Why the next big thing in marketing is...simplicity (part two)


Editor’s note: The first part of this two-part article, available here, explained the concept of ConOps – the concept of operations – in a marketing communications program to communicate the quantitative and qualitative system characteristics of the effort to the brand, as well as prospects, clients, and customers. This piece expands on the need to keep marketing efforts simple with various...

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The 10 things you need to ask for in a marketing automation demo


Marketing budgets continued to rise in 2016, advancing to 12% of company revenue, on average, according to Gartner. This ongoing investment in the profession has left the majority of marketers optimistic about the year ahead. However, with increased spending power comes heightened scrutiny from those holding the purse strings, and an even greater focus on ROI.

So, whether...

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A full board issue: How should CMOs get a grip on information security?


Huge quantities of data pass through the marketing department. While collaborating with colleagues, ad agencies, agency partners and marketing tech providers, marketers are often required to share confidential information, from strategic presentations to brand images. As flexible working explodes and marketers handle major campaigns from both the office and home, we need to consider how this information is being shared and controlled over time.

Consumer grade platforms such as...

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Why the next big thing in marketing is...simplicity


Editor's note: This is the first of a two-part article on ‘simplicity’ in marketing: the second piece will appear on MarketingTech later this month.

Opinion A question to kick off 2017: have you ever thought how complex marketing has become?

I think about that all the time and attempt to relay to my client base that simple is better. I also emphasize a few of the fundamentals of marketing that need to be followed when developing a marketing communications plan. A tenet that I follow,...

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Act now to benefit from a programmatic future

Programmatic is marketing’s biggest buzzword. It’s been discussed and rehashed time and time again; covered by every half respectable marketing publication, blog, and social media page trying to stay relevant. On the one hand, this coverage is warranted because programmatic represents the next big industry shift in communicating with customers. However, it has also brought on a sense of confusion with an underlying tone that programmatic is a complex approach for marketers of the future. The...

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Five things marketing team leaders need to know


There’s a big difference between simply being a boss verses being a leader – good leadership has the power to energise, engage and motivate staff to go the extra mile.

In this article, we’ll look at five key things that every good marketing team leader needs in order to fulfil the role.

Think strategically and learn to self-critique

One of the most important parts of leading a marketing team is the ability...

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Why marketing firms need to connect differently with job-seeking millennials


The days of relying on the 30-day post to find best-fit new young marketing talent are numbered. It might do the job, but it’s less likely to attract contenders with matching values, for whom a sense of purpose and company culture is getting more important than the role itself.

For firms without big budgets, finding another way to connect with, inspire and engage millennials all year round is becoming a priority. New jobs are emerging all the time, and when they do emerge,...

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Building an integrated customer engagement strategy

There is always talk of brands being almost blind to the opportunities that their customers pose through their habits. This is reinforced by increasing demand from customers for personalised and flexible modes of engagement.

The rapid rise of millennial purchasers has left brands constantly rethinking their marketing strategies. It is clear that the consumer base has become far more varied and unpredictable.

Thus brands need to find a way to integrate the customer experience into every step of their...

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GDPR: Opt in for a head start on the 2018 data law change


The UK currently operates under the Data Protection Directive, which allows a “soft” opt-in approach. Under the current rules, data collected from communication with customers, tradeshow meets, business card exchanges, a checkbox for signing up to communications from a company, all count as a soft opt-in, allowing organisations to market to this data.

With the arrival of

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Marketers: What digital investments you need to make next year


Tech giants such as Uber have expanded their offering with the launch of UberEats, and some famously online-only brands have made a U-turn and set up physical stores, take Amazon opening bookstores for example.

The business transformations these brands have undergone this year should make marketers question what is right for their own company’s strategy. Should they be experimenting with new technologies?

Are there new markets that they should be considering? Many may even be...

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