Goodbye SponsorPay, hello Fyber: Ad optimisation platform rebrands

SponsorPay is no more. The Berlin-based ad optimisation revenue platform has changed its name in favour of Fyber, with the company calling the rebrand “a natural evolution.”

When companies change their name it can be for a myriad of reasons, but it often comes down to two main issues: either because the old name didn’t align with what the company was now doing, or because it felt like the right time to start afresh.

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SendGrid aims to get marketers and developers singing off same page with new release #AppsWorld

“Our goal is to ship the world’s wanted mail, not the world’s spam.” So claims Scott Williamson, director of product management at cloud-based email template provider SendGrid.

This goal is something the Colorado-based company takes very seriously, to the extent that they will “absolutely fire” customers who don’t follow email sending best practice.

Good sending habits, according to SendGrid, includes dropping non-responsive respondents, understanding the path of...

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Twilio: The ‘age of the customer’ emphasises why brands need APIs

The issue of why brands should have APIs is not a new one, with articles as far back as 2011 espousing this notion. For Twilio, a provider of cloud-based APIs and a leader in the market, it’s about what CMO Lynda Smith calls “building great customer experiences.”

“What we’ve started to see as we looked across the customer base that we have, and all the interesting ways that we’re using communications, it’s...

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Happy 25th birthday the World Wide Web: The past, present and future

March 12 1989: the day that Tim Berners-Lee wrote a proposal which would become the World Wide Web. The breakthrough of connecting hypertext to the Internet sealed the deal, with the project being posted to the alt.hypertext newsgroup in August 1991.

It remains one of the biggest technological innovations in history. Yet not surprisingly, its inventor is looking to the future – and proposes a ‘Magna Carta’ for the web in order to protect the rights of its global userbase.

“We need a global...

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The joy of stripping: Understanding mobile

How can looking to the history of cartography help us with our current dilemmas and understanding around “Mobile”? It has something to do with Eskimos, Romans and an ancient attitude deeply entrenched in being human. Let’s get retro.

Rediscovering the linear experience

The reduction of the spatially complex to simplicity though the application of topology is a wonderful concept. I have a small device, limited by width and height which can show information in a simple linear manner. It uses...

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Ashton Kutcher announced as new Lenovo product engineer

Hiring a celebrity hasn’t been an uncommon habit for tech companies looking to get a push on their rivals with a latest release; and Lenovo is no different, signing up Ashton Kutcher as a product engineer at the hardware manufacturer.

Kutcher joins a stellar cast of celebs who have been taken on by tech companies, including Alicia Keys,, and Lady Gaga.

Those three pop stars of course represented BlackBerry, Intel and Polaroid respectively. Yet according to Kutcher, the partnership with Lenovo...

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Is coding the new currency of the digital industry?

By Amy@BubbleJobsWorking for a digital jobs board, it’s fair to say we’re better placed than many to spot the next digital trend and over the last twelve months or so, we’ve definitely spotted one clear trend that’s been pretty consistent right across the board – the need for strong digital coding skills across a range of roles.

Gone are the days when coding skills were the exclusive property of web developers and software engineers. In 2013, coding is everyone’s business,...

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Why have brands taken so long to respond to responsive?

As the year draws to its conclusion the digital world has seen many transformations in 2013 with possibly none so great as the impact of the tablet and mobile browsing now becoming the preferred choice of the connecting with the web.

This year the world has seen shipment of tablets exceed that of the PC and it was also the year in which the smartphone dominated the US market by taking 64% of the market share (Nielson)...

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Why traditional marketing theories don’t apply to mobile apps

I often wonder why Philip Kotler, the father of modern marketing principles, has never once written about mobile user acquisition. After all, the practice itself isn’t far removed from the traditional “brick and mortar” approach to marketing and acquiring customers. The only difference is it’s...

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Why Google’s Content Experiments API is part of the larger plan

Many marketers who want to perform split or multivariate tests have little to no budget for it. That’s the nature of the space - companies are always looking to do more with less. So when Google shut down Google Website Optimizer and launched Content Experiments inside Google Analytics, many in the space were rightly concerned. The relatively full-featured tool was going away, replaced by a competent, but lacking, replacement. The move drew considerable ire, and left many marketers asking the same...

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