5 reasons you shouldn’t ignore Bing with organic search marketing

Sometimes it’s easy to ignore Bing. Google is still the giant in the world of search engines, and because of that, many businesses have come to believe that they should focus all their attention there. However, there are several big reasons why it pays to focus on Bing marketing as well.

1. Bing has nearly 20% of the market share

While Google does have the biggest audience, the number of searchers who use

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How Microsoft’s ‘Bing It On’ campaign could help Google’s brand in the long run

It’s a strange argument. Microsoft launches a campaign to show people the benefits of its Bing search engine, yet if the campaign succeeds, it may be of benefit to both Redmond and its bitter search rival Google. But how?

Microsoft has today launched bingiton.com, a site which compares the search pages of Bing and Google and asks users to rate the best results.

The contest lasts five rounds, with users told to select which results suited their needs, with a third ‘draw’...

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Yahoo! changes its company logo 30 times in 30 days

Tech giant Yahoo! is in the process of changing its long serving company logo, which will be revealed on September 5. But until then, the company is giving the world a new logo every day.

The first four days’ worth of logos can be seen below, and seemingly only appeal to hardcore typography fans, as in each case the famous purple colour, exclamation mark and yodel remains the same.

“Over the past year, there’s been a renewed sense of purpose and progress at Yahoo!, and we want everything we...

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Is a tweeted link as valuable as a regular link?

While we may not know for certain how much weight a tweeted link carries with it in the search algorithm, there is more than enough evidence to suggest that social signals due influence your organic search presence in one way or another. And in the wake of the Google Penguin updates is link building on the way out?

Here’s what Julie Joyce of Link Fish Media had to say,

"I don’t see any evidence that suggests that a tweeted link counts as much as an actual text link....

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Directly.me’s Rocky Mirza: We’re more of an “anti-social network”

This week I got to speak with Rocky Mirza, the co-founder of an ambitious search engine called “Directly.me” which can allow you to get your message to anyone – yes, anyone.

Occasionally you come across projects which could potentially revolutionise how we get in touch with people, and this is exactly one of these types of startups.

The core idea is to place a “Bounty” on someone you’d like to get in touch with, and how much you’re willing to pay. This can then either...

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Getting less traffic from Google? Here’s why it may not matter soon

If you’re one of many business owners experiencing a drop in search traffic from Google, here are 3 important changes you need to know about.

I’m also going to explain why I believe Google search traffic could be of less importance to your business soon.

The first change: Google changing the rules dramatically and often

For years, business owners have relied heavily on Google to generate online sales or inquiries. They danced the Google dance. They did what...

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Bloggers: Social search and the freedom to focus on quality

Social search is changing the game for business owners who blog and create content. Thankfully, it’s changing things in our favour and that’s what today’s post is all about.

Even the best search engine is flawed

Whilst regarded by many as the best search engine available, even Google search is extremely easy to fool and still often rewards frequently updated content, over high quality content. As a result, people like myself who find it easy to write regularly, and those who use super-smart SEO to...

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What will Google look like in 10 years?

Believe it or not Google is still a very young company when compared to other big brands that commenced in the early 1900s that still thrive today. It is hard to imagine what Google could be ten years from now since they have already grown so much in the short time they have been on this planet.

In this Google video Matt Cutts discusses some of the possibilities for Google...

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55% of mobile search conversions happen within one hour

The growth and use of mobile technology around the world is dramatically increasing, therefore it is critical that businesses understand not only why user’s mobile conversions are happening, but also how and where.

With this in mind, Google teamed up with Nielsen to analyse over 600 mobile searches and their actions. The study drew precise and measurable connections between mobile searches and online and offline conversions, turning up some interesting findings.


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Facebook Graph Search: Considerations for advertisers

Facebook has announced its new search functionality, called Graph Search. Graph Search enables users to expand their searches on Facebook beyond just pages and entities.  Users can now search names, categories and phrases, and search results include information that the searcher’s friends have shared (like people, photos, interests, places, “Likes”). To illustrate, a user can search “Chicago restaurants my friends like” to...

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