Samsung gets one up on competitors with Galaxy S5 Ice Bucket Challenge

If you’re getting a little jaded of celebrities, friends and co-workers voluntarily dousing themselves in ice water, albeit for a very good cause, here’s a novel twist on it from Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy S5 has officially taken the Ice Bucket Challenge, raising awareness for ALS, or motor neurone disease, and nominated the iPhone, the HTC One and the Nokia Lumia to go next.

100 ways to create a great ad: Challenges

Writing a headline or endline in the form of a challenge or dare can help an ad cut through. A Western Union ad from the early sixties showed a picture of a telegram under the headline ‘Ignore it’. Rather than just claiming that telegrams are hard to ignore, the ad proved it.

Reports of the death of the press release are an exaggeration

There’s been buzz in the PR world that press releases are slowly dying out and are no longer a useful medium for companies. Some industry commentators argue that journalists have no interest in simply republishing content that’s already been circulated widely and published online because it is no longer newsworthy. Others feel that in today’s world of evolving technology, there are better ways to share company news other than the traditional press release. Who's right?

Alan Trefler book extract: Generation D and brand identity

Those classic “I’m a Mac and you’re a PC” commercials speak to a particular way in which the rapture and devouring manifests itself with Gen D customers. When they truly love a brand, they no longer see a brand. Their identity with the brand goes way beyond brand loyalty; they become the brand, and the brand becomes them.

Why honesty is an all important policy for brands in the digital world

Four out of five consumers are more likely to “respect” an honest company, according to survey data of over 2000 consumers published today by Intent HQ. This means being upfront and honest about how a user’s personal data is being used - and according to the social data analysts at Intent, it’s a key point for brands to unlock consumers’ trust.

PC World’s Surface 2 fruit machine screen stunt pulls in the crowds

Shopping just got a little bit more fun. Patrons who visit the Bluewater shopping centre in Kent are being given the opportunity to win a Microsoft Surface 2 tablet by chancing their arm on a one-armed bandit – with overwhelming engagement levels the result. The promotion, for Curry’s PC World, was put together by retail marketing bods NexusEngage, and offered passing customers a gamble based on the feature they liked most about the Microsoft slab.

Why marketing automation is the next phase of CRM

CRM software has been around for 20 years. It has been used to manage customer records and details of communication. Managing prospects has been a key part of the software, and the CRM has been the biggest assistance to the sales cycle. CRM systems like Microsoft’s CRM help companies determine which customers are prospect, and which need more persuading.

8 animators share their secrets to animated video production

Every studio approaches animated video production differently. Some swear by animatics, others prefer storyboards. Some take weeks scripting and developing a concept, others dive into production. We’re all unique snowflakes. But the top studios and artists consistently create great animation day in and day out. So what’s their secret?

100 ways to create a great ad: Killer facts

Copywriters are sometimes criticised for writing flat, straightforward headlines that present facts without any sort of rhetorical twist. But sometimes you’ll come across a fact so compelling it doesn’t need a twist.