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    Microsoft tries to gain back Windows 8 ad trust with Ad Pano

    Ryan Daws

    Nearly two months ago I’d written an article on our sister site DeveloperTech how Windows 8 developers were not being paid for their in-app advertisements, and how it was affecting their finances. Now Microsoft could be trying to restore trust and rival Apple’s “iAds” with Ad Pano.

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    Microsoft rewarding users for watching TV? Count me in!

    Ryan Daws

    The Xbox One contains an “achievements” feature, the way of bragging to friends of your accomplishments. Question is, will this be their only use?

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    That’s one confusing name: Xbox One product name review


    After much speculation, Xbox revealed the name of its new console today: the Xbox One. Wait, huh? You know, 'one' as in 'the one', or the first 'one' of its kind. Except that this Xbox isn't the first one, and this discrepancy could confuse anyone who isn't an avid gamer...

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    What businesses can get from gamification

    Dani Millward

    Customers are more likely to respond to a gamified response, according to research by global marketing company Upstream.

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    Gamification Revisited- Delight Your Customers!

    Randy Giusto

    Earlier this year, we discussed the opportunity for banks to make personal finance fun by injecting gaming dynamics into their products and services. We suggested that a bank can set up a system that provides incentives to reward saving behavior. The program should be created by a game designer and produce an ecosystem where the objective of the game is to save as much money as possible in an account serviced by the bank.

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    Pacman Classic 2

    Pacman is a true arcade classic. Released in 1980, and having taken the world of arcade gaming by storm, Pacman still enjoys fame, widespread brand-consciousness, and even many remakes and spin-offs today. Originally developed in Japan, Pacman was known as Pakkuman, named after the onomatopoeic “paku-paku,” which describes the sound of a mouth opening...

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    FarmVille brings us GagaVille

    Lady Gaga has done a deal with the makers of Farmville. The singer’s fans will be able to visit GagaVille, a specially designed farm inside the virtual farming simulation game, which will contain unicorns and crystals alongside the artist's music. It’s hard to think of a clearer sign that games are now entirely mainstream.

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    The Future of Gaming Just Arrived


    With games being the single largest app store pull, it’s obvious that it is a key area for Handsets and Platforms to focus on.
    The OnLive service is a radically different approach. Instead of spending months coding and releasing a new game that can run on your phone / tablet, OnLive runs games remotely on big pieces of tin and “stream” them down to you. It sounds like it should be flaky, slow and cumbersome … but in reality its slick, fast and a joy to behold.

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