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    McDonald’s changes packaging, brings in QR codes globally

    James Bourne

    McDonald’s has launched its revamped packaging for takeaway bags and plastic cups to restaurants worldwide. This now means that the QR code, which MarketingTech originally reported on back in February, will also be a more integrated part of McDonald’s packaging, allowing customers to access nutritional advice on their smartphones.

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    McDonald’s uses QR codes to increase their mobile marketing efforts

    Maciej Fita

    Next time you're biting into that Big Mac, you won't need to put too much effort into finding out the nutritional value of the meal you're consuming. Last week, the fast food giant launched new packaging design in 14,000 of its United States outlets, which include a QR code that links you to the meal’s nutritional information with a simple click.

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    Can QR codes and NFC survive in the mobile marketing sphere? #AppsWorld

    James Bourne

    With several technologies competing for the same space in the mobile ecosystem, is it a case of survival of the fittest, or can they all co-exist?

    About 1 year, 6 months ago - 0 comments - Categories: Mobile, NFC, QRCodes
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    9 QR Code Considerations

    Joe Wozny

    Leading from my earlier blog, quick response (QR) codes are a hot topic marketing item in 2012. This is the year where marketers and agencies are reporting that they are increasing their spend on core mobile channels including mobile apps and QR code programs.

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    QR Codes: Useful or Pointless?

    James Bentham

    QR Codes have been around longer than you might think, but have only recently become an important tool in the world of mobile marketing. The codes can be seen in countries where mobile usage is a part of everyday life, which now comprises the whole of the developed world and even some developing areas.

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    Noticing Quick Response (QR) Codes

    Joe Wozny

    Have you noticed them? You can’t seem to help it now. I’ve seen more Quick Response (QR) codes in the last 3 months than I have ever seen ... or at least realized I’ve seen before! This technology, while not new, is rapidly growing in popularity.

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    Are QR Codes ready for primetime?

    Brendan Hurley

    According to a recent article in Biz Report, "a survey conducted by research firm Russell Herder found that over half of repeat QR Code scanners only 'sometimes' feel they have received something of value for their efforts.

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    Add a QR just because you can? Think twice!

    Philippe Cardyn

    We’re seeing a rising demand for QR codes coming from our customers. And rightly so, given the ever growing numbers of smartphone users, even in this country with overpriced mobile data plans. And since we offer automated solutions for PURLs (personalized URL’s) and QR that demand is quite logical. But that does not mean adding a QR code in always a good idea.

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    [INFOGRAPHIC] How to Use QR Codes for B2B Marketing

    Terri Rylander

    I’ve been seeing QR codes more and more and wondered how I might incorporate them into my own marketing content and activities for B2B companies. After doing much research, testing, and my own brainstorming, I came up with this infographic to help pull it all together...

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    How Tesco used QR Codes to increase online shopping

    Mike Saunders

    I love it when clever people come up with simple ideas that change the way the world works. This example we will look at today is a subway advertisement that turned a South Korean subway into a supermarket. The execution is so simple. Life size banners that display supermarket brands with QR codes on each item.

    About 2 years, 8 months ago - 0 comments - Categories: Brands, Consumers, Mobile, QRCodes
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