Vine loops its last as service closes to move into Vine Camera


The ephemeral world of social media rumbles on: today represents the last day that social media video platform Vine remains a standalone app before being folded into a wider part of Twitter.

The news has been coming since January 4 when Vine tweeted that its app will become the Vine Camera on January 17. At the time of publication, videos can still be viewed and downloaded. Not surprisingly, the most popular videos on the left-hand column...

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How the younger generation is shaping data protection

According to one keynote speaker at the DMA’s Data Protection Update, social media is dead. This half-day event showcased the challenges and successes of various businesses’ data management strategies, and this statement really grabbed my attention.

As an avid Instagrammer, Twitter follower and Facebook fanatic, this was news to me. Whilst I don’t personally agree with the speaker’s comments, I do believe that the way we use social media has changed.

I’m part of the...

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How marketers should be using Emojis


Hailed as a new universal language by some, the use of emojis has skyrocketed over the last few years, aided by their introduction to the majority of smartphones, social media platforms and messaging applications. But how can marketers use emojis to better connect with their audiences?

Which demographics use emojis most?

According to a new...

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How marketers can address the social media skills gap


We all know that the rise of social media has revolutionised marketing and changed how businesses market themselves to, and engage with, customers. However, the rapid pace of this revolution has left a digital skills gap with many in today’s workforce woefully ill-equipped to unlock the value of social media.

According to a

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How marketers can avoid losing the younger generation


Many marketers are obsessed with this younger generation, aged 18-35. They watch their every move on social, hoping to find what truly makes them tick – and, more importantly, what triggers them into making purchase decisions.

Marketers know this is not an easy task. Digital natives are a finicky bunch. They demand instant-gratification-like service and attention from brands at every twist and turn. Growing up in an era when practically every transaction is now automated by digital media in...

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How to succeed on new platforms like Instagram Stories


From VR and augmented reality content to influencer marketing, new inventions and practices in media are allowing brands to tell their stories in new ways.

These tools are making marketing professionals more creative and strategic, and branding experts are getting excited about them.

Now that Instagram has announced that its Explore tab will also feature ‘stories’; rolling posts that disappear 24 hours after they are posted, brands are interested in how they can use this to engage new...

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How brand ambassadors have changed in the age of crowd culture

(c)iStock/Jacob Wackerhausen

Celebrity endorsements have been used in marketing for years, to endorse products as well as leverage their power and status to create an influential following for products.

But the endorsement scene has gone from Hollywood to TV to smartphone; the small screen that is now at the centre of the change to the industry.

Brand ambassadors are changing too. Sheer fame may no longer be enough – in an era of extreme media and advertising saturation, brand ambassadors need to be...

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Why social network shopping could usher in the next mCommerce boom


The recent move by Instagram to push into the social commerce space with the launch of an in-app shopping discover function is the next step in the growth and proliferation of a new breed of consumer; the social media shopper.

From fashion app Depop to present app Giftagram, there are already a number of established and emerging retailers creating apps to target mobile commerce, but social platform Instagram getting in on the act is something of a game-changer, bringing ‘shoppable photos’ to

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Twitter Awards: Winners include Dove, Airbnb and Apple


Twitter has announced the winners of its yearly Twitter marketing awards to recognise the "most original and creative" advertising work being done today. 

The platform said it had received hundreds of entries from over 15 countries, but after a competitive selection process, chose the marketers they thought had the best ideas. 

All entries were judged based on three criteria: 

  • Creativity: Did the campaign challenge convention and push the creative envelope? 
  • Live: Did the campaign use Twitter in unique, new, and...

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Twitter's direct message chatbots: Our verdict


Brands who use Twitter direct message as a customer service tool should be pretty happy with the platform's latest addition.  

Twitter is now allowing brands to set their own welcome message, which automatically appears when a user opens the DM box. This tells customers how they can interact with the brand and can include deep links and other features.

But the magic is in the platform's new Quick Replies feature, essentially a chatbot which prompts people with suggestions as to how to...

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