TalkTalk unveils latest billboard campaign for TV offering

Telecoms provider TalkTalk has unleashed its latest billboard campaign specifically targeting its TV packages – with a more than apparent nod to rivals Virgin Media. The billboards are being rolled across almost 20 sites in London, including a six sheet banner at Euston Station.

Why Google loves a persona-led approach to content

Google has made it very obvious that in order to succeed at SEO you need to be producing high quality content that is targeted to your audience. One of the best ways to ensure that you are creating this specialist content is to write for a specific persona. Logically speaking, this makes sense as you are writing for a tailored group of people who will be interested in your products...

Got an iPhone? You’re most likely to be a Brad Pitt fan, according to data

The latest research data which filled our inbox has shown that iPhone users are most likely to be fans of Brad Pitt, prefers crime movies, drives a BMW and drinks bottled water. The figures are taken from digital advertising intelligence firm Exponential, who analysed ‘anonymous’ consumer viewing habits of 1.7 million Britons.

Applying traditional comms thinking in the digital age

One only has to turn on a 24 hour news channel to see that everyone today can be a ‘journalist’. We are in the ‘what’s the reaction like over Twitter?’ era. Therefore, the temptation for a brand, because of the social channels available to them, is to become the editor-in-chief. It is easy to see why: the sheer breadth of social channels available provide a far more accessible way of getting messages out there.

The half time team talk: A tactical response to social hijacking

After months, possibly years, of planning and significant investment, something outside of a sponsor brand’s control may suddenly throw a spanner in the works. So what happens now? How do brands ensure they are flexible enough to re-think a pre-planned strategy and react quickly to threats from competitor brands?