It's time to stop thinking like a salesperson - and start thinking like a marketer


The sales cycle has completely changed over the past decade - and you may not have even realised.

What do I mean? Consider how you might buy a television. 10 years ago, if you wanted a new TV, most of us would walk into a Best Buy and ask the salesperson what the options were, and what were the pros and cons of each different make and model. Nowadays, if you were to make the same purchase, before you even go to the store you’ve read third-party reviews, examined specs online, found...

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TV marketing: The future is digital

Digital disruption has had a major impact on many different industries and shows no signs of slowing down. The marketing industry, in particular, has felt the effect of this shift and is already tackling the challenges – and opportunities – that digital can bring.

For many years, the medium of television has been a key tool for marketers when it comes to engaging with their target audience.

However, the days when viewers would only watch their favourite programmes on their TV have long gone;...

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CX: Why technology without internal change doesn't work


Customer experience is the business buzzword of the moment, but it is important to recognise that this is not a short term trend. Interest is being driven by technology that shifts the balance of power from business or brand to the consumer.   

Customer perceptions and actions are crucial for any organisation now looking for future success. Widespread interest in CX comes from recognising the relationship between consumer and company has changed.

Businesses need to respond and adapt...

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The data opportunity for retailers this Christmas

With Christmas just weeks away, December will be one of the busiest and most high pressure time of year for most retailers.  

Obvious? Yes. But today’s customer expectations are rising and so are the stakes for brands to deliver a consistently positive customer experience, even during peak times. 

The retailers that succeed will inspire customer loyalty and confidence, establishing relationships that will continue long after the tree has been put away. 

Take Christmas grocery shopping as an example. We...

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Five emerging customer service trends and what to do about them


The customer service arena is undergoing an enormous shift. Digital transformation, and the widespread availability of new technologies, is rapidly changing the way customers and companies interact.

Indeed, for many successful brands, customer service has gone from being an afterthought or IT issue to a central part of the company’s strategy and offering. 

Here, we take a look at five emerging trends: 

1. Shifting customer priorities and expectations

While most brands know that...

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How a new measurement approach can help identify the best customers

When 81% of people have smartphones, and one third are mobile-only, it’s safe to say that the audience for content on the move and apps has grown. The data tells us that 86% of smartphone owners are regular users: accessing mobile apps every day.

This behaviour heightens the importance for content providers, app publishers, and advertisers to more closely monitor consumer mobile usage patterns every day.

Many companies are finding that traditional audience measurement services are grossly lacking for...

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Why CGC is key to a successful marketing strategy


In 2013, we launched the EGO POWER+ line of 56V Lithium-Ion lawn and garden products in a crowded and competitive market.

Partnering with the largest home improvement retailer in the field, we set out to quickly establish EGO as a serious alternative to more established, traditional gas-powered equipment brands.

Today’s consumers are tech-savvy and want to be informed when it comes to high-consideration products like lawn and garden equipment. Consumers research products in multiple...

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Smart and connected TVs: What are the opportunities for marketers?


Since the advent of the first TV sets in the 1930s that brought the cinema experience to the comfort of home, our relationship with television has undergone huge shifts.

Following the introduction of colour TV, the development of numerous channels with cable and satellite and the arrival of HD and now smart TVs, TV viewership is going through another major change. Second screens are radically changing the way people consume TV.

87% of consumers report

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Why all we want for Christmas is consumer insight

The festive lights are up on Oxford Street and Selfridges has unveiled a sequin-adorned Father Christmas window display. It can only mean one thing – the biggest shopping period of the year has begun.

Research from QVC predicts Londoners will spend almost £530 each on Christmas goods this year.

At a time when consumers are ready and willing to part with their hard-earned cash, retailers need to take every opportunity to deliver a relevant and engaging shopping experience. But with the complexity...

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Christmas customer experience: Why site performance matters

(c)iStock/Martin Dimitrov

Customer experience is governed by how fast and responsive your online digital services are. But many seemingly well-designed sites can deliver surprisingly poor performance.

That’s going to be unacceptable regardless of the timing, but it’s especially critical when the festive shopping season starts. So what’s dragging down site speed and turning the online Christmas retail experience into a turkey?

Ironically, a great part of the answer actually lies in how online...

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