Who’s Your Ideal Customer? Targeting Your Marketing

Guest blog by Roy Rasmussen Co-author of Cloud Computing Simplified for Small Businesses for DMS & Associates

Launching a promotional campaign without defining your ideal customer first is like a quarterback throwing a ball up for grabs when a rushing lineman is blocking his view. There’s a chance someone on his own team might catch it, but the odds are at least as high that it will hit the ground, sail...

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How do consumers research and purchase your products?

60% of consumers in both the UK and USA conduct the majority of their research on the internet before making a purchase, according to the Consumer Barometer tool.

Taken at first glance, these findings – the data for which has been compiled by TNS, the IAB and Google – simply demonstrate the increasing importance of the multi-channel.

Dig a little deeper, however, and they reveal that not only are consumers using the...

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What’s so great about digital marketing?

There’s a lot of talk that ‘digital marketing’ will become just ‘marketing’ in 2013…Let's face it, marketing just doesn't cut it anymore without digital. Over 6.8 million South Africans use Facebook on their mobile phones, and 2.4 million South Africans use Twitter. Here are some of my own personal reasons as to why digital is just that good:

1. It’s contagious

Social media and all things digital have become prolific. Generation Y is the generation that believes in FOMO...

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Why brands need to think about user lifetime value

By Shrikant Latkar, VP of Marketing, InMobi

One interesting fall-out from the uncertain economy that simply refuses to strengthen is that companies are becoming increasingly customer-centric.

Today a company's most valuable asset is its customers, and while products and services are ripped off and duplicated in no time at all, a company with loyal and long term customers is less vulnerable to competition.

But how does one measure the value of a customer? Through Customer Lifetime Value (CLV or LTV).

LTV helps...

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Will digital marketing become just 'marketing' in 2013?

Research and analysis company, Forrester, has made a monumental statement for 2013.The term digital marketing will be dropped forever from the tongue as marketing continues to become inherently digital over the coming months and that digital marketing will account for 20% of budgets. What is surprising is that it has taken this long for the word digital to be dropped, and that the amount put aside for online marketing is only 20% during 2013. We have spoken on this blog before about digital marketing and...

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5 ways mobile can rescue the high street

As the economic crisis continues to claim yet more high street victims, and with the tough times looking set to continue, brands and retailers will be thinking of ways to avert the crisis from reaching their door.

As a result, there has been an increased focus on other retail channels – with hopes being pinned on ecommerce and mcommerce success to compensate for the high street decline. Yet, despite the massive opportunities that mobile and online present – placing more emphasis on these digital...

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What will happen to performance marketing in 2013?

As the consumers become savvier, the marketers have to do likewise. Dan Cohen, the North West market unit leader for affiliate marketers Tradedoubler, has revealed ten predictions for performance marketing in 2013.

These include the prevalence of mobile in performance marketing, companies making consumers their social media ambassadors and noting how performance marketing will become more vital as marketing budgets feel the pinch.

Find out the 10 predictions from Cohen below:

  • Mobile...
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    How social media is replacing traditional customer service

    Before various social media networks played such an important part in our lives, customers who had complaints or compliments for a particular company had to write them a letter or make a phone call to the company in question. These days, all it takes for customers to pay a compliment or lodge a complaint, is internet access and a social media account, along with a few moments of their time to interact with the company online.

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    Is China’s Singles Day bigger than US Cyber Monday?

    “Cyber Monday” sales in the United States have been hailed and a landmark moment in e-commerce, with online holiday sales expected to pass US$2 billion.

    This certainly seems impressive, until you see what happened this month in China already in relation to “Singles Day”.

    My colleague Michele Fan gathered some interesting facts and details about the event, which celebrates bachelorhood.

    Singles Day, a self-declared holiday on November 11, inspired 213 million...

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