Is adblocking becoming the new norm?


The latest IAB UK adblocking Consumer Usage and Attitudes Report shows approximately one fifth of online adults are actively using adblocking software in the UK.

Whilst desktop and laptop adoption rates hold steady, the PageFair AdBlocking Goes Mobile Report indicates the next challenge will come from mobile web and in app adblocking.

The assumption...

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How brand ambassadors have changed in the age of crowd culture

(c)iStock/Jacob Wackerhausen

Celebrity endorsements have been used in marketing for years, to endorse products as well as leverage their power and status to create an influential following for products.

But the endorsement scene has gone from Hollywood to TV to smartphone; the small screen that is now at the centre of the change to the industry.

Brand ambassadors are changing too. Sheer fame may no longer be enough – in an era of extreme media and advertising saturation, brand ambassadors need to be...

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Why digital marketing is the lifeblood of modern retail

As technology has rapidly evolved over the years so too has the retail industry.

These days, barriers to entry are low, online marketplaces are visited more than physical ones and customers complete transactions in a plethora of ways.

The status quo has never been attacked quite so aggressively. These are challenging times for established retailers.

Indeed, retailers have to evolve quickly and adapt the way they operate in order to succeed in this rapidly changing marketplace. Some simply aren’t moving...

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What are the adoption barriers of self-serve programmatic platforms?

Despite the clear strategic business advantages, programmatic platform adoption is still often met with significant resistance from some advertising agencies. There is no doubt that change can be difficult and requires costs and investment.

Programmatic platform adoption (self-service operation) can be disruptive as it may touch operations, billing, and human resources at any advertising agency.

More often, however, the perception of barriers are often much greater than the reality, thus halting or delaying...

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The traditional industry event: What’s its role in the modern customer journey?


At Salesforce our mission is all about driving the success of our customers. As a B2B company it’s something we can all easily identify with. And it’s very clear how to do this with products and services. However, as a marketer it’s not always so obvious.

For me, I think one way that marketing can help drive our customers’ success is by enabling a journey that provides truly valuable insights.

Valuable in terms of helping them engage with their own customers more...

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Why marketers need to delve deeper than retargeting to stay relevant

Imagine a 46-year-old married father of two being approached by a shop assistant to talk about this season’s range of dresses, or an 80-year-old lady about the latest football boots.

They may be highly unlikely to want to know more or make a purchase, and it might even cause annoyance.

Likewise, they may feel slightly peeved if during their next holiday they were disturbed by someone trying to sell them a stay in the exact same hotel they were currently staying in.

They would also consider it a little...

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Consumers prefer streaming content on connected TVs, new report says


Central to delivering the right kinds of experiences for customers is knowing what devices they use the most, and how they use them. 

There is an ever-increaseing arsenal of streaming devices becoming more affordable and available to consumers, so it can be tough for marketers to keep up-to-date with what's hot in the moment. 

However, Conviva and nScreenMedia have carried out a research study, looking at how viewers' online streaming habits are impacted by devices, content,...

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Meaningful brands matter: A look at 2016’s Christmas adverts

For years now, the public has looked forward to the launch of Christmas adverts from the world’s biggest retailers. For some, the feeling is that Christmas has not properly started until Coca-Cola’s classic ‘Holidays are coming’ advert has aired.

In more recent years, it has been the John Lewis adverts that have best captured the hearts and imaginations of the public. However this year we have seen a...

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Why social network shopping could usher in the next mCommerce boom


The recent move by Instagram to push into the social commerce space with the launch of an in-app shopping discover function is the next step in the growth and proliferation of a new breed of consumer; the social media shopper.

From fashion app Depop to present app Giftagram, there are already a number of established and emerging retailers creating apps to target mobile commerce, but social platform Instagram getting in on the act is something of a game-changer, bringing ‘shoppable photos’ to

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Five practical use cases for dynamic predictive marketing


The use of predictive analytics has increased steadily over the past few years as marketers see the value in investing in this trend.

A study by Forrester Consulting reported that predictive marketers are 2.9x more likely to report revenue rate at a higher than industry average. These marketers are also 2.1x more likely to hold a commanding leadership position and 1.8x more likely to exceed...

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Oracle adds new features to Marketing Cloud product


Oracle has released some new enhancements for its Oracle Marketing Cloud suite that aim to "simplify digital marketing" and enhance the delivery of personalised, cross-channel content. 

The feature additions to Oracle Eloqua and Oracle Content Marketing are as a result of customer expectations meaning many businesses need to rethink internal marketing processes to streamline customer expeirence. 

This means marketers and salespeople need to work closer together to...

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Why should marketers be using Medium?


Time and time again, brands are burned by jumping too quickly onto the next big thing only to watch it fade away. Not so with Medium, the blogging platform founded by Twitter co-founder Evan Williams in 2012.

It’s recent growth and differentiation makes this network worthy of more attention from marketers.

Medium, initially an invitation-only platform, tended towards a Silicon Valley perspective on the world - male and tech dominated.

Recently, however, there have been changes afoot...

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Odeon 'first cinema in Europe' to launch consumer chatbot

(c)iStock/Amanda Lewis

We all know by now the scope of how consumers can interact with brands via chatbots is growing by the day, with more platform integration as well as smarter apps on the rise.

Consumers can have their complaints handled, find out opening times, order a pizza and book an appointment via chatbot so far - but what about booking cinema tickets?

This is the goal Odeon is trying to reach with its new Facebook Messenger chatbot, developed by social technology company Gruvi. 

According to...

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Why people based marketing can be more effective than personalisation


Building and creating optimised digital experiences have been the focus of marketing teams since the early days of the internet, yet the focus has been on the channel rather than the consumer.

The key performance indicators of success have been measured on the performance of email marketing, paid media or targeting ads programmes, rather than enhanced customer experiences, increased retention rates, and increased lifetime value.

This approach is in dire need of rejuvenation. Why? Because...

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What can mobile coupons add to the customer experience?


It’s no secret, everyone loves a discount. Supermarkets and retailers have used coupons for decades to draw in new customers or simply to gain market share for a product.

And it’s big business: according to Valassis, consumers are benefitting from approximately £3.3bn worth of coupons or vouchers per year.

The second coupon revolution

Tesco’s Clubcard launch was one of the most important retail innovations of the 20th century as the loyalty card, and particularly the...

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Comic Relief's new Red Nose Day partners include Pinterest, Snapchat and Unruly

(c)Comic Relief

A number of brands - including martech and social media vendors - are partnering up with Comic Relief for the first time to support Red Nose Day 2017

New partners such as adtech firm Unruly, Snapchat, Fitbit and Pinterest will add their names to the list of brands who support the campaign year after year. 

Oxfam has for example championed Red Nose Day since 1988, and Sainsburys has raised over £100m for the cause since its partnership with Comic Relief in...

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Why brands need to catch the hype train to reach digital audiences


The internet has created a world full of hype. From the latest smartphone to remakes of Hollywood blockbusters, annual versions of the same videogames or the most recent fashion line; online audiences react quickly and get very excited about things long before they’ve launched.

To get the hype train rolling with such an engaged audience, it’s important for advertisers to make smart decisions and activate media when excitement and engagement is at its highest.

Focus on digital...

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What is mystery shopping and how can you measure it?


New data-driven insights and management tools have transformed our understanding of the power of delivering exceptional customer experience (CX). In fact, customer experience is now gaining the recognition it has long deserved as a key tool for differentiation and driving growth.

Mystery shopping programmes have enjoyed increasing popularity in the UK with total annual spend now surpassing £1.1bn. 

Used by retailers and marketers alike, mystery shopping programmes offer...

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Why it’s time Apple took a bite out of Black Friday

‘Friday can’t come soon enough’: that’s the message of Apple’s latest advertising campaign, hinting that the tech giant will be taking part in Black Friday for the first time this year.

In a somewhat unexpected move, Apple’s participation could help cement the day as a global retail event, but what is the company’s reason for jumping on the bandwagon now? 

By sticking to a traditional, one-day-only sale, Apple has created a point of differentiation 

Is it a...

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Black Friday: Blot on the retail calendar, or awash with opportunities?


Two years ago, the media dined out on stories of in-store fights over cheap televisions. As a result, last year we saw more web-based campaigns – an attempt to avoid in-store pressure and panic. But that brought strains of its own, as retailers’ websites buckled under the weight of demand.

We've also seen Amazon launch Black Friday offers early and other retailers following suit by extending offerings to week-long periods to get around the mayhem.

Despite retailers' best...

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