If you think you know all there is about email personalisation – think again


On average, we are subjected to 5,000 marketing messages per day. It’s therefore no surprise that if you try to recall a promotional email that you received yesterday, you’ll struggle.

Research also estimates that a typical professional sends and receives 131 emails each day. Add to that the volume of social updates, SMS and IM conversations consumed during those waking hours and you’re faced with a vast amount of ‘noise’. Being heard is therefore paramount....

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Is the Industrial Internet set to turn the marketing industry on its head?


Over the past decade or so, a seismic change has shifted the ground underneath the marketing industry transforming it from an art into a science. Where once the marketing department was a natural home for creative minds, now those creative skills are being honed into analytical skills. This is a result of:

  • Post-austerity budgets demanding accurate and detailed ROI calculations
  • The availability of 40+ marketing communications tools adding variety and diversity to the industry, and making it easier to track physical and digital performance
  • The effectiveness and affordability of digital...

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Safety outside numbers: Why Twitter’s 10th birthday represents a warning shot


With Twitter celebrating its 10th birthday this month, there is currently a lot of media hype around whether the social network has reached its peak. The numbers may even be in decline; speculation that is causing a great deal of panic amongst marketers.

No longer the shiny new toy

Twitter isn’t dying and neither is social. However, Twitter and Facebook are now over a...

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Personalisation is an illusion unless you let your customers do your marketing for you


Personalised marketing is an illusion. If we ever really had personalised marketing, then the closest we ever got to it was the apocryphal small town storekeeper of yesteryear who would know each and every customer by name, know what was happening in their lives at any given point and would be able to make well-intentioned product recommendations for each of them individually.

Most of the readers of this article will be too young to know if that situation ever really existed,...

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Why marketers need to do more to target high value app users


If you knew that only 17% of your customers generated 85% of your revenue you’d want to find them wouldn’t you? That’s the challenge facing marketers after analysis of app usage on more than 100 million smartphones and tablets by RadiumOne showed that although making up only 17% of the audience high value users actually generated 85% of app revenue.

The State of Mobile Acquisition report defined high value users within apps as those who have generated revenue in the last...

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Salesforce state of marketing report: Customer experience and engagement key

Picture credit: Salesforce

Marketers are now using customer satisfaction and customer engagement as their top measures for success, according to a new report from Salesforce released this week.

The Salesforce 2016 State of Marketing report, which was based on a survey of 4,000 marketers globally, also found that nearly two thirds (65%) of marketers have adopted a customer journey strategy as they increasingly realise the importance of customer journeys to successful strategies. 88% said that a customer...

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Why marketers need to clean up their act on customer data


Businesses are wasting their marketing efforts and need to do more to understand and manage their customer data if they want to be truly successful, according to a new report from Royal Mail Data Services. The survey showed that 70% of organisations were holding out of date or incomplete data about their customers leading to largely ineffective marketing attempts.

In an age where businesses are trying to capture details of their customers across all channels the survey, undertaken in...

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Marketing moving ahead of IT in software spend decision making


It used to be the domain of the IT manager, but new research suggests that two thirds of marketing managers are now making the call on purchasing new marketing software.

The study, by digital transformation business Squiz, seems to show that both marketing manager and IT manager agree that the shift in decision making has needed to happen with only 45% saying that they believed that such a purchase decision lay with the IT manager.

When it comes to where marketers are investing, the...

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Brands still failing to respond to online customer queries well enough


In the world of the always-on consumer it’s expected that brands and companies react just as quickly – especially when it comes to customer queries. But a new survey shows companies are still failing on this.

Although brands performed better at responding to customer service queries via social media than email, rates were still low with UK brands answering 48% of queries on Twitter and 44% via Facebook. This compared to UK brands answering only 38% of questions via...

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Are loyalty schemes a game changer, or have they lost their way?

(c)iStock.com/Enrico Fianchini

Brand loyalty, in marketing terms, describes a customer’s commitment to repurchase and can be demonstrated by the repeated buying of a product or service. It also refers to other positive behaviours, such as word of mouth advocacy and often a willingness to go on a metaphorical journey with that company, following and commenting on their every move.

However, organisations nowadays are struggling to capture and bottle this loyalty and retaining customers is consistently...

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