What to spend where? Making sense of marketing attribution

“Half of my marketing works,” the old saying goes, “I’m just not sure which half.”

Therein lies the problem that marketing attribution seeks to address. But successful attribution is trickier than the quote above suggests. The fragmentation of channels across an ever-growing digital landscape means that marketing efforts are rarely split in half (or thirds, or quarters); gone are the days of picking between newspapers and radio or TV and billboards. 


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Content marketing shouldn’t be about you...

Content marketing is a necessary part of an online marketing campaign today. Unfortunately, far too many companies are missing the boat. Either they aren’t doing enough (or any) content marketing or they aren’t doing it correctly. Companies need to understand that their online content marketing isn’t an avenue for self-promotion.

If you are responsible for your company’s content marketing efforts, keep in mind that it’s not about you! If all you do is publish content that is...

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Spring cleaning season? Why marketing cloud management should top your list

The closet near our front door, if excavated, would reveal years of family activities, sports, outerwear fashions, and hordes of forgotten treasures. I fantasise about the Saturday when I dive in and clear out its contents, emptying it of everything except my favourite items. But I can’t. Everyone in my family uses this closet and, buried amidst forgotten items, are key objects that enable our daily schedules. I need a regular process where we come together and decide how the closet should function, and...

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How to keep your PR pitch from ending up in the trash

A journalist can receive hundreds if not thousands of emails each day. In addition to pitches from PR professionals there are emails from companies promoting their latest products, event invitations and more.

Due to the sheer volume, most will be deleted before they are ever opened, and even if your email does get opened, it doesn’t mean the journalist will be interested or even have time to write back to you.

So how can we ensure that our pitches stand out in a cluttered inbox – and better yet, save ourselves...

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Do these 10 skills make up the “perfect” SEO Manager?

Last year I promised to dig more into Bubble’s vast wealth of digital job data to try and pin down the latest digital recruitment trends and identify exactly what employers are looking for when recruiting in the digital space… but as avid readers of this blog will know, I’ve not really produced as many blogs as I’d have liked on the topic.

Today I thought I’d change that and shine the spotlight on what employers are looking for when recruiting for a particular candidate – and with

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SEO interview with Screaming Frog's Dan Sharp

Today, I am interviewing a person whose work speaks for him. He might not be a known name to you but if you are going to count the top 10 SEO tools, one of the names would be Screaming Frog.

My guest for today is one of the Directors of Screaming Frog's team, Mr. Dan Sharp.

Without further Ado, here are my questions!

I followed the clichéd route of university, a year out travelling, before...

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Marketing budgets at record jump, according to IPA Bellwether Report

The latest edition of the IPA Bellwether Report, the quarterly document of marketing budgets published by Markit Economics on behalf of the IPA, has revealed that marketing budgets have seen their biggest increase in 14 years.

The report is certainly one of the more positive to hit the stands, according to the IPA – and the figures certainly show why.

A net balance of 20.4% of companies registered an increase in budgets during Q114, ahead of Q413’s number of 11%. This number smashes the survey...

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Four in five CMOs feel “underprepared” for big data explosion

IBM has released its Global C-Suite Study with some interesting findings – chief of which that 82% of CMOs are less than prepared for the huge amounts of data imminently at their fingertips.

The research, from Big Blue’s Institute for Business Value (IBV), also showed how chief marketing execs have barely made crawling progress with social media – 67% now feel underprepared for tackling social, compared with 68% in 2011.

Interestingly, the three primary challenges for CMOs in 2011 stay the...

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The advantages of application integration for today’s email marketer

The buzzword, for some years, has been “integration” but what does that mean for email marketers?

You, the email marketer, have a powerful and important tool in your automated email marketing system. It’s sending emails out, recording statistical data, targeting specific segments with (hopefully) the right messages and turning more and more people into customers. That’s great, but what about the rest of the company.

What about the Sales Department and the colossal CRM system that is...

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How to maximize your Pay Per Click ROI

Considered as one of the tactful marketing methods on the web, several companies are utilizing Pay Per Click to get better visitors and conversions. It is a cost effective orientation because you only disburse when someone clicks on your ads. Really, PPC campaigns will substantiate inexpensive for your gallantness as it promotes your online business by targeting millions of feasible clients without heavy burden on your pocket.

Becoming a...

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