Mobile email opens increase but conversions fall in third quarter


Mobile email opens are at their highest point ever, and yet mobile email conversions are on the decline, according to a new report published this week.

The research shows that mobile email opens are now at their highest rate yet in the third quarter of 2015 despite a dip in the second quarter. Mobile email opens now account for 73% of email opens, compared to 69% last quarter and 71% in Q1.

The growth is being particularly driven by a growth in the rate of opens on smartphones...

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Marketers missing a trick with Instagram advertising, research reveals


Forget traditional Christmas lists since customers are getting more visual than ever. New research suggests that nearly 41% of Instagram users have used the social media tool to drop hints to friends and family about what they want for Christmas.

More than half (57%) of the 1,000 respondents surveyed in a report commissioned by digital marketing agency Greenlight have used it to gain inspiration when gift buying and one in three have bought items after seeing them on Instagram.


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Advertisers not going mobile can’t afford to wait any longer


Mobile advertising is growing at an exponential rate and one of the best illustrations of its growth comes from Facebook’s most recently quarterly results. The company revealed earlier this month that for its third quarter ending in September mobile advertising revenue accounted for around 78% of advertising revenue or a whopping $10 billion in sales. This compares to 66% for the same period in 2014.

The number of ads shown has also increased dramatically and video advertising...

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Ad viewability fails to improve according to latest figures


Viewability of ads failed to improve in the third quarter of 2015 with figures remaining largely static, according to the latest figures from Integral Ad Science’s Q3 2015 Media Quality Report.

The report is based on insights collected from hundreds of billions of impressions analysed by Integral in the last quarter. It showed that compared to the last quarter display viewability in the US dropped only 1% to 43% whilst video viewability dropped five points to 32% in the...

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Instagram announces Instagram Partners programme, boosts advertising options


Instagram has announced an initial set of 40 partners to help advertisers of any size find best in class technology partners to work with on the platform.

The Instagram Partners programme is a set of experts who have been vetted by Instagram and deemed to be capable through their propriety tools of helping in one of three key areas of expertise on the platform. These include ad tech, community management and content marketing.

Instagram has revealed that early results have already...

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Why marketers must bolster their skills to get a boardroom place


Marketers must be able to not only speak marketing talk but also be able to explain and quantify the contribution of the marketing department in the boardroom if they are to gain a higher profile within businesses.

A new study published this week by Econsultancy and Oracle Marketing Cloud says marketers must be able to speak the board’s language – translating marketing concepts into a business outcomes-focused conversation if they are to bolster the number of marketing...

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The infographic: A viable marketing tool, or meaningless nonsense?

I first wondered about the future of the infographic over three years ago. Every time I logged onto my preferred social network, I was inundated with facts and figures presented to me in an image based format. It’s fair to say that in its infancy, the infographic was an exciting new way for marketers to capture an audience hungry for visual content. Three years ago it seemed as though brands were transforming any words or facts they could into pictures. Anything could go viral, even if it had no...

Marketing and ad tech M&A activity hits near record heights for Q3


The advertising and marketing tech sectors have continued to see buoyant merger and acquisition activity in the third quarter of this year with activity only just falling short of Q3 2014 figures which saw the strongest activity on record.

The data comes from a study released by specialist technology and marcoms corporate finance advisor Results International.

112 deals were announced in Q3 2015 compared with 113 for the same period last year. Compared to the previous quarter, total...

Simplicity pays as discounters top branding charts


In a world where it’s all too easy to feel overwhelmed, the ability of brands to simplify our lives is key to brand experience – and is measured by the release this week of the Global Brand Simplicity Index 2015, which has Aldi topping the charts for the third year running.  

Compiled by branding consultancy Siegal+Gale and now in its sixth year, the index measures the simplicity of companies’ brands and experiences through a survey of 12,000 consumers...

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The implosion of a brand: A social media analysis of the Volkswagen emissions scandal


When a crisis breaks, brands need to react quickly to assess the extent of the damage.  How quickly is it spreading? Who is talking about it? How far has it spread? Sometimes news hasn't spread very far yet, and the impact can be contained. But sometimes, news spreads far and fast, especially on social media networks such as Twitter. A recent example of this happened to car manufacturer Volkswagen.

On September 18, the EPA announced that Volkswagen...

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Why the data scientist is the most coveted new employee


It has been dubbed the sexiest job of the 21st century, and if a recent study from RJMetrics is to be believed it’s certainly an increasingly popular role - but what is the true role of the data scientist today?

The RJMetrics study, published in October, claimed that the number of data scientists has doubled over the past four years with more than 11,400 data scientists identifying themselves as such on LinkedIn alone, nearly half of whom are in the US.

“Companies are...

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How localisation breeds brand loyalty: The key to positive customer experience


Companies are now able to showcase their brand easier than ever before thanks to the advancements in digital marketing. But with this comes increased competition and the tough challenge of capturing and maintaining their audience’s attention amongst the noise. So how can brands be heard on all channels?

Localisation is about more than just translation, it’s about making sure that you take into consideration your audience’s cultural nuances and preferences when...

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Making social media human: 10 important tips for brands


Consumers are increasingly engaging with brands via digital means, thanks to the proliferation of connected devices and online services. This means that brands are increasingly required to interact with customers via digital interfaces and new technologies.

In many cases, social media has become the front line for a customer’s relationship with a brand. But the danger with having only these kinds of interaction is that, without careful consideration, the customer experience can...

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Why ad blocking is a problem that all must work together to resolve


Ad blocking is a catch-22 situation that must be resolved, according to a recent event on the subject held by the ISBA. According to a study by IAB and YouGov 15% of adults in the UK online are currently using ad blocking software but more than half (56%) don’t realise that means a subsequent loss of revenue to the website concerned. This of course leads to the risk that such sites can no longer produce content that such users enjoy freely.

Globally 7% of the world’s 3.3...

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VR, AR, and wearables: Ambient interactivity transforming the marketing experience


The whole scope of ambient interactivity in public places – using virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and wearable technologies – will dramatically expand over the next five years, as these technologies combine to afford more vivid, dynamic, and extensive interactivity. It also means a huge opportunity for marketers.

Ambient interactivity, which typically refers to ambient interactivity embedded or built into physical structures and environments, could also apply to...

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Salesforce launches on Pinterest as marketing developer partner

(c) Merlini

Salesforce is to launch a new set of tools that will enable marketers to engage and connect with customers on Pinterest after being selected as a Pinterest Marketing Developer Partner for content publishing.

The new tools will be available on Pinterest via Salesforce’s Social Studio capability and will mean that marketers are now able to do a number of things – from composing, previewing, scheduling and publishing Pins across Pinterest accounts as part of a broader...

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Why location is more crucial than ever – and why brands need to take responsibility


Hitting the right consumer, at the right time with the right message relies principally on one thing – knowing what that customer is doing and therefore the best time to hit them with your marketing message.

This means that location based marketing is increasingly key since that enables such a scenario and a better targeted, more relevant approach as a result. “Marketing teams and tech people have to get together and really understand what their customers are doing, when...

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How to reach today’s B2B buyer: A hybrid sales and marketing model


Today’s buyer wields more power than ever before. They enjoy access to more information and are better informed about your company and products. Not only this, but they are more knowledgeable than ever before because they spend more time doing self-guided research.

The art of the cold call is dead to today’s buyer – they have fortressed themselves from intrusive sales tactics. They expect salespeople to have some knowledge of what they are interested in, and looking...

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Marrying data and customer experience: Personification in your marketing strategy


If like me you’re starting to think about your 2016 marketing strategy there are a couple of key statistics you should keep front of mind:

These stats will play an important part in your strategy because today’s ultra-connected consumer expects a brand experience to be centred on their personal preferences. This means that to...

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