Is Samsung's iBeacon contender Proximity a headache for retailers?

Picture credit: Samsung

Samsung has announced mobile communications solution Proximity, a rival to Apple’s iBeacon, but could the requirement of a different beacon technology for each handset manufacturer cause problems for retailers?

Proximity is a mobile platform not unlike iBeacons. It lets visitors to a specific location view rich, relevant content and allows advertisers to target those consumers with more pertinent campaigns.

The main difference between the two products is that Proximity operates...

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Udozi: Linking e- and m-commerce with the traditional high street

MarketingTech spoke with Alan Gabbay, CEO of commerce technology provider Udozi, on his mobile and social strategy, how his company differs from the rest and making sure the high street doesn’t die

The death of the high street has long been predicted. With 20 stores being shut per day in the UK, the rise of e-commerce and, more recently, m-commerce is largely seen as the stake through the high street’s heart.

Not so, according to Alan Gabbay. The effusive CEO of up-and-coming product search finder...

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Google Glass is “the next iPhone” says analyst, prime for marketing?

Wearable computing has taken headlines by storm recently; from wrist-based such as the Kickstarter-success Pebble, to those sitting on your nose like Google’s Glass. Amid concerns and “fashion” issues; many wondered whether these devices would take off, alongside privacy concerns.

Well it looks like it will, it looks like it will be big, and due to the popularity we’re left thinking how it could be great for some innovative marketing.

According to a new report by...

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Can social networking prevent the spread of illness?

Social media has a plethora of uses. New laptops (especially those using Windows 8), tablets, and mobile phones can all be used to keep tabs on friends living abroad, share photos of big moments, and forecast sickness. Forecast sickness?! Yes, the next time your son or daughter catches a cold or displays the early symptoms of influenza, instead of keeping them quarantined in the house, simply get online and see where outbreaks of the viruses are occurring and plan accordingly.The aptly named compiles...

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Foursquare – how to make it work for your business

Before I traded in my Blackberry Curve in for a Samsung Galaxy S3 I didn’t really get Foursquare. Well that’s all changed…

I didn’t really see what the fuss about earning a few badges was, but once you start, it’s really hard to stop. Foursquare is based on a concept of gamification – the use of game-thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts in order to engage users and solve problems. Although Foursquare doesn’t really solve problems (unless you count finding a...

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Location marketing: Boosting mindshare as well as footfall - #AppsWorld

With smartphone penetration edging 50% in the UK and the US, marketers are spending an increasing amount of time thinking about how to harness the relevance and immediacy these devices allow, by reaching out to peoples at the right time and, crucially, in the right location.

Ahead of his October appearance at Apps World in London, MarketingTech checked in with Omid Ashtari, director of business development at Foursquare, one of the leading location-based...

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Adform reveals benefit of rich media banners [infographic]

Following MarketingTech’s feature with Apps World speakers James Chandler and Jason Armitage in which rich media banner interaction was considered vital in mobile marketing, an infographic from display marketing solutions providers Adform shows that users are three times more likely to click on rich media banners than standard for online.


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More sources point to Facebook Gowalla deal

Speculation is rife that Facebook is about to acquire the Texas-based social check-in service Gowalla.

Late last week, a source close to Gowalla confirmed to CNN Money that a deal was imminent. Earlier today, All Things Digital blogged about a letter sent to investors by Gowalla CEO Josh Williams that appeared to confirm that a deal was in the works. “This story was leaked from an uknown...

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Location-based mobile technology of the future

Geo-location marketing services haven’t reached anywhere near their potential, according to a panel session at Apps World Europe this week.

In fact, while the assembled industry experts all agreed that the technology was on the cusp of delivering something ground-breaking, no one yet has released a ‘killer’ product.

Sophisticated geo-location technology will be able to compose a predictive customised schedule  for your day, reacting not just to where you are, but also what’s...

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