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    Beneath the bling: Can you back up your “brand goods?”

    Maria Ross

    Sometimes brands get a little crazy with the Bedazzler. Instead of fixing their product or service flaws, they hide behind new bright shiny logos, cool websites, clever packaging or slick ads. Or their sales landing pages scream with neon arrows, BUY NOW! blinking icons and 80-feet of testimony and schmooze. Why?

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    Cat craziness proves direct mail campaigns aren’t dead yet

    James Bourne

    Put this down as MarketingTech’s favourite campaign so far this year. For a company which sells cat litter in bulk, your audience are cat owners, right? Yet Toronto-based Bulk Cat Litter Warehouse went one step further – and directly targeted cats with their latest direct mail campaign. How? By spraying catnip over the mail.

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    Five minute guide to a bulk SMS campaign

    There are several benefits to incorporating SMS into the current marketing schedule, and a bulk campaign can give you positive results whilst being easy to implement.

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    How to market your business… like Apple

    Jim Connelly

    Here’s a valuable marketing tip, from one of the world’s most successful companies - how does Apple sell so many premium priced devices regardless of market conditions?

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    Twitter Ads and Amplify – How these tools can help your business


    This month saw an announcement from social media giant Twitter that got everyone talking: their ad platform is now open to all U.S. based users, including large and small businesses, online marketing specialists, the self-employed, and more

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    DataSift CEO Nick Halstead on the future of unstructured enterprise data

    James Bourne

    Nick Halstead, CEO and founder of social data platform DataSift, has had a very busy month. In December, his company received a $42m investment from a consortium of venture capitalists, led primarily by Insight Venture Partners, with the money going to accelerate both sales and technology development. At the time, there was plenty of comparison between DataSift and Twitter search monitoring firm Topsy, which last month was acquired by Apple. Yet Halstead, speaking to MarketingTech, is quick to quell the discussion.

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    Top 10 myths associated with working in the digital industry

    Amy Edwards

    Just like any other industry, when it comes to working in the digital sector, it’s fair to say that there are more than a couple of misconceptions and myths circulating about the roles available and the work involved. Whether you work in SEO, social media or web development, I’m sure you’ll have come across a few of these myths when you tell people exactly what it is you do for a living… and to say it’s annoying is a bit of an understatement.

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    Tips for running a successful Social Media marketing campaign

    Karrie Morton

    Social media is one of the most crucial elements for successful overall Internet marketing; it is undeniable that a good number of people are using at least one social networking site.

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    JetBlue soars above the competition: The Fly-Fi name review


    It couldn’t be more fortuitous: just as the FAA lifts restrictions on the use of electronic gadgets during flights, JetBlue launches Fly-Fi, its satellite-based Wi-Fi system. Fly-Fi is hyped as the fastest in-flight Internet service ever, with “exponentially more bandwidth than any other product in commercial aviation”—as good or better than what you can get on the ground. And it uses satellite technology, for gate-to-gate connectivity.

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    Quietroom attempts to rebrand Santa for the 21st century

    James Bourne

    While not all brands are aiming at the same market, they all want to portray the best possible image. Yet without due care and attention to its user base, some brands get outdated, stuffy and worn out. A rebrand strategy is therefore essential. But how do you solve a problem like Santa? Brand communication specialists Quietroom set about this task in a recently published document, with tongues firmly in cheeks and poking fun at branding and marketing speak.

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