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    Marketing budgets at record jump, according to IPA Bellwether Report

    James Bourne

    The latest edition of the IPA Bellwether Report, the quarterly document of marketing budgets published by Markit Economics on behalf of the IPA, has revealed that marketing budgets have seen their biggest increase in 14 years. The report is certainly one of the more positive to hit the stands, according to the IPA – and the figures certainly show why.

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    Four in five CMOs feel “underprepared” for big data explosion

    James Bourne

    IBM has released its Global C-Suite Study with some interesting findings – chief of which that 82% of CMOs are less than prepared for the huge amounts of data imminently at their fingertips. The research, from Big Blue’s Institute for Business Value (IBV), also showed how chief marketing execs have barely made crawling progress with social media – 67% now feel underprepared for tackling social, compared with 68% in 2011.

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    The advantages of application integration for today’s email marketer

    Janis Rose

    Email marketing systems can be integrated with ecommerce platforms, SMS marketing platforms, social media applications, calendar applications, task management apps and many more...

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    How to maximize your Pay Per Click ROI

    Maciej Fita

    PPC campaigns will substantiate inexpensive for your gallantness as it promotes your online business by targeting millions of feasible clients without heavy burden on your pocket - becoming a winner with PPC marketing and rising your ROI (Return On Investment) consists of first cognizance about the essential concepts.

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    Guns and houses: Seeing beyond 3D printing hype

    Alastair Turner

    With the lofty expectations that consumer 3D printers will be able to build almost anything in the future, from guns to houses, the technology now sits at the pinnacle of Gartner’s famous Hype Cycle. However, Richard believes that this publicity has damaged the industry and warped the perception of 3D printing in the public’s consciousness. He even went so far as to suggest that the phrase ‘3D printing’ has been permanently tainted.

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    Taco Bell thinks “outside the bun” to create breakthrough innovation

    Randy Giusto

    Back when I was in college, professors frowned upon the idea of borrowing the works of others and passing them off as your own (maybe they still do – I don’t know, I’m old). They called it “cheating,” said it was “wrong” and “unethical.” Not that I would know any of this first-hand, of course. But if those same professors had wanted to prepare me for the real world of product innovation, their classrooms would have been a cheating frenzy.

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    Netflix alters its ‘Long Term View’ again as Hulu unveils BBC deal

    James Bourne

    The past couple of days have held a few interesting developments in TV consumption, with Netflix changing the wording of its company vision statement, and Hulu announcing a programme share deal with BBC North America. The change to Netflix’s Long Term View wasn’t announced by the TV streaming provider, yet was picked up on by analysts who note a more confident approach to Netflix’s business operations in the statement.

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    IBM launches Digital Marketing Network, aims to improve CMO performance

    James Bourne

    IBM has launched the Digital Marketing Network, a piece of software in the cloud which aims to improve CMO performance and give them real-time access to company data. With a recent survey from the tech giant indicating that $83bn of sales globally slips through each year because of poor customer experience, this new offering, part of IBM’s Smarter Commerce initiative, will help to shore up some of these gaps.

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    Microsoft changes digital marketing strategy for Windows and Surface

    James Bourne

    To say it’s been troubling times at Redmond over the past few months would be an understatement. Yet Microsoft will hope to turn things around, with the help of marketing agency Razorfish. As reported by Ad Age Razorfish, which already covers digital consumer marketing for Xbox and Bing, will expand its portfolio to include Surface and Windows.

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    How can marketers make their salespeople more successful?

    Glenn Gow

    The reason people have historically distrusted salespeople is because salespeople had all the information and the buyer had none, however, it could be contended that we are in a state of information asymmetry - in which the buyer now has more information than the seller.

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