New research claims to reveal the key to successful native ads


Making a successful online native ad is obviously the aim of any marketer in this market but how do you as a marketer truly know what stands out from the rest in the mind of the consumer. New research from Europe’s ad network and platform Adyoulike, claims to reveal the answers.

The company analysed one billion online native ads served during 2014 in order to try to understand the winning features of a successful online ad. The research showed that when it came to headlines two...

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Mobile marketing spend rockets as cost falls


Marketing spend on mobile continues to rocket, up by 132% on last year, according to a new report from digital marketing hub Turn.

The Advertising Intelligence Index report from the company covers global data driven marketing trends from April 2014 through to March 2015 and shows that spending is rocketing with advertisers embracing newer channels to engage audiences as the programmatic landscape becomes more mature. The study shows that marketers across all industry verticals have...

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Consumers want to buy - but are you prepared to sell?


The internet is an unstoppable force. Last year, the U.S. marked a crucial milestone, when e-commerce sales surpassed the $300 billion mark for the first time. In Europe, meanwhile, online sales are predicted to rise by almost a fifth in 2015.

Many factors are behind this continued growth – more reliable internet access, the development of mobile as a channel, the importance of convenience in retail, to name a few examples – and the juggernaut that is online retail shows...

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Where does the affiliate marketing channel stand today?


I recently attended a dinner with a number of peers and they all had very different views and opinions on what affiliate marketing stands for in 2015. This highlighted a niggling concern I have had for a while; the lines have blurred between what affiliate marketers have responsibility for in the digital and marketing landscape versus display, social, search, email, and so on.

Even those that work in the channel find it hard to have a unified consensus on what it actually means. If we...

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Zuora new launch and acquisition promises big changes for the subscriber experience

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Subscriber based businesses who want to design engaging subscription experiences have a new tool at their disposal with the launch this week of Z-Insights – a new big data analytics solution from Zuora.

The new solution combines Zuora’s time-dimensional data model with technology from customer usage analytics provider Frontleaf which has been acquired by the company this week. Frontleaf’s employees will be fully integrated into Zuora’s engineering and...

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Starbucks opens up loyalty programme to Spotify in new first

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Starbucks is, for the first time, opening up its loyalty programme to a third party in a new deal with Spotify that will also allow staff to influence the music playlists played instore.

The partnership means that Spotify users will have the opportunity to earn Stars as Currency for the My Starbucks Rewards loyalty programme. 

From Autumn of this year the partnership will be rolled out in a phased introduction, firstly into Starbucks US company owned stores and then into Canada...

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Marketers prioritise commercial awareness over writing ability for brand journalists


A new survey claims that for marketers at least it is commercial awareness that is more important than writing ability in terms of skills a good brand journalist should possess. However creativity topped the bill as the most important skill required.

The conclusions comes from a poll of 50 brand journalists between February and March of this year as well as 50 senior UK marketers in which they were asked what the single most important skill or asset for a brand journalist was. One in...

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Warding off 'Mobilegeddon': Google’s increased emphasis on mobile is a wake up call for retailers


For commercial organisations who live and die by the products and services they are able to sell, dropping off the first page of a search engine’s results can be catastrophic. Given that few users will ever look past the top handful of links, let alone beyond the first page of results, the bottom line really is at stake.

So it was no surprise that Google’s move on April 21 to intensify the emphasis placed by its page-ranking algorithm on the “mobile-friendliness” of websites...

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Millennial Media: We’ll give you 100% viewability for in-app mobile advertising


The first pledge to offer a 100% viewability guarantee for in-app mobile advertising campaigns has been announced this week. Mobile ad marketplace Milliennial Media has made the promise claiming that the move ensures advertisers that its media is the most trusted source of mobile impressions in the ecosystem.

The company is partnering with measurement specialists Integral Ad Science to measure in-app viewability but will also continue to partner with the MRC, IAB and other marketing...

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Hold back on that clickbait headline for email marketing campaigns

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Advertisers that focus on clickbait email subject lines that overly sensationalise the content of their email marketing messages are failing according to a new study from data solutions provider Return Path.

The report, entitled The Art and Science of Effective Subject Lines, found that typical clickbait subject lines – such as “you won’t believe this shocking secret” were great at capturing web traffic but not so much at capturing readers of email...

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Marketers must do more to grab consumer attention, research claims


Do you remember the days when your customers focussed solely on one medium which meant that connecting with them was relatively easy? In today’s world of multi-screening this concept is no more. Instead a new survey from Microsoft Advertising suggests that 86% of British consumers are now multiscreening when watching TV, gaming or browsing the web.

For nearly half (47%) of all millennials (ie 18 to 24 year olds) this means that they have high selective attention due to such...

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Budvar boosts sales with mobile engagement campaign


A mobile marketing campaign by Budweiser Budvar, in conjunction with Shopitize, has helped raise brand awareness, drive sales and given the alcohol brand greater insight into its customers.

The campaign encouraged Budvar customers to download an offer on the Shopitize mobile couponing app platform. They could then snap their receipt enabling them to claim money back off the cost of a 500ml bottle of the beer without it mattering where they had bought it.

The campaign saw more men...

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What you need to do to stay ahead in the social race


In the last 10 years the social media landscape has changed dramatically - so much so, that it’s difficult to predict the next social phenomenon. By the time I finish writing this sentence, 350,000 tweets will have been shared. As people become more reliant on social media, a brand’s social capital has become increasingly linked with financial success.

While social may be captivating and engaging, a social marketing campaign has...

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Brands are losing customers thanks to language barriers and poor online responses


Brands are failing to be fully understood in their interactions with consumers – leading to a very high possibility of losing customers as a result, according to a new report released today.

In a new study Consumers vs Agents, Can the Gap be Closed, from Eptica, it was found that 78% of UK consumers said that getting a response that either partially or completely failed to answer an email or tweet they had sent to a brand was in their top two biggest frustrations. Similarly...

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Why retailers must embrace multichannel communications to succeed

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Retailers who want to ensure effective communications across every stage of the customer journey must recognise and adapt to the different ways customers want to be communicated via, a new report reveals today.

The research, conducted by eDigitalResearch and commissioned by enterprise mobile management specialists OpenMarket, suggests that retailers not only need to ensure they get the channels right but also that they don’t abuse them.

SMS delivers

For customers on the go the...

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More than three quarters of companies don’t have right resources to inform digital strategy


Do you believe that your business has the right resources to understand where it should be going with its digital strategy? A new report conducted by Forrester Consulting suggests that more than three quarters (78%) of organisations don’t.

The respondents said they did not believe that their organisations had the digital performance analytics capabilities required in order to inform digital strategy – both now and in the future.

Although those surveyed for the report realised...

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Insurers worst for responding to multichannel customer queries


Social and online channels provide a great way to reach customers and be seen to deal with customer service queries well and yet new research shows that in the insurance industry only 40% of routine questions asked via such channels are answered.

The 2015 Eptica Multichannel Customer Experience Study, published this week, shows that whilst there have been some improvements in questions asked via email finding answers to questions on insurer websites has become harder whilst response rates...

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Android steals top spot for mobile ad revenue share for first time


Android has, for the first time ever, beaten iOS for mobile ad revenue share, according to a new report from Opera Mediaworks.

The news comes a year after another landmark for the platform whe,n in the first quarter of 2014, Android overtook iOS as the top platform for traffic, as measured by mobile ad impressions served.

Android now has a 65.2% share of impressions – up from 42.8% a year ago and compared to a 22.3% share for iOS. Meanwhile Android’s revenue share is now...

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Digital SOS: Handling extreme customer expectations


Brands big and small are bound to fall victim to an angry customer at some point online. Although social media has become an integral part of many brands’ communications strategies, with 75% of companies viewing customer service as a competitive differentiator, it is rarely smooth sailing in the world of digital customer complaints.

Several top brands have seen their share of social media disasters...

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Industry calls for collaboration to tackle programmatic video advertising fraud


Players in the programmatic video advertising industry must work closer together in order to effectively tackle fraud, according to BrightRoll founder and CEO Tod Sacerdoti.

Speaking at his company’s BrightRoll Video Summit last week Sacerdoti stressed that ad fraud was something that all the industry had to work towards solving. “Ad fraud is probably the most important industry problem and we need to make progress in the next few months,” he said.

He cited recent figures...

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