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    The power of animated storytelling in content marketing

    Homebaked Films

    It’s the power of narrative experiences – our stories – that is capturing the attention of linguists, psychologists, and historians alike as they search for the answer to the simple question: Why do we love stories so much?

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    Beneath the bling: Can you back up your “brand goods?”

    Maria Ross

    Sometimes brands get a little crazy with the Bedazzler. Instead of fixing their product or service flaws, they hide behind new bright shiny logos, cool websites, clever packaging or slick ads. Or their sales landing pages scream with neon arrows, BUY NOW! blinking icons and 80-feet of testimony and schmooze. Why?

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    Getty Images’ Hugh Pinney on embracing the unknown

    James Bourne

    Hugh Pinney, VP news EMEA at Getty Images, claims the move by Getty to make 35m of its photos free to use is “the industry catching up to the 21st century.”

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    Mastering mobile: The key considerations for 2014

    Martin Clancy

    According to comScore, almost 40 per cent of Internet time is now spent over mobile. Yet, despite the ubiquitous nature of mobile technology, businesses many are struggling with their ‘mobile strategies’ and remain unsure of how to cater to the ‘connected consumer’.

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    Digital versus print: An exciting PR conundrum

    Alastair Turner

    The balance of power between traditional and digital media has been shifting for some time. But the balance has certainly swung in favour of digital. Last week, it was widely reported that Telegraph stalwart Tony Gallagher had lost his long-held position as editor, while Guardian Media Group had sold its cash-cow AutoTrader (claiming that the capital could provide financial support for the next 30 years). In addition, the Independent – acquired by Alexander Lebedev for the princely sum of £1 in 2010 – is up for sale with growing losses and circulation in decline.

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    Has Expedia been whacked with an unnatural links penalty?

    Amy Edwards

    Apart from a few guest blogging comments from Matt Cutts and an actual apology from Google (yes, really!) over the Google Maps/hotel listing fiasco, things have been a quiet in the SEO industry as of late… but that all changed yesterday with an announcement that one of the biggest names in the travel industry may have been whacked with a pretty hefty unnatural links penalty.

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    What to focus on with limited content time

    Nick Stamoulis

    If our B2B SEO clients had unlimited budgets we’d recommend that they hire a full time content writing team that could produce a never ending stream of blog posts, press releases, white papers, case studies, videos, podcasts, etc. After all, content is what really makes an SEO campaign work today. It’s what gets optimized to appear within organic search, gets shared in social media to generate traffic and social signals, and is linked to naturally within content that appears on other sites boosting the trust and authority of the author and the website that the author represents.

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    Facebook Business Pages: Why your results just nosedived

    Jim Connelly

    A leaked slide deck shows that organic (unpaid) posts you share via your Facebook Business Page, will reach fewer and fewer people. As Advertising Age put it: “If they haven’t already, many marketers will soon see the organic reach of their posts on the social network drop off, and this time Facebook is acknowledging it.” A number of you have asked me to share my thoughts, so here they are!

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    Stayin’ alive: 4 tips to keep your brand voice active

    Maria Ross

    The amount of available media today is explosive. These platforms can greatly benefit a brand, or send marketers searching for a positive response. To keep your brand active and influential in this new media age, understanding the goal is your first step.

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    Analysing the fine line between marketing and data science

    James Bourne

    With more and more data at marketers’ fingertips, it’s easy to assume it makes the job of marketing a product that much easier. You know what works and doesn’t, you know what your user base does and doesn’t like, so the likelihood of hitting the sweet spot goes up. But as marketing gains an almost digital omnipotence, is the artistic side more swiftly dying out?

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