Get emotional: The new way to understand your consumers

Culture and the way in which we interact with brands is changing: over 71% of consumers now expect to view in-store inventory online.

It is this online evolution and ‘always on’ culture that has been introduced to us through online channels, especially on social media, and now means we want to engage with brands instantly and on a personal level.

For brands that fail to do so, customers will inevitably turn to competitors or damage your reputation. With research revealing that

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PizzaExpress on their latest martech move to improve customer experience

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Pizza is big business in the UK right now. With chains like Domino’s, Pizza Hut and PizzaExpress vying for a slice of the action, it can be tough to differentiate each individual business’ offering.

Of course, the three have their own separate, strong brand identities, but one in particular is busy deploying new technology to drive its customer experience forward.

PizzaExpress has recently deployed new martech solutions through

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Amazon, Wilko and Land Rover top UK customer service index


Getting customer service right is something of an acquired art in today's day and age; from answering complaints on Twitter in record time to refining the balance between 'the customer is always right' and keeping your staff happy. 

But in strategising, marketers and brands should always look up to the best. 

In this case, it's apparently - just ranked the organisation wtih the highest levels of customer satisfaction in the UK, according to a new index from the...

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eCommerce giant Amazon tops consumer favourite retail brand list


Only three eCommerce brands have featured in a list of 20 top brands in a recent customer engagement report by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA).

The research delved into the relationships customers have with retail brands, but while only three eCommerce names appeared on the list, Amazon topped the list with one in four consumers saying it was their favourite.

1,000 consumers were asked to name their favourite retail brand and were...

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Unlocking content strategy to drive superior customer experience

Content is all around us. Look inside any business, at any digital project and in every marketing campaign - content has a significant part to play in decision making.

Strategically it’s the foundation of how brands articulate their customer promise. It provides shape and flavour to brand and consumer conversations, thereby informing the effectiveness of so much of the customer experience.

While operationally, it influences decisions across an ecosystem of channels, commands big investments in...

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How digital can help retail brands weather the political storm

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Recent political events in the UK have left all service sectors facing an uncertain future. New ways of working are a necessity, not a prerequisite, as retailers and restauranteurs adjust to a changed landscape.

The pace of innovation across sectors in the last five years has been quicker than in any of the previous 20 put together. Mobile, 4G and a rise in eCommerce behaviours has created a new breed of consumer; demanding, impatient, promiscuous. However, this could prove...

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CRM talent: How to define your job role

Digital disruption is profoundly changing marketing roles. The birth of the digitally empowered consumer has turned the tables on traditional business-consumer relationships, resulting in the constantly increasing influence of customer satisfaction on business growth.

Maintaining customers’ loyalty has turned into a digital battle, fought with the weapons of predictive analytics, data-mining, creativity and innovation. Leading the troops are the Directors of CRM.

Director of CRM is a relatively new...

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Why marketing of the future will still revolve around customers

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A lot of ink (or pixels, really) is dedicated to the ways in which marketing organisations are evolving. We’re told that the CMO now has a seat at the CEO’s table, and marketing tentacles now reach into every nook and cranny of the enterprise.

Marketing organisations are no longer made up exclusively of creative types; they’re staffed with just as many data geeks and junkies.

What’s driving this evolution? Can the digital revolution take credit for all of...

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How to use customisation to build consumer loyalty

Personalising the customer journey is the new competitive battleground upon which forward-thinking companies are waging war, and Forrester Research even identified customer experience as a critical success factor for businesses in 2016.

It’s a bit of a throwback to the in-person retail days of yore, when personalisation wasn’t a battle, but a way of life.

Putting customers first wasn’t a strategy as much as a cultural norm. You’d walk into a shop you frequent and be greeted by name,...

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Marketing departments need to 'own' customer experience


The debate over who should own the customer experience process has long since raged on. CMO of global translation and localisation company Lionbridge, Clint Poole, says marketing departments are best placed to take ownership of this for a number of reasons.

US based Lionbridge isn’t a minor organisation. It’s a $600m revenue company with seven acquisitions to date. It’s 20 years old but went public in 1999, making...

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