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Rachael Power

MarketingTech is a thriving community of professionals interested in marketing strategy and technology. With over 1.1 million members, MarketingTech is your perfect partner for integrated advertising campaigns. Get in touch to transform your advertising results.

About TechForge

TechForge is a global publishing business with headquarters in Bristol, UK. 

We help technology decision makers in large businesses gain, retain and service customers through insight into digital strategy and technology. 

TechForge publishes a range of content-leading websites across key topics and industry verticals including: MarketingCloud ComputingDevelopersTelecomsEnterprise AppsConnected Car and Wearable Technology

We have built some of the world's largest social communities with over 1.8 million group members on LinkedIn alone. 

Get in touch to see how we can help you build and deliver your digital strategy.

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Rachael Power, Editor MarketingTech
Rachael Power
Chris Comer, Business Development
Chris Comer
Business Development

For editorial enquiries, please contact:

Rachael Power, Editor 
t: +44(0)1179 80 90 20 
e: rachael 'at' techforge.pub

For commercial enquiries, please contact:

Chris Comer, Head of Business Development  
t: +44(0)1179 80 90 20 
e: chris 'at' techforge.pub