What's the big deal about customer loyalty, anyway?


It's no secret that the global loyalty industry is facing huge obstacles, largely due to declining consumer engagement and a perceived lack of benefit for merchants.

While it is still growing at 10% per annum, the reality is that when most people think about loyalty, they often assume they'll be opening the door to unwanted junk mail and...

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Customer service: How to keep the balance between human and virtual

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With web-enabled devices within immediate reach for almost everyone in today’s internet-connected world, the high standard of consumer expectations in customer contact and experience is on the up.

Previously, consumers may have telephoned a brand for help or perhaps even sent them an email; now, it is far quicker for them to find a way of making contact via their device – whether it’s via the web, social media or SMS - in order to access the answer they need....

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Is it possible to reactivate a dead lead?


With so much focus on ROI in the modern business environment, it’s understandable that marketers want to maximise conversion rates from every campaign.

Efforts to personalise communication journeys and effectively nurture prospects through the funnel have never been so great. So, it’s pretty disheartening when the time comes to face the cold hard fact that a promising lead has gone dead.

But can that lead be resuscitated? Is there a best practice process to ensure the line of...

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Why we’re all customer experience practitioners now


Last year, research from Marketo and The Economist found that 75% of CMOs expect to hold ultimate responsibility for the entire customer journey by 2020. The same report claimed that only 33% can lay claim to this responsibility in the present environment.

For the agencies charged with partnering on this journey, this implies significant overhaul in the coming years.

The opportunity is clear to see from the frenzied acquisition of Service Design and UX/CX expertise that has taken place among...

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TalkTalk interview: How to manage fast-paced customer engagement and expectations


We’re living in an age of “extreme” customer expectations, with 66% expecting a same-day reply from a brand and 43% expecting a response in an hour or less, according to a Millward Brown study.

So just how can marketing teams keep up with the trend? As always, it’s best to ask those at the top. As such, MarketingTech...

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How to use customer loyalty to improve CRM


Fred Reicheld, who invented the net promoter score (NPS), describes it as “the one number you need to grow.” He’s not entirely wrong.

NPS can provide you with a window into your key relationships and a clear idea of how happy your customers are.  

But the process of building relationships, cultivating loyalty, and turning buyers into true promoters is multi-faceted. So, to get the most out of NPS, you need consider how it fits into your wider CRM strategy.


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Customer experience: What's it like on the front line?


While most brands are committed to improving the customer experience (CX), a growing body of evidence reveals a majority are not where they want to be when it comes to putting the voice of the customer to work throughout the organisation.

A recent study by MaritzCX found that 36% of CX professionals and front-line employees say management is more focused on scores than tangibly improving the customer experience.

One particular problem identified...

By Jeremy Griffith, 12 August 2016, 1 comment. Categories: Customer Experience.

How to use data to improve customer experience


Customer experience is the new business differentiator. Today’s consumers know and largely accept the data that companies collect on them and expect them to use it to create a personalised experience.

They have access to more online forums and social media platforms than ever before and openly discuss and provide feedback on these experiences. This leaves no room to hide for poor-performers, with winning brands able to tap into their preferences and deliver consistently.

The disruptive...

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How brands are using tech in Rio to enhance audience experiences


The Rio Olympics 2016 will be celebrating and showcasing a variety of sports as the world watches, something that all sorts of brands will be keen to take advantage of.

As with any sporting event, the Olympics are a great platform to expose your brand to a mass global audience, and it’s interesting to note how advances in tech have it made much easier for them to do so.

Unlike before, digital innovations will help brands create a unique way for their customers to experience the Games....

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Marketers: Why you should get to grips with buyer behaviour

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Today’s ever busy ‘always on’ landscape means there’s never been a more important time for marketers to get to grips with buyer behaviour.

It’s a must if their products or services are to be successful. Failure to acknowledge the buyer journey makes it near impossible to sell anything particularly when it comes to B2B audiences.

Customer tracking technology often focuses on specific touchpoints. However, if marketers are to attain the depth of...

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