Why the next big thing in marketing is...simplicity (part two)


Editor’s note: The first part of this two-part article, available here, explained the concept of ConOps – the concept of operations – in a marketing communications program to communicate the quantitative and qualitative system characteristics of the effort to the brand, as well as prospects, clients, and customers. This piece expands on the need to keep marketing efforts simple with various...

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Why the next big thing in marketing is...simplicity


Editor's note: This is the first of a two-part article on ‘simplicity’ in marketing: the second piece will appear on MarketingTech later this month.

Opinion A question to kick off 2017: have you ever thought how complex marketing has become?

I think about that all the time and attempt to relay to my client base that simple is better. I also emphasize a few of the fundamentals of marketing that need to be followed when developing a marketing communications plan. A tenet that I follow,...

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Act now to benefit from a programmatic future

Programmatic is marketing’s biggest buzzword. It’s been discussed and rehashed time and time again; covered by every half respectable marketing publication, blog, and social media page trying to stay relevant. On the one hand, this coverage is warranted because programmatic represents the next big industry shift in communicating with customers. However, it has also brought on a sense of confusion with an underlying tone that programmatic is a complex approach for marketers of the future. The...

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Bridging the gap between static and dynamic

Video has been capturing the hearts and minds of ambitious marketers for some time now, and with good reason — the statistics surrounding its levels of growth and engagement are astounding.

A third of all online activity is spent watching video. 80% of consumers recall a video ad they saw in the last 30...

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Sage's first ever Christmas advert: How and why we made it

When does your holiday season usually start? The moment you send your last email and put your out of office on? The day after the work Christmas party?

Maybe your office is closed for Christmas, so you couldn’t work even if you wanted to. For millions of local, community businesses around the world this year, the office never really closes. For them, the holidays don’t mean a winding down as much as a dialling up of business activity to be there for us.

It is because of these small businesses that...

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Tips to cater for last-minute shoppers: Convenience is king

With the final Christmas countdown now on, we’ve released new research on the Nation’s Christmas spending habits - revealing there are still lucrative opportunities for retailers to snap up a chunk of consumers’ festive spend.

The survey, which interviewed 2,000 UK consumers, showed that 30% of Brits have their Christmas shopping all wrapped up with at least three weeks to spare. However, two in five admit they won’t finish their shopping until a week or less before the big day,...

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What can we learn from the younger generation's Christmas spending?


The winter holidays are known as a time for families. But what about young adults without children, or new families without established holiday traditions?

We’re talking about the marketer’s favourite target audience, 18-30 year olds. As one would expect, this demographic have their own take on the holidays.

We pulled up data that Exponential collected in December 2015 describing the activities and interests of 18-30 year olds during the Christmas break.

After viewing the...

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Adblocking: Is it controversial to say it's legal?


“Extortionists, internet killers, an unethical, immoral, mendacious coven of techie wannabes,” – ad blocking (and those within it) have been described using a whole host of imaginative words over the years.

But, as 2016 draws to a close probably the most controversial one yet is being whispered throughout the corridors of advertisers and publishers across the land – ad blocking is now ‘legal’.

In late November Adblock Plus fended off yet another legal challenge....

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What is the next programmatic evolution?


Programmatic marketing has rapidly become a growing, powerful strategy for marketers, despite the industry frequently encountering challenges from adblocking, fraud, changing data laws and skills shortages resulting in campaigns that miss the mark.

When faced with the expense and complexity of programmatic marketing, many marketers are still wary. The platforms for buying media programmatically are expensive and indistinguishable, the data infrastructure...

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Capitalising on the last minute Christmas opportunity

We’ve all had that thought – accompanied with a familiar sinking feeling – that Christmas seems to arrive earlier every year. Indeed, for many, Christmas really does start while we’re still trying to make the most of the longer, lighter summer evenings – during August last year we recorded more than a staggering half a million Christmas related searches on eBay.co.uk.

However, with only a week to go until the big day, our data tells us that there are still plenty of opportunities...

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