Forrester analyst claims Instagram is “the king of social engagement”

A post from Forrester Research analyst Nate Elliott has revealed that Instagram is by far the most engaging network for social content.

The conclusion has been drawn after a research study of over three million user interactions with 2500 brand posts on the main social networks.

Elliott found that for one particular Red Bull post, Instagram results – 36,000 likes from 1.2m followers at a 3% likes per follower ratio – smashed Facebook – 2,600 likes from 43m followers at a 0.006% likes per...

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The best Twitter fights of all time

From global pop stars to footballers and all the Z-listed celebrities in between, Twitter has become the modern day social platform for a good old fashioned slanging match. Using the instant message platform to their advantage, insults can be published immediately, reaching all corners of the globe and with the potential to be seen by millions.

In amongst the insults are some comedy battles, with some of the more memorable involving a One Direction member and a national rugby player, another One Direction member and national paper...

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Sean Gardner: The best ways to improve social engagement #SMWF

Sean Gardner, the co-founder of the Huffington Post 'Twitter Powerhouses Series' and Forbes #1 social media influencer, shared his content strategy and social objectives in front of a packed crowd at Social Media World Forum this morning.

"Nobody does anything alone," he told delegates. "I listen for people who use bridge terms."

What are bridge terms? For Gardner, social media is like a bridge; every retweet, repin, every endosement are "the bricks that help construct the bridge to where you want to...

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The new £1 coin: MarketingTech’s favourite parodies

For those in the UK, the yearly Budget announcement is filled with expectation, anticipation and tradition. Inevitably, the past few years have seen more bad news than good for the economy, but there were some very interesting moments in Chancellor George Osborne’s speech yesterday.

The news which created the most front page headlines was the announcement of a new ‘resilient’ 12-sided £1 coin.

“Our new pound coin will blend the...

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The marketing science of shareable headlines

The factors that make an article go viral are numerous, but one must-have is a headline that encourages people to not only open the article but share it with the whole wide world as well. That means you need to craft a headline that isn’t just SEO-optimized with certain keywords. It needs to engage the reader without being too verbose. Whether you’re writing a blog or an update on

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Where now for Twitter following yesterday’s earnings call?

Twitter has reported a $645m (£396m) net loss having only gone public three months ago. But is this symptomatic of a greater issue, or should the shareholders not be worried?

The news that Twitter had reported a loss of $645m was taken two ways by the media and analysts: it was to be expected, and it showed that while Twitter was starting to make money, the user numbers weren’t going the same way.

This is an interesting issue, given there was concern over the fact Twitter had not made a profit in...

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How to tweet with impact: 7 lessons from the world's best

If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is around to tweet or take a selfie with it, does it really make a sound? The answer: probably not.

Today, news without social media is at best sluggish and at worst non-existent, so it is unsurprising that even old media publications like The New York Times have turned their attention to more modern forms of communication with their readership.

It’s not just that they’re trying to be trendy and attract a younger crowd; in fact the fastest growing demographic for sites...

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Twitter VP product Michael Sippey moves on from company

Twitter vice president of product Michael Sippey has announced he is to leave the micro-blogging firm in order to move into a more advisory capacity.

In an email that went around to staff – which was posted on his personal blog – Sippey cited a desire to move on based around his career and passion working at startups, adding: “I hear this Internet thing has legs.”

“As we head into 2014, I’ve had a chance to reflect on what’s important to me and what I...

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Twitter Ads and Amplify – How these tools can help your business

This month saw an announcement from social media giant Twitter that got everyone talking: their ad platform is now open to all U.S. based users, including large and small businesses, online marketing specialists, the self-employed, and more. This exciting news was announced by Kevin Well (Twitter’s Senior Director for revenue) during a conference in New York at the end of April. Before this, the ad platform was more exclusive (by invitation only, in fact), and required a minimum spend level per...

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How has Twitter been analysing the impact of #BlackFriday?

For US consumers, Black Friday is a well renowned retail tradition, with the day following Thanksgiving Day being synonymous with stores opening early with big discounts.

In the UK, plenty has been written over the impact ‘Black Friday’ would have – with the result being casualties, fights and even arrests in what was described as scenes of “bedlam” earlier today.

Yet according to Twitter respondents, the majority of global opinion on Black Friday was of a...

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