eBay: How brands can make the most of Wimbledon


With millions set to tune into the action in SW19 this summer, advertisers have welcomed the news that Wimbledon will be broadcast live on a commercial channel for the first time ever following a landmark deal between Eurosport and the BBC.

Whilst this may create an opportunity for brands willing to invest in TV ads to be part of the action, smart marketers have an equally lucrative opportunity to capitalise on the same audience by using digital channels to reach those dual-screening...

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Martech skills platform launched for job-seeking marketers


Showcasing your skills on LinkedIn isn’t always straightforward. Endorsements are given by random connections on skills you never even knew you had, and a good recommendation is sometimes rare.

This is true for all job roles, but also in the case of marketing professionals. The level of marketing tech skill varies from person to person, but may not always be immediately obvious from a generic ‘marketing exec’ job role.


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Premier League throws up new marketing opportunities - but they need to act now

Next season, the club finishing bottom in the Premier League will earn a guaranteed £100m in revenue.

Think about that for a moment. £100m.

What a massive opportunity that represents for every football club in the UK’s top-tier to consolidate their commercial offerings and for marketers in this space.

Clubs now need to start looking to the future by dedicating time and resource to build better...

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IAB study: How to reduce risk of consumers blocking mobile ads

Over 10% of British people are blocking mobile ads, according to new research by the Internet Advertsing Bureau (IAB).

The body recently surveyed over 1,000 people around the UK to find out what makes mobile ads acceptable, and found that of those who do block ads, 63% of these are millennials.

Mobile adblocking has been a hot topic in recent months, with both Three and Tesco adopting different...

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Misleading social media marketing faces serious consequences, CIM warns


For marketers, technology and social media have advanced far beyond what we comprehended, and consumers are more immersed and more in control than ever before.

As a result, the way businesses go to market and how they utilise social media to represent their brand has to significantly change in order to keep up.

In 2014, we launched our research ‘Keep Social Honest’ which explored the path to positive engagement between brands and consumers on...

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65% of customers now talk to businesses via chat apps

We’re all used to the idea of catching up with the latest in our Whatsapp group chat, but what about sending brand messages through the app?

It’s not as strange an idea as it may seem, according to new research from global trade body Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF) and Mblox. 

The report says that 76% of customers have received an SMS message from banks, healthcare and retail brands and a further 65% have engaged with companies via chat apps.

There is a clear...

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How can we keep tabs on the growing martech toolkit?

A digital marketer is spoiled for choice if they’re in the market for tools - and let’s be honest, who isn’t?

It’s fair to say that we’re almost driven to distraction in the search world for the right tool for the right job. Every paradigm shift needs a new tool, every new platform opens up a fresh opportunity and there are additional workflows which can be shortened or optimised.

Spending on marketing technologies within in-house marketing teams or...

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What does the future hold for SEO, online advertising and social media?

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Today’s marketing landscape reflects predictions made in science fiction films from the 80’s. We have predictive technology, machine learning and computers that can perform complex actions at nothing more than a voice command.

Put simply, we are living in a new age of internet capability where every discovery leads to more endless possibilities than the last.

The impact this is having on the marketing world is immense as brands look to keep a pace with their customers,...

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Twitter introduces 'Stickers' to make pictures searchable

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Twitter has announced it will introduce #Stickers over the next few weeks for i0S and Android, which will act like a hashtag for pictures. 

Users can put a Sticker on an image to make it searchable, choosing from a library of hundreds of accessories, emoji and props for photo content. 

Millions of pictures are tweeted each day, but until now you couldn't specifically 'search' pictures. This of course throws up many interesting...

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Why the digital marketing sector will survive Brexit

Daniel Reilly, co-founder at marketing analytics and call tracking solution provider Ruler Analytics takes a look at how the digital marketing sector will be affected post Brexit.

Here at Ruler Analytics, we were disappointed with the outcome of the referendum and saddened by the UK’s decision to leave the EU. As a business operating within an industry that transcends borders, we have felt the invaluable support that the international business community has lent to the...

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Marketing departments need to 'own' customer experience


The debate over who should own the customer experience process has long since raged on. CMO of global translation and localisation company Lionbridge, Clint Poole, says marketing departments are best placed to take ownership of this for a number of reasons.

US based Lionbridge isn’t a minor organisation. It’s a $600m revenue company with seven acquisitions to date. It’s 20 years old but went public in 1999, making...

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What you need to know before building a brand chatbot

The expectations of millennial and GenZ consumers are changing and in turn, so are the ways they interact with brands. They don’t buy, browse or value products like previous generations.

And yet, brands will still try to reach them using the same old marketing mixes and methods.

It's still obvious, even now, that very few brands have actually adapted their marketing strategy to reach millennials in the places they spend most of their time: mobile messaging apps.

The prevalence of smartphones and the...

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How you can use SMS in modern marketing

With the ever-growing use of smartphones, brands would be foolish to overlook the role of SMS in a modern marketing strategy. But this form of marketing tech must form part of a holistic eCRM programme for its value to be truly realised.

The figures are changing all the time, with one staggering statistic being unveiled after another. But whichever headline you hone in on, there can be no disputing the importance of smartphones.

It is predicted that by 2017, for example, 4.77 billion people will have a mobile...

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Marketing Nuggets: Brexit, DMWF and Cannes Lions

What a week. Some major news has gone down - the biggest being Brexit, obviously - but London Tech Week, the Digital Marketing World Forum and Cannes Lions also happened, meaning a shed load of product announcements and news. 

We've chosen five of the top stories this week, plus our most-read piece, for you to read at your leisure.

1. Brexit and means for the marketing industry 

The UK's truly a nation split almost down the middle in opinion on Brexit, but whatever way you voted, it's now time to move forward and...

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What does Brexit mean for the marketing industry?


It’s a very straightforward question but one that is difficult to answer, particularly as the dust is nowhere near settling. We probably won’t know with any accuracy for months, even years.


Despite that, some things have happened which give us directional insights and reinforce that the main impact will clearly be finance-related. Shares in major advertising and media companies including the likes of WPP and ITV took a major hit, before rallying slightly,...

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The third wave of CRM: How human is your technology?


Technology is increasingly designed to meet human requirements. We have moved into an age in which the Internet of Things (IoT) is enabling us to better connect our digital and physical worlds; many devices now have the ability to understand and respond to our needs by - dare we say it - thinking.

Technology developers of all kinds, from car manufacturers to software designers, are increasingly recognising the need to integrate their tools with real human behaviours in order to...

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Can contextualisation solve the adblocking problem?


Have you read the marketing and media press recently without seeing a reference to adblocking? Me neither. There can be no doubt that it’s the current bête noire of the advertising industry (following hard on the heels of the sector’s other ‘problem children’, viewability, brand protection and click fraud). 

And with good reason. Although it’s far from new, the number of people choosing not to see ads on their screens is growing at an...

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How smaller brands can maximise mobile strategy

We all know mobile is not only an established, but crucial, channel for business transactions today. In fact, Criteo data has found that mobile devices were used for almost half (49%) of all online transactions in the first quarter of 2016.

The opportunity that being mobile-optimised brings is something that larger brands have been quick to pick up on. Criteo research shows that the most successful brands have seen double the growth in mobile share of...

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