: What to look out for


At Neon River, the CMO search is one we are often asked to undertake, and most often for internet or mobile companies. The role is so crucial because alongside product management and engineering, it forms the backbone of every consumer oriented technology business.

Marketing drives differentiation in consumer markets where products may be similar. If you think about markets like online retail or travel – two companies might sell an identical flight or product. Even more than that...

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WhatsApp's new policy changes spell business for marketers


WhatsApp's updated its terms and privacy policy for the first time in four years, opening the door to advertisements and data sharing.

In a blog yesterday, the Facebook-owned company will have piqued marketers' interest around the globe when it announced plans to test ways for businesses to communicate with users. 

Until now, the app was largely seen as one of the Facebook-owned products which hadn't 'sold out' and given in to the pressures of...

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lastminute.com group gunning for native video with lab launch

There's no greater medium to get people on board with travel content than video, and lastminute.com group's media business is all over native. 

The group has just launched a new video content lab in Europe and aims to move into native advertising. 

The Travel People, its media arm, will run the lab for brands to integrate product placement into ads through the site and the company's social channels. 

As well as creating bespoke videos for brands, the lab will produce its own series of video...

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It doesn't have to be websites vs apps: How both can work together


Here’s a question: how important are websites in the mobile marketing world?  Apps seem set to dominate the way customers interact with brands. In 2015, Apple’s App Store grew by 1000 apps per day, and Google Play downloads are expected to triple by 2020. At the same time visits to brand websites are declining - digital media time in the US is now significantly higher on mobile at 51%, compared to desktop (42%). It’s tempting to think that websites have passed their best before...

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Why every marketing department needs a data scientist


We’ve all heard how the never-ending repository of big data holds the answer to every marketing question imagined. In many ways, this is true.

What’s also true is that with so much data coming from everywhere, marketers can struggle to steer creative campaigns in the right direction. This begs the question: Does every marketing department need a data scientist?

Increasingly, organisations are waking up to this idea. According to a recent report from Procorre, across...

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Yandex launches 'complaint button' for annoying ads as adblocking alternative

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Have you ever clicked on a link only to be greeted by a massive pop-up ad that blocks your whole screen?

Or - fess up - were you the marketer on the other side of that ad? 

Either way, there are a whole host of reasons why people use adblockers, and experiences like the one above are just one reason. Of course, blanket banning advertisements is awful news for advertising and marketing departments. Not all ads are bad, but the poorly designed ones are ruining their...

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What marketers should take away from this year’s Summer of Sport

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As Team GB celebrate their record haul at the Rio Olympics, the 2016 ‘Summer of Sport’ that has seen global crowds gather for the Euros and Wimbledon approaches its final, Paralympic stage.

As spectators, it’s been a roller coaster of early knockouts and ‘Super Saturdays’, but as marketers, what can we learn from sport and its international audience?

When it comes to tournaments such as these, brands are presented with a unique opportunity to flex...

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How to maximise the mobile marketing moment


Mobile is an indispensable part of our lives with people in the UK spending almost three hours per day consuming mobile media, and over four in ten consumers saying they’d rather forget their anniversary than lose their phone.

Whether it’s checking our newsfeeds, researching a product while in store, or searching for how-to videos on YouTube – consulting our smartphones and...

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Engaging the ‘mobile-first’ consumer: New opportunities

Mary Meeker’s recently published internet trends report has become a kind of annual event for the tech industry.

Meeker’s snapshot of the latest data on the digital economy offers invaluable insight on where the internet and related technologies are now and where they’re going. And, as usual, this year’s report uncovers some compelling opportunities for mobile, especially mobile engagement.

Notably, among the more interesting findings is that there is a huge

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Customer service: How to keep the balance between human and virtual

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With web-enabled devices within immediate reach for almost everyone in today’s internet-connected world, the high standard of consumer expectations in customer contact and experience is on the up.

Previously, consumers may have telephoned a brand for help or perhaps even sent them an email; now, it is far quicker for them to find a way of making contact via their device – whether it’s via the web, social media or SMS - in order to access the answer they need....

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Companies can now be certified against reducing online ad fraud, says JICWEBS


JICWEBS has been making moves to tackle online ad fraud over the last few years, and its latest initiative is a step in the right direction. 

The independent body focuses on defining best practice and standards for online ad trading in the UK. It announced this week that companies can now sign up to be reviewed via independent audits to verify that their processes reduce the risk of fraudulent ads being served.

According to JICWEBS, those successfully demonstrating that their...

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Four Google Ad updates to watch out for


Just when you thought you’d finally learned everything there is to know about Google AdWords, the platform will soon be implementing some major changes to its features which you’ll need to master.

Frustrating? Yes? Typical Google? You bet.

But, these new updates will turn paid search into the omnichannel experience we’ve all been dreaming of – so at least it’s worth the hassle.

Here are the four major changes to Google AdWords that you’ll need to...

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Is it possible to reactivate a dead lead?


With so much focus on ROI in the modern business environment, it’s understandable that marketers want to maximise conversion rates from every campaign.

Efforts to personalise communication journeys and effectively nurture prospects through the funnel have never been so great. So, it’s pretty disheartening when the time comes to face the cold hard fact that a promising lead has gone dead.

But can that lead be resuscitated? Is there a best practice process to ensure the line of...

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Emotion based tech reveals most engaging US Olympics ads

(c)iStock.com/Jacob Ammentorp Lund

They say a picture paints a thousand words, and facial expressions certainly do just that. How many times have you caught yourself in an expression of emotion (think John Lewis' Christmas adverts), frowning (Go Compare?) or smiling at the TV while in the middle of an ad break?

Emotion tells a tale. That's why Realeyes and Lucid, a US emotion measurement firm, decided to...

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Marriott interview: How its M Live Studios help shape real-time content strategy


Being a large, well-known brand isn’t always easy. With a constant stream of social mentions as well as physical customers, how should you keep track of and make sense of all the data?

Hotel group Marriott is one such group that certainly receives a lot of customer mentions and queries that it needs to keep track of in real-time. However, it’s taken a rather unique approach, setting up physical ‘command centres’ in its HQ locations around the world.

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DMA launches new Responsible Marketing Committee

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The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has launched a new Responsible Marketing Committee this week, dedicated to promoting a sustainable future for the industry.

The committee has was appointed to set out the association’s policies on the responsibilities of marketers and define what constitutes responsible behaviour. There are already a number of...

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New AI video ad optimising solution launches


Artificial intelligence is proving itself to be more than just a buzzword recently, especially when it comes to marketing. 

From IBM Watson to the rise and rise of chatbots, AI's not only becoming prominent in largescale marketing channels everywhere, but it's making headway in video advertising too, it would seem. 

That's at least according to video platform LoopMe, which has announced new optimisation and reporting technology, PurchaseLoop.

The new product combines...

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How to get the best out of video ad campaigns

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The early pioneering days of mobile advertising were inundated with video ads that were unattractive, glitchy, or impractical. Worst of all they were slow to load, pushing EDGE and 3G beyond their limits. When they did load, many mobile phones couldn’t even display them properly.

Fast forward to 2016 and research clearly indicates that mobile video ads are now an extremely smart vehicle that brands and agencies have to consider.

Now, delivered almost instantly and in HD...

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Majority of B2B marketers will invest in analytics over coming year

Analytics is a big area for B2B marketers, with the majority already investing and 67% planning to into this area over the next 12 months.

That is, at least, according to a new study by Regalix, The State of B2B marketing metrics and analytics, which looks at the marketing analytics landscape.

The majority of marketers who took part in this year’s study said analytics was “very...

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App strategy: The next stage of consumer loyalty

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What does brand loyalty mean to you? Does it equate to money off vouchers, in-store credit and points accumulation, or should loyalty be rewarded with behavioural change that makes our lives easier, more meaningful and improves our wellbeing?

For anyone with a plastic brand loyalty card that’s always impossible to find in a bag or...

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