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    Emailvision is dead, long live SmartFocus: Cloud marketer changes brand name

    James Bourne

    Emailvision, the cloud-based marketing platform and CRM provider, is now SmartFocus after the company changed its name effective this morning. “Our new site reflects our new identity and helps our customers and prospects understand how we can help them deliver real-time personalized marketing to all of their customers,” the revamped company website explains. Why the change? Put simply, the previous name didn’t offer enough insight into what the company was doing.

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    How marketing can leverage customer intelligence

    Gareth Cartman

    Want to make your marketing team more popular? Two three-letter acronyms can help you - NPS and CRM.

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    Once the Bandwagon, Now the Band


    As I boarded my first connecting flight last week for the 2011 Debt Connection Symposium, (Why can’t I find any good direct flights from Boston to Vegas?  A topic for another blog I guess), I could see that what was once a catch phrase is now reality.   Cloud solutions have not only gained popularity, but they are now prevalent. 

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    Don’t Blink! Why We Shouldn’t Listen To Those Who Say “Skip the Research”

    Randy Giusto

    I’ve read opinions about why you shouldn’t do market research to help you predict which of your products will succeed. My interest started with a book called Blink, by Malcolm Gladwell. He tells compelling stories of utter failures by market research firms to predict what would become successful new...?

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    Do You Care If Google Has Your Information?

    Nick Stamoulis

    Simply put, Google stalks us. They use the information that we willingly give them to provide us with relevant search results, but also use that information for their own benefit by showing us ads that they hope that we will click on so that they can make some money.

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    An interview with Deliotte about Social Media ROI

    Mike Saunders

    I had the priviledge of interviewing David Graham and Andre Hugo from Deloitte in how they use social media to achieve strategic objectives. The interview revealed some fascinating insight into how social media can be used in a business to business context to promote business, reduce recruitment cost, innovate products, manage intellectual capital and build brand eminence.

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    4 Value-Added Attributes That Drive The Development of a Mobile Business

    Web AddiCT(s)

    In modern business environments, most company management acknowledge that customers are the heart of their business and that the company’s overall success depends on successfully building, harnessing and maintaining relationships with its customers.
    The concept of CRM for example –  has always been to enhance the company’s ability to achieve the ultimate goal of retaining customers and to gain a strategic competitive advantage over its competitors.

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