Social media tips from BBC Wales' head of social

Social media can be a tough nut to crack for many marketers, so it's only right to look to the experts for help when you're stuck. At the Online Influence conference in Bristol recently, we heard from one such expert, the head of social for BBC Wales, Owen Williams. 

With over 120,000 active and engaged Twitter followers and 95,000 Facebook page likes, BBC Wales is certainly doing a thing or two the right way. 

Williams had some good, basic tips for getting your followers engaged on Twitter in his...

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Blog: Confession - I didn’t watch this week’s Bake Off, I watched Twitter instead

(c)BBC/Love Productions/Tom Graham

It’s time for me to confess something. I didn’t actually watch this week’s episode of Bake Off. I know, I know. I feel like a traitor too.

Let me explain: I was out at a community singing show (which I feel is probably the second best and closest thing to watching GBBO) and didn’t get in until after Selasi had been evicted in a flurry of fondant fancies. And yet, I happily filled my colleagues in this morning on last night’s tent...

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#DMWF insights: The surprising areas of importance for social media in 2017

The CEO of award-winning social agency Social Chain is something of a unique persona.  

Cutting an impressive figure on stage, the 24-year-old sports a rakish hat and a pretty social-savvy attitude; it's not hard to see how a company led by Steve Bartlett can make nearly anything go viral in a short space of time.   

Social Chain has grown from its inception in Manchester with just a handful of staff, to doubling its office size with the launch of New York base this year. So it's no surprise...

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Marketing tech and the evolution of hybrid roles

The Gartner 2016 CMO survey indicated that an estimated 33% of marketing budgets go on technology and the evolution of hybrid roles like the chief marketing technology officer reflects the importance of how marketing has to work so closely with technology — and the substantial influence the two have on each other.

Equally, the role of creativity in marketing engenders new products, services, channels to market and experiences. So how do marketers ensure that creativity and technology are working...

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Why the future of live TV has implications for marketers

With the news recently that AdBlock Plus has launched its own ad-tech platform, it’s clear that the long-running debate over adblockers is set to continue for some time yet.

In the world of video, however, the narrative has taken a different turn, mainly due to the widespread adoption of server-side ad insertion technology. Driven initially by live streaming, server-side is fast becoming the de facto method of monetising video.

When broadcasters first deployed their online platforms the focus was on...

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#DMWF insights: How marketers can be more innovative


Innovation within marketing isn’t just done ‘from the top’. While it can be difficult to secure yourself time, resources and budget to be innovative with, there are steps you can take to jump on the right path.

This was the message being put out by vice president, solutions, of digital innovation agency Icreon Tech at day one of the Digital Marketing World Conference (#DMWF) in New York this week.

Steven Lamensdorf spoke to MarketingTech about his talk on...

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Stop sending us irrelevant marketing messages, say consumers


Brands are not making the best use of technology to engage with their customers according to a new study of more than 1,100 consumers across the UK.

Despite access to more physical and digital marketing channels and a greater amount of data than ever before, businesses continue to send communications that their customers deem irrelevant.

Today’s time-poor, marketing-savvy consumers find this unnecessary, irritating and frustrating.

With 59% of Britons in the survey discarding...

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Why subscription marketers need to embrace the prospect theory


Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) was originally defined as the art and science of increasing your website’s propensity to turn visitors into customers.

However, the expansion of the subscription model into our daily lives has now stretched that definition to include customer retention and reduction of churn rate.

So many of us use pay monthly or yearly subscriptions to services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. Boy, do I love Amazon Prime.

But you can also have subscriptions to...

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Google introduces click-to-message function on search ads


Customers can now click on search ads to text message brands thanks to a new feature from the tech giant.

Google introduced click-to-message ads this week to make it easier for brands and customers to interact via SMS.

This must be switched on by setting up a messaging extension and will be available in the ‘coming weeks’.

As always, the new Google feature is backed up by stats: 65% of consumers said they would...

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Over half of UK marketers anxious about pace of digital transformation


Digital transformation. Those two little words are fast becoming a buzzphrase that perhaps may yet find its way among the 'synergy' and 'millennial' blacklistings; but you can't deny that it'sa very real phenomenon.

As more and more companies move to digitise the way things work (there are still many firms yet to go paperless) marketers are feeling the brunt of the accelerated pace 

This is highlighted by a nwe study carried out by Adobe, the Digital Roadblock. Over 450...

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How to apply digital tactics to make ads actionable

(c) Ammentorp Lund

“Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising,” said Mark Twain.

Of course, when Twain was writing there was no way to measure the real impact of advertising. In fact, the kind of data needed to demonstrate the actual ROI of ads has barely emerged, and it’s still quickly changing.  

Daily, there are innovative approaches offering new ways to measure the direct impact and value of traditional ad formats.

Marketers have always...

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Why you should put people first with branded content

Nowadays the world is awash with publishers. News and entertainment broadcasters generate content to be disseminated across TV, print, and online; friends and family post personal histories on our social platforms, and of course brands have looked to connect with their audiences in a similar way.

This took the form of advertisements originally, but more recently brands have looked to grow audiences by marketing to the public through content production.

Naturally we react to these different publishers in a...

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Why you should be demanding real-time ad feedback

With a name like RTB (real time bidding), you can understand why CMOs assume that the whole programmatic process happens instantaneously. 

Certainly it’s true that the buying process for digital advertising can happen within a fraction of a second of a consumer clicking on a website.  The advertiser will have preset their audience segments and, if the consumer looks to fall into that target group, the highest bidder will win and their ad will be served – all in the blink of an...

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Is the UK’s display viewability really in decline?

Earlier this year, ad solutions provider Meetrics released a report that looked into the current state of online ad viewability in the UK and claimed it was at its lowest level in 18 months.

The study suggests that online ad viewability levels took a drastic slump from 54% to 47% in the second quarter of 2016; leaving the UK lagging behind other European countries.

Many analysts and industry leaders...

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Blog: How GBBO’s #TudorWeek became a modern romcom on social media

(c)BBC/Love Productions/Mark Bourdillion

Benjalisi is no more. This week the nation is not only mourning the loss of Benjamina from the GBBO tent, but also the breakdown of the dynamic duo - Benjamina and Selasi - as a result. For me, this Tweet sums it up perfectly; the Brangelina of Bake Off are no more. 


The GBBO production team are getting a bit carried away with their theme ideas, I feel. First we...

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Why your content should have 'purpose'

All marketers know that it isn't enough to simply push any old content out into the ether and hope for the best. All content that represents your brand or company needs to have something to resonate with your customer base; and that something is 'purpose'.

At the recent Together We’re Better (TWB) Conference in London, Bea Karol Burks, CDO of Tinder Foundation, spoke about generating content with purpose, drawing on her experience from working with Citizens...

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Back to basics: Quick ways to grow your email subscriber list

(c)iStock/Rawpixel Ltd

One of the most important jobs of a marketing manager is to curate an email database - and this is not an easy task. How can you be sure it's up to date and that you are using it effectively?

Most importantly, how can you encourage more people to subscribe?

Unfortunately, a lone opt-in box on your website won't be enough. To significantly expand your email list, you'll need to incorporate and encourage sign-ups across all of your marketing, social strategies, and content.

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What role do brands play in today's world of eCommerce?

As commerce changes to conform to the new world of marketplaces and networks, brands are losing their steam.

Historically, brand has been the primary way retailers differentiated themselves when products were very similar. Over time, customers’ habits have changed, and brand marketing is turning into product marketing now that shopping is no longer a destination game.

Think about last time you bought something. Did you go straight to the store or site of the brand you bought it from? Or did you read a...

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Email's not dead, it's just getting harder to do well

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Earlier this year, researchers revealed the average person’s attention span is eight seconds. That’s one second less than the average attention span of a goldfish, and roughly how long it took to read this sentence. 

This change in attention span is arguably a result of consumers becoming digital multi-taskers, known to switch media platforms as many as 27...

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How to protect your brand in a growing landscape of cyber threats

Brands of all sizes and across all industries are being affected by the growing threat from cyber criminals.

As the online landscape evolves, cyber criminals are becoming bolder and their methods of attack more sophisticated. As a result, it’s critical for organisations to develop, implement and continually assess a proactive online brand protection strategy.

To understand the level of risk that companies face, you just need to take a look at the latest cybercrime statistics from the Office of National...

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