Quality of digital advertising is on the increase


Digital advertising quality has seen significant improvements compared to last year, with more online ads in-view, fraud rates down and risk to brand safety also both at their lowest level in Q1 2016 than in the previous four quarters of 2015.

The results of the Q1 2016 Media Quality Report from Integral Ad Science showed that 57% of ads were deemed to be in view whilst 5% of ads were fraudulent. Brand risk – the percentage of impressions found next to content that poses a significant brand...

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Five ways marketing automation is ruining your customer relationships

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With a plethora of marketing tools available to help automate mundane tasks, it has become easier to be less hands-on when it comes to executing marketing tactics.

On average 49% of companies are currently using marketing automation, with more than half of B2B companies (55%) adopting the technology. While these tools can be useful, developing customer relationships with a human touch and customisation is still important.

Here is a list of common mistakes businesses often make when...

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Why excellent customer service goes beyond having a ‘fancy app’


Businesses of all sizes need must have unified, defined customer experience and digital strategies to properly cater for the modern day customer’s needs, according to a recent report from Forrester Consulting.

The paper, commissioned by SugarCRM and Squiz, outlines how digitally mature businesses are succeeding...

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Oracle acquires energy data specialist Opower


Software giant Oracle has announced it has entered a definitive agreement to acquire Opower, a deal valued at $532m (£361m).

Opower was founded in the US in 2007 and has a UK presence. Utilities company E.ON began using the company to provide a ‘saving energy toolkit’ to customers last year.

The company’s big data tools analyse the behaviour...

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What marketers need to know about real-time personalisation

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50 years ago, a unique, real-time personalised customer experience was the norm. You loyally entered your local store, were served by a brand who knew your preferences, offered help, and could reserve, deliver or sell goods in a way that suited you. Today, consumer expectations haven’t changed, but their purchasing channels have.

Real-time personalisation goes further than the personalised email marketing you often find from brands online. It means being able to serve...

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Lithium partners with Zuora for new online customer community


Following three months in soft launch Lithium Technologies has announced that it has created an online community for Zuora, a provider of subscription billing, commerce and finance solutions.

The online community, which launched in January, allows more than 700 subscription businesses that use Zuora peer-to-peer support as well as access to Zuora employees and partners in order to receive answers to questions. They are also able to provide direct feedback to the business, helping...

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What B2B marketers need to do to be more customer-centric


Customer-centricity is a key aim for many marketers but in the B2B sector in particular many brands still have work to do, according to a new report. Despite the majority (83%) of those surveyed rating customer centricity as very important nearly half (41%) said that more work is required to make their organisations more customer focused.

The study, commissioned by digital transformation business Squiz, found that the problem is largely a failure of C-level buy-in for many. Nearly...

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Personalisation as standard: How to get there and not upset the apple cart


Impersonal, irrelevant, and often intrusive – is it any wonder consumers are growing disillusioned with the online ad experience and increasingly turning to blockers?

Today’s audience expects personalisation as standard. Indeed, almost 50% of users expect brands to know them and tailor ads according to their needs both now, and in the future. Yet brand marketers and the service agencies they employ...

Why the marketing and CMO role is getting increasingly tougher


A marketer’s job has never been ‘easy’ as such but the life of a marketer is now getting more complicated than ever according to a new report. Published by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) the report says that marketing complexity is growing sharply with the adoption of new technology and general technology change to blame for the huge pace of change.

More than half of 499 chief marketing officers and senior marketing executives surveyed for the report said that the pace of...

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Meet Usermind – the startup which offers ‘BizOps’ for customer journey automation

Usermind co-founders Przemek Pardyak, CTO, (left) and Michel Feaster, CEO, (right). Picture credit: Usermind

The ‘customer journey’ is a phrase pretty much every marketer has adopted as they try to integrate all touch points with customers throughout their business. But trying to automate the customer journey is a tough job – especially for businesses that may lack the technical skills required for mass integration.

The recent launch by Usermind of what it claims is the first martech solution for...

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