Why brands are failing to maximise the potential of video for advertising


Videos will account for half of all internet traffic by 2019 and yet many brands are still not doing enough to maximise their potential as an advertising medium, according to a new report from L2.

This is particularly true in the fashion industry where only a handful of brands take advantage of mobile video advertising opportunities according to L2.

The study showed that video ad spend is predicted to grow by 22% per year over the next five years – particularly on mobile where...

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Customer satisfaction is on the increase – but priorities shift


Blue Monday may have come and gone, but customers are currently at their happiest since this time last year, according to a new report from the Institute of Customer Service. It says that customers are more satisfied than at any point since January 2014.

The results are from the annual UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI), which is based on the views of 10,000 UK consumers.

Amazon, which was second place last year, now tops the Index with Utility Warehouse – a new entrant to the...

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Why preparing lasagne is like developing a digital marketing plan


If you think about it, lasagne is not only a perfect food – well, maybe pizza is better – but also a perfect analogy to assist you in developing a near perfect marketing plan.

Consider the following. When developing your marketing plan, you need to first envision the scope, the universe, the market that supports your goals and objectives. Budget, cost outlay, and market spend must also be serious considerations. Marketing demographics, personas, diversification,...

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Mobile search victorious in digital for UK retail over Christmas


Digital prevailed in retail, particularly in the last quarter of 2015, according to the latest figures from the BRC-Google Online Retail Monitor Q4 2015 released earlier this week.

The figures showed that the internet played a pivotal role in driving sales for UK retailers with mobile the key devices in enabling this. Martjin Bertisen, retail director for Google said the dominance of mobile was obvious. “Over half of searches came from mobiles during peak periods and our retailers...

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Beating the ad blockers: Why education and change is key


It’s one of the biggest problems facing the digital advertising industry today with nearly one in five (18%) of UK consumers using ad blockers according to the IAB. But are we any nearer to addressing consumers’ preference to install them – or to teach them about why they are a bad thing?  

Data from GlobalWebIndex released this week shows that ad blocking on users’ main computers has seen a 10% rise to 38% in the last quarter of 2015 after previously...

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The year of video and data: Why mobile video is the route to follow


In the last few years, when asked to provide predictions for the year ahead, marketers have tended to lazily offer up one word on a consistent basis: mobile.

If you have followed the advertising industry during this time, you would be forgiven for thinking that the past five years were all the ‘year of mobile’. In reality however, aside from all this bluster, mobile has been here to stay for a while. So it’s about time brands consolidated and consider how to really...

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How concerns over data privacy are stopping half of UK consumers sharing

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Personalised marketing, closer communication and more targeted advertising relies on it; yet a new survey shows that security fears are stopping half of UK consumers sharing the personal data required.

The study, which surveyed more than 2,000 UK adults, found that nearly three quarters of respondents (72%) were concerned about the level of protection given to the information they share and more worryingly more than half (56%) said that they planned to reclaim access to their...

Measuring social: Why your follower count is deceiving you


You might think you’re a social media guru. Your brand might have even amassed a quarter of a million followers on Twitter. But what is all this worth, if your followers don’t care about what you’re saying?

This is why, and I hate to break it to you, I believe follower counts are a vanity-driven, mostly useless metric.

Many businesses who adopt social media lean towards viewing success on the platforms as a numbers game. I understand this. We’re

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Is the adtech industry facing slowdown or just consolidation?


The growth of the adtech industry has been huge, but the news that the last quarter of 2015 saw a slowdown in hiring by adtech firms as firms looked to save cash, according to LinkedIn data analysed by Pivotal Data, suggested that growth could be coming to an end in its current form.

The man behind the research, Pivotal Research senior analyst Brian Wieser, admits even he isn’t sure of the reason behind the apparent hiring slowdown, but it seems some sort of change is inevitable...

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Speeding up the social media evolution for business growth

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Cast your mind back five years ago to when social media was just starting to enter into business vernacular. The idea that social could be used as a tool to speak directly to customers was so new that many marketers just dived right in with a “do first, figure the rest out later” approach.

More often than not, no metrics or KPIs were put in place to measure the impact of social activity. There was just a vague sense from within the business that if everyone else was...

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Social advertising rises 50% in final quarter of 2015


Spend on social advertising rose 50% in the last quarter of 2015 compared to the same period last year as the maturation of the market and its offerings prompted huge growth.

The figures are based on Kenshoo’s analysis of more than 550 billion impressions, 11 billion clicks and $6 billion in advertiser spend made through its Infinity Suite, and show that social ad spend was fuelled by a number of changes in the market. These included the introduction of new ad types such as...

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Is a machine-led approach to marketing right for everyone?


The seemingly simple concept of improving the customer journey is one that’s often enough to strike fear into a marketer’s heart. How do you improve the voyage for a consumer that is often consuming across channels, devices and brands and for whom experience is key?

Getting your messaging and tone right is crucial, but in situations where you are removed from the consumer can be tough. Retailers have long focussed on the importance of improving the consumer journey but in...

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How big data and personalisation is revolutionising marketing in the airline industry


Marketers often do not see the value of personalisation. This is probably because this (fairly new) concept has never really been defined. Personalisation is not easy to explain because it's such a broad concept and cannot be confined into one single definition. So let's try a different approach.

If you think of personalisation as a stand-alone recommendation, it's not that powerful. If you think of personalisation as a website visit populated based on your customer’s behaviour,...

Why a great online journey is vital in a world where human contact is rejected

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Buying financial services, utilities, or car insurance can be a complicated task where the assistance of a human is preferred right? Wrong. A new survey shows that when making such purchases only one in five (21%) prefer speaking to a provider in person, rather than doing it themselves online.

The research, by Experian, suggests that the vast majority of customers favour online transactions despite the complexity of the products they are buying. The rate is at its highest in car...

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Delivering the next generation in customer experience for bottom line success


We’ve seen a tectonic shift in the way in which customers engage with organisations in the last few years, with expectations dramatically increasing. Until fairly recently, customer interactions have been largely transactional, but in our mobile, always-on world, those days are gone.

Now we are living in the age of the customer – demonstrated by the fact that 89% of businesses expect customer experience to be the primary basis of...

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Which half of my marketing campaign is being defrauded?


Famously, American marketing pioneer John Wanamaker (or was it William Lever of Unilever?) is alleged to have said, "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half." If he were alive today, Wanamaker would probably say “Most of the money I spend on digital advertising is wasted, I don’t know what’s effective, and I’m pretty sure I’m being defrauded.”

The attribution problem in digital marketing has been...

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How better management of digital assets is key for marketers in 2016


For marketers managing their digital marketing assets is no easy task. Storage and distribution are key and yet can cause some of the biggest pain points, according to a new survey released this week by North Plains.

With a survey base of whom just under half were in the financial services sector the study showed that nearly three quarters of respondents (70%) cited digital asset management (DAM) as extremely or very important.

Half of those surveyed were researching DAM systems; a third...

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Digital ad fraud set to cost $7 billion globally


Despite an industry that is working hard to tackle ad fraud advertisers are still expected to lose an estimated $7.2 billion globally this year thanks to fraudulent impressions or bots.

The claims are part of the latest study from the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and online fraud mitigation for digital advertising specialist White Ops.

The study shows that fraud levels are relatively unchanged compared to last year.  However although bot volumes have remained steady...

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How referral marketing can navigate around the ad block problem

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Nothing works like it used to, things that were free now cost lots of money, and things that were affordable no longer are. Such is the dilemma of a modern marketer.

The rise of ad blocking was a standout feature of 2015, a year which saw the release of Apple's iOS 9, the launch of the AdBlock browser on Android, and Adobe and PageFair forecast that it cost publishers up to $22 billon in lost ad revenue.

This is set against a backdrop of a number of challenges for...

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How the CMO’s role is changing through big data and data analytics


Predictive analytics is a game changer, and companies can no longer afford to ignore it if they want to remain competitive in a business world which is continually changing. Using data, business can uncover insights that can help business optimise operations, find new revenue streams and innovate. More than that, data can help businesses predict the future and automate decisions, increasing productivity.

Predictive analytics and automated decision-making should be part of a businesses...

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