The true cost of music for creatives

Electro-rock artist Whitey caused a stir last year on social media, when he slammed a TV company for its refusal to pay artists for the use of their music. Whitey shared an email from the producers stating the simple reason of there ‘being no budget for music,’ gaining himself thousands of likes and retweets. 

Despite it only just coming to the attention of the media, the issue of creatives wanting to use music from new artists without synchronisation fees is not a new one.

The questions must...

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Four in five CMOs feel “underprepared” for big data explosion

IBM has released its Global C-Suite Study with some interesting findings – chief of which that 82% of CMOs are less than prepared for the huge amounts of data imminently at their fingertips.

The research, from Big Blue’s Institute for Business Value (IBV), also showed how chief marketing execs have barely made crawling progress with social media – 67% now feel underprepared for tackling social, compared with 68% in 2011.

Interestingly, the three primary challenges for CMOs in 2011 stay the...

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#Web25: Three predictions for the future of the Web

22 years ago, email and the fledgling world wide web were both limited, English-only, text-only technologies.  With dreams of someday getting pictures of my grandchildren by email, I worked with Ned Freed and others to define MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions), a format standard that put pictures, sounds, non-English text, and more into a form that everyone could use. 

I’ve watched with awe as the Internet’s explosive growth has brought us to a time when MIME is probably used...

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Is Deborah Meaden right about PR budgets?

“If you spend less than £3,000 a month on PR, you might as well not spend any money at all.”  This extremely bold statement spoken by fiery Dragon’s Den entrepreneur Deborah Meaden was used to dismiss a pitch from Vini & Bal’s, an Indian sauce company on the hit BBC show.

Meaden announced that she was ‘out’ because the £50,000 requested by the budding entrepreneurs was barely enough to cover what she believed should be spent on public relations. As essential and...

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Four in five UK shoppers wouldn’t consider using Bitcoin, survey finds

Over half of UK shoppers are aware of Bitcoin, yet only 5% have actually made transactions with the virtual currency, according to survey results from communications agency Clarity.

57% of the over 2000 online shoppers surveyed had heard of Bitcoin to be precise, with awareness numbers higher among men (69%) than women (45%), according to the research.

Not surprisingly figures for actual use favoured men too, with 7% compared to 2%; these figures included the whole gamut of virtual currencies, from Bitcoin to...

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Is Halifax the latest brand to be caught out by Google?

By Amy@BubbleJobs

It’s safe to say that in terms of SEO and manual penalties, 2014 is definitely proving to be an interesting year. A few weeks ago I blogged about Expedia’s massive manual penalty from the Big G – and this week it looks like yet another brand has been caught out for using less than white-hat link building techniques. I am of course talking about Halifax.

News first broke of Halifax’s suspected penalty last week (as far...

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Three in five iPhone users have “blind loyalty” to Apple brand, poll finds

Once you get an iPhone, you don’t go back. That’s the result of a UK survey from SIM Only Contracts, which found that 59% of respondents wouldn’t consider another phone when upgrading.

This “blind loyalty” comes from two sources: inertia and impressiveness. More than three quarters (78%) of those polled admitted they “couldn’t imagine having a different type of phone now”, whilst a further half (52%) said they were “really impressed” with their...

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Digital versus print: An exciting PR conundrum

The balance of power between traditional and digital media has been shifting for some time. But the balance has certainly swung in favour of digital.

Last week, it was widely reported that Telegraph stalwart Tony Gallagher had lost his long-held position as editor, while Guardian Media Group had sold its cash-cow AutoTrader (claiming that the capital 

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Top 5 tips to ensure your media startup is successful

A recent business study examined 150 technology media and telecommunications (TMT) companies that had started up within the last six years to try and discover what the common aspects of the successful ones were and, conversely, what the ones that had failed had in common.

Since starting, of the 150 studied, 100 had proven successful with the remaining 50 failing. But what are the magic ingredients that make a successful TMT business?

1. Most were started by a small team of founders rather than one entrepreneur ...

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BBC iPlayer again tops UK BrandIndex chart, Amazon number one in US

The BBC iPlayer is again the most popular UK brand according to YouGov’s BrandIndex annual rankings, with the BBC online site also making an appearance in the top 10.

The research and survey firm decided on its results after conducting 3.5 million interviews over the course of the year – or 3,700 per day.

And iPlayer has come up trumps in the UK for the second year running, with John Lewis and Samsung sharing the silver medal position.

Samsung’s consumer perception is huge, if this research...

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