How multi-device campaigns have been proven to be the most effective


For brand marketers deciding which platform to concentrate their efforts can be a challenge but a new report suggests that cross device brand advertising – focusing on two devices rather than just one – can increase ad awareness by as much as 60%.

The results come from a study by The Association of Online Publishers (AOP) in conjunction with PHD, Manning Gottlieb OMD and Celtra which looked at the impact of cross devices advertising using two recent campaigns from John...

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Big data: A marketer’s best strategy for driving relevant personalised interactions


We’re not just talking about a lot of data with big data; we’re talking about data in formats like real time click streams, geo data, social conversations, and images that don’t easily fit into traditional data formats.  What are marketers supposed to do with that?

Well, if they’re enterprising and want to take leaps ahead of their competition, they’ll meet the big data opportunity head on and – in collaboration with the chief data officer or data architect at...

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Why there's still life in the old email marketing dog yet


Email marketing is enjoying a resurgence according to a new report from the DMA which says that ROI, delivery rates conversion rates and open and click-through rates all increased in 2014 compared to the year before.  As a result more than half of those surveyed (51%) expect to increase their budgets on email campaigns this year. Only 4% predict their email marketing budgets will decline.  

The results, from DMA’s National Client Email Report, shows that ROI on...

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Lush goes mobile with its first iOS app

Picture credit: Flickr/Mike Mozart

For a brand such as Lush that relies heavily on the look - and more importantly smell - of its products to draw customers in, recreating the brand online and on mobile is a challenge. But the company hopes that the launch of its first mobile experience will be a success.

The company has launched its first mobile app for iOS in conjunction with digital product studio ustwo with a focus on both the company’s full product range and its environmental advocacy work to draw...

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Businesses failing on internal marketing

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/Maica)

Whilst companies may spend small fortunes on their marketing budgets promoting themselves externally to customers, it seems many are failing to market themselves properly to their own employees.

The results of a new survey from marketing and sales messaging, tools and training company Corporate Visions, showed that 70% of more than 500 B2B marketing and sales professionals polled worldwide do not follow...

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Location-based services: How brands walk the fine line between clever and creepy

Picture credit: Flickr/Jose Manuel Rios Valiente

Imagine two people have ordered two products online and they’re being delivered today.  One gets a text from the provider which reads: “Your parcel will be delivered in the next hour. You do not appear to be at your home address. Would you like us to redeliver it or deliver to another address?” The other gets a text which reads: “Your parcel will be delivered in the next hour. We see that you are 15 miles away from your home...

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From personalisation to contextualisation: Enhancing the customer journey


It’s official - personalisation matters. The concept of personalisation has reached beyond the digital marketers and into the boardrooms and business functions of many types of organisations across the globe.

Digital personalisation is designed to provide a better customer journey by tailoring content, offers and even the web site experience itself to the needs and interests of the customer. This is done by leveraging both the...

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Report reveals how retail is lagging on mobile opt-in rates


Retail marketers need to do more to engage their customers in the mobile experience, according to a new report released by Urban Airship. The study, which looks at how consumers engage via mobile and apps, shows that of six industries analysed retail saw the steepest decline with average opt-in rates dropping from 46% to 37% year on year.

The report claims to be the industry’s largest study into notification opt-in rates and spans nearly 3,000 apps and 100 billion push...

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New partnership promises better understanding of impact of video content


Marketers wanting to understand and measure the value of video content in their marketing programs have a new resource at their disposal thanks to the partnership of cloud services for video provider Brightcove and engagement marketing software and solutions provider Marketo.

Brightcove will initially integrate with Marketo to allow customers to easily track user engagement and performance of video marketing campaigns for enhanced lead scoring, segmentation and content nurturing...

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Coca-Cola takes visitors on new brand journey with site relaunch


Do you remember when company websites were just about the product and the company? Boring, boring, boring. Brands have been on a journey to raise the bar in terms of content onsite and with its launch of Coca Cola Journey this week the fizzy drinks giant may have got there sooner than most.

The company has launched Coca-Cola Journey – what it claims is “a new multimedia platform with a greater focus on storytelling". In truth it is simply a...

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New programmatic native advertising exchange launches


A new programmatic native advertising exchange has been launched across Europe this week to give advertisers access to premium in feed native advertising inventory, to be bought and sold programmatically for the first time across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

The new exchange has been enabled thanks to a partnership between native advertising specialist Adyoulike and AppNexus. The Adyoulike exchange aims to further streamline the process of buying and selling native advertising in a...

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How personalisation and the disruptive economy changes the game for marketers


Uber. Airbnb. Facebook. Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past year, you’ll know about the sharing economy and how it’s disrupting business models. The big names in tech no longer own the content, services or products that their multi-billion pound businesses revolve round. But how has mobile and this ‘digital layer’ transformed our role as marketers, and how can we prepare for increasing disruption over 2015 and beyond?

Getting personal


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From customer to brand ambassador: The power of social


Customer service is now the heart of marketing. Don’t believe me? Today consumers rely much more heavily on word-of-mouth recommendations – so much so that a great customer experience can become a company’s strongest marketing asset. In other words, getting the entire organisation aligned around the singular objective of creating a consistent, excellent customer experience is an integral part of marketing best practice.

Of course, aligning an entire brand with this...

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API launch enabling brands to engage through chat apps aims to change face of digital marketing


The launch of the world’s first API that will allow brands to engage consumers through chat applications promises yet again to change the current face of digital marketing.

Cloud communications specialist Nexmo has launched the Nexmo Chat App API as the latest addition to its cloud communication portfolio of communications APIs and services meaning that brands are now able to choose whether to engage with mobile consumers via voice, SMS or chat applications.

The functionality...

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The correct use of data for marketers: Big, little, or nearly any thing in between


As a dedicated integrated media and marketing technologist long supporting the advent of personalised marketing (aka database marketing, perhaps aka as scientific marketing), I clearly see the use of data, clearly see the advantages of correctly applied data, and also see the confusion that may be widespread throughout our industry when the following question is asked: “Is there a correct process, methodology for the use of data – big or little?”

Two sides of the...

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Meerkat and Periscope for brands 101: Where to go...and what not to do


For today’s marketer, the birth of a new social platform is akin to being a kid in a candy store. Despite the social best practice ringing in their ears, it’s impossible to resist. Yes, you know it’s a futile exercise to be on everything, you know your offering might not fit with the platform’s USP, you know you need to be customer-first. But there’s only one way to find out whether something will work.

Enter, stage left, live streaming video apps Meerkat...

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Here's why you can't just ignore user-generated content


You’ve got to feel sorry for retailers – where once they were in sole command of their brands now they are largely at the mercy of their customers and their ability to share anything, anywhere about their brand.

Reviews enable consumers to take marketing in their own hands – no longer simply trusting what they are told about a product but generating, curating and sharing their own content around products.

It’s something that scares the hell out of retailers...

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How marketers can use wearables and end-user insights to improve online customer interaction


Consumers make their minds up about a company within just a few seconds of viewing their website. Marketers are therefore under pressure to ensure it entices them into engaging with their brand and making a purchasing decision. But all too frequently there’s a disparity between the B2B brand messages on websites and what customers really want to know, which holds things back.

Research from

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Why the US can still teach the UK about customer service excellence


The UK has a long way to go to catch up the US on customer service if a new study is to be believed. Nunwood’s 2015 US Customer Experience Excellence report is based on 7,500 individual responses from US consumers covering 225 brands and shows that the US surpasses the UK in a number of areas when it comes to customer service excellence.

When comparing the two the study claims that US brands are 5% better on average than the UK with the UK currently at least five years behind...

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How Micro Focus transformed its legacy marketing platform and enhanced sales


Micro Focus is certainly an intriguing company from a branding perspective. Its tagline is “application modernisation and management”, yet many will recognise the company as the de facto arbiter of the 55 year old COBOL language, made famous by Grace Hopper, as well as its Borland portfolio and IBM mainframes.

The company admitted there was a ‘lack of market awareness’ of the Micro Focus brand and turned to Oracle Marketing Cloud to transform its marketing...

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