Social CRM: How best to manage the sales process

Social media, however, can be used for more than just brand awareness. The emerging trend of social CRM has forward-thinking marketers using the likes of Twitter and Facebook as a sales lead generation tool.

Seeing your ad get blocked? Blame Google, report argues

A report released by Adobe and PageFair has revealed that the use of adblocking software is accelerating rapidly, with some demographics more likely than others to nix the rogue adverts. 2013 saw the number of users who use ad blocker software more than double globally, from 54 million to 121 million. As of June this year, the number stands at approximately 144 million.

Bye bye Ebuzzing: Ebuzzing & Teads group revamps to Teads

Video advertising group Ebuzzing & Teads has rebranded to Teads, in a strategic move towards programmatic advertising. The two firms merged earlier this year, combining Ebuzzing’s video advertising solutions with Teads’ video ad management side supply platform (SSP).

Opinion: Has the cookie crumbled yet?

Digital advertising giants are currently in the middle of a gold rush to find a new cross-device solution whilst their tried and tested currency, the cookie is quickly crumbling. A search for the demise of the cookie within any ad tech news site will pull up numerous articles on the decreasing value of a 3rd party cookie and will highlight new device ID technology and cross device user experiences being created by the likes of Google, Facebook, eBay, Amazon and more.

Want to fully understand the customer journey? Get the customer to do it

Here’s an interesting new mobile app release: Journey HQ is trying to get to the bottom of customer journeys, decision making and buying patterns by getting users to fill in information as they go along. The USP is simple. Most industry market research never fails to have two ingredients: questions and question-setters. Journey HQ gets rid of both.

What would you do to improve a bank's brand? Better content may be the key

Put the word ‘banks’ into Google News, and you get a steady stream of stories. Today’s headlines include “Cautious clients keep hopes low for investment banking” (Reuters), “Chinese banks shun depositors as rules bite”, and “IMF calls for shake-up of bank executive pay” (both FT). What have they all got in common? They’re all negative stories.