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    Marketing budgets at record jump, according to IPA Bellwether Report

    James Bourne

    The latest edition of the IPA Bellwether Report, the quarterly document of marketing budgets published by Markit Economics on behalf of the IPA, has revealed that marketing budgets have seen their biggest increase in 14 years. The report is certainly one of the more positive to hit the stands, according to the IPA – and the figures certainly show why.

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    How one press release got first page Google love in less than 24 hours

    Maciej Fita

    There’s a lot of debate these days about whether online PR can be effective in a world of overhauled search algorithms, social media pushes, and a fast pace that generally pushes big news off the front page almost as soon as it comes about. A Naples, Florida based SEO company has evidence that there is still a place for good PR and online press releases, bringing home some excellent results for a low investment through a news release within a mere 24 hours.

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    Less than half of SMEs are investing to improve their web presence

    James Bourne

    Research released today by Browser media has revealed that while the majority of smaller businesses acknowledge their website is critical to their business, less than half have any budget to improve their online presence.

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    When longer is better: Using phrases in brand naming


    When product or company naming, I can’t tell you how many times a client will ask us for a brand name that’s as short as possible. One or two syllables. Six letters or less. Whatever. And while occasionally there are circumstances where brevity might be called for (unusual packaging constraints, for instance), sometimes (in fact, lots of times) longer is better.

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    Socialbakers CEO claims there is a “witch hunt” against Facebook

    James Bourne

    The CEO of social analysis tool provider Socialbakers, Jan Rezab, has claimed that people are trying to create a “witch hunt” against Facebook amidst a research note from Forrester exec Nate Elliott claiming that Facebook was continuing to fail marketers. In a blog post on his personal site, Rezab derided Facebook bashing as “cool and trendy” and “click bait”, adding the general consensus of Facebook’s marketing – lack of organic reach, lots of fake fans – was wide of the mark.

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    Responsive navigation: Design ideas for your business

    Gareth Crew

    I’ve found that there are subtle ways of making your navigation so much more interesting, even just by adding a bit of colour. I’m usually pretty strict when it comes to adding a lot of colour to my navigation but through doing this research I am definitely going to try adding more with my next designs.

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    Opting for omni-channel: Picking the right platforms for PR

    Alastair Turner

    The number of social media channels and apps continues to rise exponentially. So, it’s easy to feel like you’re drowning in a sea of hash tags and angry birds. As we’ve always argued at Aspectus however, the key is to avoid bombarding potential clients with every channel under the sun and to be more selective in terms of the social tools being harnessed.

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    Nine in 10 SMEs don’t have a mobile-friendly site, research shows

    James Bourne

    Here’s a potentially worrying research statistic: 91% of websites for small and medium businesses are not accessible through mobile devices. The top line result of the UK survey, from website platform provider BaseKit, may not come as much of a surprise given the company’s business.

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    Is Deborah Meaden right about PR budgets?

    Kristin Hodgkinson

    “If you spend less than £3,000 a month on PR, you might as well not spend any money at all.” This extremely bold statement spoken by fiery Dragon’s Den entrepreneur Deborah Meaden was used to dismiss a pitch from Vini & Bal’s, an Indian sauce company on the hit BBC show. Meaden announced that she was ‘out’ because the £50,000 requested by the budding entrepreneurs was barely enough to cover what she believed should be spent on public relations. As essential and valuable as PR is to a company’s success, surely £3,000 a month is unreasonable?

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    Tips for running a successful Social Media marketing campaign

    Karrie Morton

    Social media is one of the most crucial elements for successful overall Internet marketing; it is undeniable that a good number of people are using at least one social networking site.

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