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    Amazon drone delivery and other trends for eCommerce in 2014

    Philip Rooke

    I bet you made some, if not all, of your Christmas gift purchases with an online retailer. The trend for online shopping has been with us more than a decade now, and many of us can’t imagine how we lived without e-commerce. So what does the future hold for this growing sector? I’ve got a few predictions about what to expect in 2014 and beyond.

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    Next takes on Google in the battle for your inbox

    Gareth Crew

    Here's quite a radical change from Google, and it’s what you might call a ‘game-changer’ in terms of the user experience. To me it shows just how much power Google wields in the land of the Internet – if they decide that email needs to work differently (and I’m not entirely sure of their motives) then they redesign it.

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    Has Facebook commerce flunked?

    Philip Rooke

    In my opinion, Facebook-commerce (F-commerce) expectations seem to be out of sync with most brands and the market’s capabilities. The problem, in fact, is in the evolution of communication within the medium. Shops on Facebook only work as part of a social media strategy. And most brands are not sufficiently evolved in their social communication to make them work. Expectations and reality do not fit together and protagonists blame the medium not the messages.

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    8 common mistakes in eCommerce design

    Maciej Fita

    The way you design your eCommerce website can impact the results you get. Poorly designed websites turn people off and send them towards a competitor. It’s second only to your products in importance. If we look at Internet Retailer, their studies claim US eCommerce will grow by 13% this financial year. If your sales aren’t showing the same positive signs of growth, make sure you aren’t making any of these common design mistakes.

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    'Webrooming' - a new addition to the retail marketing language


    The fourth quarter has always been the biggest time for retailers. This is the time of the year when many will pull out all the stops to get you to buy from them, as they all make their play for their “unfair share” of your wallet. For many retailers, this is the time to go from being in the red to the black – hence the term Black Friday.

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    Twitter hires Ticketmaster CEO Hubbard to bolster e-commerce strategy

    James Bourne

    Twitter has announced former Ticketmaster CEO Nathan Hubbard as its new head of commerce, reporting directly to head of global revenue Adam Bain. The news was confirmed in a tweet – where else? – from Bain yesterday, prompting thoughts about how Twitter will look to push its e-commerce strategy going forward.

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    Social media companies provide the most secure email, says Agari

    James Bourne

    Any emails you receive from social media companies are least likely to be targeted by cybercriminals. This is according to email security provider Agari, whose second quarter report involved the analysis of over a trillion emails and using its own metrics – a TrustScore and a ThreatScore.

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    Udozi: Linking e- and m-commerce with the traditional high street

    James Bourne

    MarketingTech spoke with Alan Gabbay, CEO of commerce technology provider Udozi, on his mobile and social strategy, how his company differs from the rest and making sure the high street doesn’t die.

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  • mt’s Rocky Mirza: We’re more of an “anti-social network”

    Ryan Daws

    This week MarketingTech got to speak with Rocky Mirza, the co-founder of an ambitious search engine called “” which can allow you to get your message to anyone – yes, anyone.

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    Responsive advertising: The breakthrough the industry has been waiting for

    Cameron Hulett

    According to eMarketer, mobile advertising spend in the UK is expected to reach almost £1bn this year. While that is up by 90 per cent from £526m last year, it is still a mere drop in the ocean in comparison to the expected total digital ad spend of £6.1bn. Two thirds of the UK population now owns a smartphone and are therefore being exposed to mobile advertising, so it would be easy to assume that the mobile digital ad spend would have increased dramatically. The question is: what’s holding back brands and publishers?

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